Turkish Guests

====================================================================== Our Turkish guests at the recent 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival arrived from Istanbul on behalf of their national air carrier, Turkish Airlines to show their culture and traditions. These men and women entertainers put on a wonderful show for Montrealers and international visitors at the Jazz Fest their national airline has sponsored for a … Continue reading Turkish Guests

Pensive Roadrunner

======================================================================================================= A pensive "Roadrunner" meticulously pondered his answer to a very probing question given him by a longtime Canadiens fans at a business lunch during the very recent 2016 annual Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show at the Place Bonaventure Business Convention Centre put on by the SME. Hockey legend, Yvan Serge, "The Roadrunner", Cournoyer, was our … Continue reading Pensive Roadrunner

2016 Montreal Dawn Raid

======================================================================================================= A 2016 "dawn raid" on Montreal now on, is quickly transmogrifying it with a massive Chinese capital input. Chinese investors are seeking safe haven to shift their money abroad to counter instability in China’s economy and stock market, even as their government clamps down on this capital flight, making Montreal very attractive. Certain international … Continue reading 2016 Montreal Dawn Raid

Spring Thaw 2016

======================================================================================================= Spring thaw 2016 is getting on as it should now that it is April however, old man winter seems to hang on by dumping more snow and freezing rain. The picture you are viewing is actually spring 2014 and the place is the Centennial Park in Montreal's West Island however, it does illustrate Canadian … Continue reading Spring Thaw 2016

Circle of Approval

======================================================================================================= This circle of approval etched on high-rise building plate glass shows structure met environmental standards excellence. It is a 'Silver' award from LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) CANADA Green Building Council that uses an internationally approved rating system to signify excellence. Apparently, this particular structure meets their approval for "sustainability" in its … Continue reading Circle of Approval

After Hard Work It’s Time For 2016

===================================================================================================== After Hard Work It's Time For 2016 now that winter has come to stay for the next while. Just last week, we were basking in +17 degrees Centigrade and some were even playing on the golf courses while others were starting to wear shorts and short sleeve t-shirts all this changed over last weekend. … Continue reading After Hard Work It’s Time For 2016

Ornate Heritage

====================================================================================================== Canada's ornate heritage buildings populate the grounds of Ottawa's Parliament Hill as these three images show. My recent trips to Canada's capital allowed me again to familiarize myself with our country's rich history depicted symbolically in the ornate work shown in my pictures. All this past summer I have tried to take part in … Continue reading Ornate Heritage

Canadian Because 2015

==================================================================== Canadian because it's 2015 is Justin Trudeau's witty response in heated discussion with then PM Stephen Harper during a pre-election debate. Well actually, the response sentence was "a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.." and the "2015" was another quip on another hot topic. That "2015" remark hailed by the media as the … Continue reading Canadian Because 2015

Important Trudeau Government Secret Revealed

==================================================================== The important Trudeau government secret revealed today by Pigathia Lee*, new Liberal minister without portfolio and women's other issues, is you can put lipstick on this pig and it's still a pig. This reinforces what most Canadians already know a month after the October 19, 2015 federal elections regarding Justin Trudeau's election promises. The … Continue reading Important Trudeau Government Secret Revealed

Remember November 11

===================================================================== Remember November 11 because you can, your freedom to do so assured through the bravery of our Canadian veterans. They sacrificed their own lives to give you this privilege. Those who died went willingly into battle so Canada remained a 'free' country today, others, the silent casualties of war, lingered on suffering for it … Continue reading Remember November 11