Candid Portrait

========================================================================================================= Candid portrait of Le Mai Tai band member playing keyboard for this local Tiki music band on stage during 2016 annual Montreal International Jazz Festival. It was a sunny warm July 4 evening and this pseudo-egocentric band whose  members were dressed in typical garb of Polynesian islands, like Hawaii and Tahiti,  wearing neck garlands, … Continue reading Candid Portrait

Music Fan Gratitude

Music fan gratitude obvious for Israel Proulx, Quebec's darling musical prodigy, after  performing American Rock n' Roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis's classic "Great Balls of Fire". ===================================================================================================== Music fan gratitude is obvious for Israel Proulx, Quebec's darling musical prodigy, after his performing American rock and roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis's classic "Great Balls of Fire", … Continue reading Music Fan Gratitude

Musical Transient Troupe

======================================================================================================= Each day at 5 PM musical transient troupe West Trainz would travel their special route making several brief, fleeting, stops along the way to entertain locals and visitors flocking downtown for the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival. This seasoned, profession, troupe of musicians traveled on their special golf cart powered "train" pulling five small … Continue reading Musical Transient Troupe

All Eyes

================================================================================================= All eyes..well most of them, concentrated on the West Trainz "train" act going on just when this tall, gorgeous, princess passed by waving her hand wishing all her loyal subjects a wonderful day at the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival. As my picture shows the princess, a young woman busker on stilts, in regal … Continue reading All Eyes

Rare Coon Tune

================================================================================================== Playing tune wearing a 'coon' hat is rare especially on a hot sunny day in July however, this trumpet player wearing bright red plastic sunglasses delighted the Place Heineken (Beer Tent) bringing cheers from the appreciative crowd while doing a brief solo. The 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival is now history however, memories of … Continue reading Rare Coon Tune

Different Portraits

================================================================================================= These different portraits depict two very unique people one a young woman the other a middle-aged man both however, share one commonality, they are entertainers. Carlos Placeres is a Montrealer originally from Cuba, has a rich nuanced voice of a troubadour which I had the pleasure to be entertained by during the recent 2016 … Continue reading Different Portraits

Musical Clockwork

====================================================================================================== The 2016 Montreal international Jazz Festival functioned like some musical clockwork, gigs done precisely at prescribed hour each day. Various international musicians "artists", started their gig for the night at their designated hour "Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen" started precisely at 8PM. My picture depicts a stationary clock showing 8PM as when … Continue reading Musical Clockwork

Playing Brass Slowly

======================================================================================================== Playing brass slowly the Montreal Dixie Band playing inside the Heineken Music Tent(Place Heineken) excitedly thrilled the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival audience with wonderfully mellow music. As my video shows the audience excitedly thrilled to hear what they had to offer clapping and cheering at intervals showing their appreciation for this professional cadre … Continue reading Playing Brass Slowly

Turkish Guests

====================================================================== Our Turkish guests at the recent 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival arrived from Istanbul on behalf of their national air carrier, Turkish Airlines to show their culture and traditions. These men and women entertainers put on a wonderful show for Montrealers and international visitors at the Jazz Fest their national airline has sponsored for a … Continue reading Turkish Guests

Balancing Glass

====================================================================================================== Balancing glass is not easy especially crystal wine glass on a stick held by the teeth only while entertaining a huge crowd at the recent 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival. This busker, performing during a quiet period between free outdoor Jazz music shows, demonstrates the proper technique to the amazement of a large crowd … Continue reading Balancing Glass