Churn Horsepower

  Mid-rear engined Ferrari 488 GTB twin turbocharged, 3.9-litre V8, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, sports car can churn robust 661 horsepower more than enough for track yet driveable to office. Ferrari introduced 488 GTB model in 2017 as replacement for its normally aspirated 458 being aware of growing trend towards better fuel economy and lessened emissions … Continue reading Churn Horsepower

Flaunt Expert Teamwork

  Formula 1 trials teams, like this one, flaunt expert teamwork in preparation for exciting, world famous, F1 car race happening this weekend. Montreal hosts 2018 Grand Prix Formula 1 this Sunday meanwhile, race trials begin on Friday on famous Gilles Villeneuve circuit, where all famous name, top, competitor teams prepare and test their cars … Continue reading Flaunt Expert Teamwork