Race to Bottom

==================================================================== The race to bottom is 24/7/365 down autoroute 13 into the ravenous maw of death, its tunnel, and swallowed up. Everyday drivers speed along autoroute 13 going north to link up with autoroute 640 in Chomedy-Laval into what looks like in my picture, a ravenous maw, its tunnel. As everybody knows the number thirteen … Continue reading Race to Bottom

Friday 13 Returns mashing

================================================ This year, Friday 13, ┬áreturns twice in a row mashing all probability that this will be a fortunate year. Let's think back to when was the last time this happened in our lifetime hmm? Can't think when this roll of the dice or chance pick up of a winning hand has happened because it … Continue reading Friday 13 Returns mashing

Chinese New Year

===================================================================== Chinese New Year is a very important festival in Chinese lore, according to legend, started with a mythical beast called the Nian. Nian would come on the first day of the New Year and cause havoc eventually a hero coached by a god neutralized Nian. Prior to this, the Chinese folk would use firecrackers … Continue reading Chinese New Year