Agile Huey

========================================================================================================= In Apocalypse Now Frances Coppola's popular Vietnam war film agile Huey¬† shown attacking Viet Cong with rockets and machine-guns blazing while Wagner's Ride of Valkyries loudly played fills air. Robert Duval's Colonel Kilgore rides with his Airborne Division into battle explaining to photo journalist that playing Wagner's music full volume "scares the hell out … Continue reading Agile Huey

Popular legend

========================================================================================================= Ever since secret project was abruptly terminated during Diefenbaker era a popular legend evolved regarding Canada's position in today's advanced military jet aircraft. Armchair experts insist that the Diefenbaker Conservative government set Canadian aerospace back allowing others primarily the USA to benefit from all the very expensive research already done as well as from … Continue reading Popular legend

Primed To Detonate

==================================================================================================== Pile of lethal primed to detonate WWII steel cased high explosive bombs rest below a vintage Canadian Lancaster heavy bomber display inside the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. During that war these types of bombs as well as many other specially built types used in the air war bombing campaign over Europe … Continue reading Primed To Detonate