Ooh Shiny Another Accident

========================================================================================================= Ooh shiny, another serious motorcycle accident I thought to myself, when two authentic looking Montreal paramedics wheeled their helmeted female "victim" through the crowds of passersby on Saint Catherine Street. Moments earlier these two "paras" were real-like pumping the female dummy's chest meanwhile, anxious passersby briefly stopped to assess the poor young woman on … Continue reading Ooh Shiny Another Accident

Spicy Ribs

========================================================================================================= Colorful, hot, spicy ribs with smoke still clouding air around them rest on chromed metal rack enticing visiting locals and international fans in for 2017 Montreal Just-For-Laughs Festival to try some. The delicious looking , juicy, meaty, pork ribs displayed on that rack just came out of the oven when I happened to pass … Continue reading Spicy Ribs