Machining Fence

====================================================================================================== This machining fence formed, thick, high-strength, clear plastic door for enclosure of N/C milling machine. The door is mostly  plastic  it does however, have a metal frame, hinges,  and  handle. My picture depicts a machining operation going on with the engineer-operator on the digital controls viewing what is happening ready to stop it all should … Continue reading Machining Fence

Basic G-Code Understanding

===================================================================================================== Basic G-code understanding is very important for expensive sophisticated numerical-controlled manufacturing machinery and a simplified control panel is a wonderful feature to have. Pictured is one of the new style digital control panels employing a simplified graphical interface that this visitor finds quite impressive. It also impressed me a lot when I saw it … Continue reading Basic G-Code Understanding

Olympus Digital Numbers

======================================================================================================= Digital numbers on Olympus Magna-Mike 8600's mini-screen digital readout indicates 0.929 millimeters thickness. One exhibit that I almost missed while touring the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show remained tucked way in back of the giant hall that the show was occupying in Place Bonaventure. It was already Wednesday May 18, 2016 when … Continue reading Olympus Digital Numbers

Countless Machined

======================================================================================================= Sample of countless machined parts produced by the advanced multi-axis capable N/C machines exhibited at the very recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show shown here. This particular show had some of the best and latest machinery by world famous machine manufacturers on display. There were Americans, Europeans and even Asian companies competing for … Continue reading Countless Machined

Simple Dream

====================================================================================================== The simple dream of owning a sophisticated, compact, machining center providing the latest in accurate, high-speed, multi-tool capabilities with intuitive touch functionality control through a trendy, ergonomically comfortable, electronic panel attached to it became true to many visitor company owners. They all attended the recent SME organized 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show. As my … Continue reading Simple Dream

Ultimate Survival

======================================================================================================= A company's ultimate survival today depends a lot on having the right IT with latest software solutions. This ensures that should something go wrong then operations recovery is almost instantaneous preventing a costly shutdown that would create a real crimp to the bottom line. While attending the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show … Continue reading Ultimate Survival

Advanced Heat Vision

======================================================================================================= Advanced heat vision shown in my photograph, made during the recently concluded 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show, is an example of   "smart technology" progress in this important field. As my image clearly shows, infrared radiation emitted by humans passing by, picked up by a special FLIR camera using integrated, micro-electronic, color high … Continue reading Advanced Heat Vision