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Drive By Peek

Drive by peek of Canada's centuries old Parliament slightly obscured by its ornate black iron front gate.

Drive by peek of Canada’s centuries old Parliament slightly obscured by its ornate closed black-colored wrought iron
front gate complex.

While passenger in my friend’s minivan I got this drive by peek of Canada’s Parliament through its closed black colored iron front gate.

The scene was two years ago during a beautiful sunny afternoon in late Summer traveling along Wellington Street heading towards our ultimate destination Canada’s famous war museum while busy international tourists were milling around exploring Parliament.

I took this shot through the side window while we were in motion therefore, coupled with some people also moving some blur is evident.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”PEEK”.

Canadian Heritage Originator

Parliament remains Canadian heritage originator because its lawmakers wield power for country.

Parliament remains Canadian heritage originator because as seat of government it creates and decides laws for whole country.

Parliament remains Canadian heritage originator because as the seat of government it creates and decides laws for the whole country regarding what is a national historic site.

The buildings that compose the Parliament block in Ottawa are themselves a national heritage as are all individual legislatures in all ten provinces and territories because Canada will be 150 years old this year.

Today in Montreal they celebrated the 375 year anniversary which blends in with Canada’s 150 year anniversary and started off the festivities in Quebec early this morning with our PM Justin Trudeau and wife Sofie participating and being part of a host of dignitaries including Quebec Premier Philippe Cuilliard, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre launching it all.

Tonight another heritage site the famous 92-year-old Jacques Cartier Bridge has been lit up spectacularly, about CDN $40 millions worth, with zillions of lights delighting Montrealers with a light show depicting the city’s famed history.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”HERITAGE”.

Economic Crash Test Dummy

Economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada's economy into the wall.

Economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada’s economy into the wall with 4 deficits totalling CDN$$147 BILLIONS.

economic crash test dummy2


Our economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada’s economy into the wall because of his distorted, mistaken belief four years of ‘small’ deficits totaling CDN$147 BILLIONS will save the country for future generations. All it takes for this to happen is a Liberal win on October 19, 2015 and we are toast.

Perhaps, it’s that weed that he’s been smoking that has messed with his thinking or may be it is thoughts about the benefits he will get from his international bank financiers-handlers after leaving office. Heck, he would only be following Liberal tradition  just like his old man, Jean Chretien, or even Paul Martin.

Justin Trudeau is prepared to sacrifice Canadian taxpayers and saddle them with massive debt meanwhile, the international banks will profit even more from the extra compounding of interest on that extra borrowed money.

Until now, Canada has done well compared to others since the 2008 massive global financial meltdown caused by greedy international banks particularly those populating New York city’s Wall Street.

The Stephen Harper Conservative government, just like many governments on this globe, ran some deficit financing to help through the difficult years since 2008 however, this was more because of necessity and in consultation with the Canadian Parliament. All the opposition parties including the Liberals and the NDP pressured the government insisting that this was the way to get Canada out of the bad world financial situation.

On October 19, 2015 Canadians will vote for who will run Canada for the next four years and both Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP are willing to mess with a balanced budget that the Harper Conservatives worked very hard for and succeeded giving Canadians this year.

The Liberals under Trudeau want to take on more debt to improve Canada’s ‘infrastructure’ because this, according to them, will jump-start the economy creating thousands of new jobs and help small businesses.

Incidently, little, or more precisely, nothing, is ever mentioned about Canada’s real national debt of CDN$1.06 TRILLION to which Justin’s small deficits will be added.

The Liberals under Trudeau claim that they are doing it all for future generations perhaps, they mean all those ‘new’ Canadians that they intend to import if elected.  The Liberals have  promised to correct Canada’ s immigration laws bring it back to “normal”, corrupt like they had before.

They promise more rampant, wanton, unvetted, unchecked entry into Canada by anyone with a sob story to tell. Then again, that was the way previous Liberal regimes ran things to line their own pockets, so nothing has changed since.

It’s interesting because Pierre Eliot Trudeau began it all opening  Canada to everyone and this has included some international war lords, drug smugglers, people smugglers, and miscellaneous riffraff.

Come to think of it, Pierre Trudeau can also be considered the ‘father of deficit financing’ because before 1974 Canada’s real total national debt stood at a shocking CDN$$18 BILLIONS compare that to today’s mind-blowing CDN$$$1.06 TRILLION!!! Officially, as reported by the ‘news media’ the debt is a mere CDN$$147 BILLIONS.

It must be a family thing or perhaps,  it’s just a Liberal tradition, to waste Canadian taxpayers’ money without any hesitation because after all, Liberals are entitled to our money so bend over and..