Incubate Evil

Liberals continue to incubate the death syndrome through their evil control of modern mass media and government engaged in conditioning minds to accept their "truth". Sometimes things feel like a diabolical script is being followed the way our world has morphed into what we have now and it continues. AI, autonomous killer automatons, atom bomb, … Continue reading Incubate Evil

Outdoor Silence

========================================================================================================= An outdoor silence pervades in Centennial Park near frozen man-made lake, Canadian winter has set in with its intense cold and snow covering everything except for tall browned grasses and those dark-colored defoliated trees, nothing stirs. In summer, this park is alive with fresh new green vegetation, birds flying, singing, gathering material and building … Continue reading Outdoor Silence

Elevate Work Scaffold

================================================================================================= Rooftop motorized winch used to elevate work scaffold containing these two workers riding it flat against this Montreal skyscraper side to do their job. Montreal is booming with many tall office and condominium structures being erected all over the place downtown funded by mostly overseas investors money. After Vancouver and Toronto, Montreal seems to … Continue reading Elevate Work Scaffold

Giant Spiders Inhabit Ottawa

========================================================================================================= Giant spiders seem to inhabit Ottawa museum grounds exciting foreign visitors to Canada's capital, this picture clearly shows one of those huge creatures halting momentarily to pose for photo-op. Some scientists attribute this strange phenomenon to a sort of climate change "green house effect" because of the massive amounts of hot air normally produced … Continue reading Giant Spiders Inhabit Ottawa

Tea Time On Hill

========================================================================================================= Tea time on Parliament Hill is a time-honored tradition almost two centuries old and you are welcome by the ladies when in Ottawa, so please drop by. Depicted is bronze statue of one of the ladies (Henrietta Muir Edwards), who through intelligent hard work, perseverance, persistence, and peaceful, subtle feminist methods of coercion finally … Continue reading Tea Time On Hill

Maybe Roasted Grenadiers

================================================================================================== These maybe roasted grenadiers guarding the governor-general of Canada residence in Ottawa on Sussex Drive, were the second pair rotated from their posts when I happened to pass by on my way to Parliament Hill. Moments earlier the two earlier grenadiers were relieved..boy were they happy about this, by these two guys in a … Continue reading Maybe Roasted Grenadiers

Punishment Executed

======================================================================================================= Punishment executed following a court-martial session however, these were not against military personnel instead against ordinary citizens, Quebecers, who rebelled against the order imposed by the imperial British colonial government of the time. Almost buried in time this large obelisk stands alone overlooking a small hillside tucked in corner of the huge Notre Dame-des-Neiges … Continue reading Punishment Executed

River Depth

======================================================================================================= Ottawa river depth varies from 12 to 119 meters deep just below the Parliament block according to one chart however, because of various man-made dams, locks, etc water levels average about 58 meters. That bridge which is nearby, most probably crosses a more shallower part of river however, I can only guess. This river … Continue reading River Depth

Fast Food Feast

======================================================================================================= These international tourists feast on fast food from Ottawa street corner vendor just a block from Parliament. As my picture shows this corner is very popular with international tourists who surrounded the food wagon anxiously awaiting their turn to take part in the feeding frenzy already going on. Those juicy Lester's all-beef hot dogs … Continue reading Fast Food Feast