Alien Pod Delivery

========================================================================================================= Brand new Amanita family member appears an alien pod awaiting delivery in photo edited green, brown, and a touch of navy blue and yellow color surroundings finished off with some artificial fog. This highly toxic new born mushroom is just emerging from its eggshell like white shroud deep in Eastern Townships forest meanwhile, a ray … Continue reading Alien Pod Delivery

Dormant Death Saprophyte

========================================================================================================= In forest a dormant spore under decaying leaves until recent rains death awaits disguised as this mature Amanita family saprophyte awaiting those foolish enough to pick and eat it. Mushroom looks innocent enough viewed from this angle where what is left of its shroud or skirt on the long stem is not visible as … Continue reading Dormant Death Saprophyte

Red Cap Danger

==================================================================================================== Almost obscured by dead leaves and tree twig pieces a cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxin it may release when cooked and eaten. Every year thousands of people die from wild poisonous mushrooms some that look similar to ones that are edible even some "experts" have … Continue reading Red Cap Danger