Cash Hopeful

====================================================================================================== Three always cash hopeful ¬†Montreal buskers practice their musical abilities on a busy July night on Saint Catherine street west. These guys certainly attracted a nice crowd of tourists and some local passersby while doing popular Beatles and Rolling Stones songs interspersed with some newer stuff. I had just left the Montreal International Jazz … Continue reading Cash Hopeful

Wheeling Hard

=============================================== Wheeling hard with her huge wheel the buskeress entertained multitudes of excited tourists in for the Montreal Jazz Fest. This talented woman certainly got their attention rolling around the Place des Festivals-Quartier des Spectacles last week as my simple video depicts however, she was just one of a troupe of hired buskers providing a … Continue reading Wheeling Hard

Jump Train

===================================================================== "Jump train" yelled Montreal Jazz Festival's West Trainz troupe during their act to hundreds of fans enjoying their music. The Fest was in full swing Monday with lots of great music of all types emanating from all over the site however, the West Trainz troupe were not tied down to a single place. True … Continue reading Jump Train

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

My recent walk along Saint Catherine Street provided the "twist" experience for me because these two were just fantastic entertainers engaged in getting some change for their efforts from the thousands of passersby. I had just left an SME industrial equipment exposition at Place Bonaventure and walked from there through Montreal's Central Train Station enjoying … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

While "On the Move" earlier this week I saw a several important, famous Montreal landmarks, all clustered within close proximity of each other, and also some very zany, interesting, and musically talented buskers providing entertainment for passersby. I obviously had picked the right day because these guys were really good and I wasn't the only … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move