Playing Glimmer Of Hope

Montreal busker playing his guitar with glimmer of hope passerby donates some money after hearing the wonderful riff. The scene is on Saint Catherine street west in Spring of 2015 where talented, young busker hopes to get some "coin" from passersby like this one. I had just left an industrial machinery exhibition in Place Bonaventure, … Continue reading Playing Glimmer Of Hope

Unusual Basket Critter

======================================================================================================== Little Red Riding Hood's unusual wicker basket contains critter visitors can see through slit port holes as she shows the basket to them while holding wolf tightly in crook of right arm. Frankly the wolf looks dead, his rib cage crushed because his eyes seem bulging out and he remains limp under her arm … Continue reading Unusual Basket Critter

Balancing Glass

====================================================================================================== Balancing glass is not easy especially crystal wine glass on a stick held by the teeth only while entertaining a huge crowd at the recent 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival. This busker, performing during a quiet period between free outdoor Jazz music shows, demonstrates the proper technique to the amazement of a large crowd … Continue reading Balancing Glass

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Someone just got in between me and my camera and what I was about to capture digitally, and he was totally oblivious about it because he was having his wonderful conversation on his cellphone. I had just arrived on Crescent street during this year's Grand Prix celebrations when I saw this busker playing his musical … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Between