Evening Transition

================================================================================================ This evening transition depicts late summer changing into fall, the scene is the artificial lake in Centennial Park in Montreal's West Island. The sun has gone down and its warm glow envelopes the horizon way past the treeline meanwhile, the shadows have quickly moved in around the lake shore. This scene happens every year … Continue reading Evening Transition

Tailgating Foul

==================================================================== It was a clear case of tailgating foul when the lead duck slowed a bit to a stop and his hasty partner paddling quickly behind him almost caused a rear-end collision. I took this picture of these two ducks because they were hurrying around the lake looking for food from people on the shore. … Continue reading Tailgating Foul

Fresh Out of the Egg

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Fresh." ========================================================================================== Just fresh out of the egg, these two ducklings are racing each other in the pond, or rather, the man-made artificial lake. I took this picture a couple years ago early in the Spring while walking around the lake when I spotted four little … Continue reading Fresh Out of the Egg

More Depth

The Superbowl is now history, many sports fans desiring more depth for their entertainment don't have to look far for their adrenalin rush because salvation is as close as their own municipal park. In the depth of our harsh Winter there is a lot of fun available┬áto anybody that wants to enjoy themselves on a … Continue reading More Depth