Drive By Peek

========================================================================================================= While passenger in my friend's minivan I got this drive by peek of Canada's Parliament through its closed black colored iron front gate. The scene was two years ago during a beautiful sunny afternoon in late Summer traveling along Wellington Street heading towards our ultimate destination Canada's famous war museum while busy international tourists … Continue reading Drive By Peek

Canadian Heritage Originator

======================================================================================================= Parliament remains Canadian heritage originator because as the seat of government it creates and decides laws for the whole country regarding what is a national historic site. The buildings that compose the Parliament block in Ottawa are themselves a national heritage as are all individual legislatures in all ten provinces and territories because Canada … Continue reading Canadian Heritage Originator

Economic Crash Test Dummy

==================================================================== Our economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada's economy into the wall because of his distorted, mistaken belief four years of 'small' deficits totaling CDN$147 BILLIONS will save the country for future generations. All it takes for this to happen is a Liberal win on October 19, 2015 and we are toast. … Continue reading Economic Crash Test Dummy