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SewageGate Boss Coderre

SewageGate Boss Coderre=====================================================================
Sewagegate Boss Coderre, alias mayor of Montreal, accused the Conservatives of “playing politics” to score cheap points.

Coderre took a swipe at the his enemies saying “at the end of the Conservative regime, it’s the first time they write a letter and use the word scientific.”

He insisted that he received scientific advise backing his decision to dump 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence river. His sarcasm related to scientists and the strict Conservatives federal government rules imposed on its employees getting too cosy with the Liberal loving media engaged in smearing the government.

Coderre then blasted Thomas Mulcair saying that Montreal dumped twice before back in 2003 and 2005 and it was OK’d by the former Quebec Liberal environment minister Mulcair, now NDP leader.

With two enemies whacked in one simple media interview, little Denis ‘the Drill’ Coderre felt proud of his accomplishment, his helping Justin Trudeau. Who is playing politics now, Denis hmm?

Sewagegate has now become a potential international crisis because a state senator from New York, Patty Ritchie and even famed American environmentalist Erin Brockovich have voiced concern for the massive damage this proposed raw sewage dump will cause. More and more environmentalists and ordinary people have voiced concern since the whole thing started and it continues.

Evidently when you’re Liberal and Montreal boss, polluting the Saint Lawrence river is no big deal because it’s been done before. Coderre likes to grandstand especially when it’s during an election campaign, to help his buddy Justin Trudeau.

Coderre feels very confident junior will become PM on October 19, 2015 so why not show off how tough a Montreal boss he is bashing the evil ‘Conservative regime’.

It will be interesting Monday night, October 19, should Canadians decide Liberals are just the same, tired, old, Adscam-Sponsorship Scandal gang trying to get their snouts into the public trough again and do more of their usual corruption.

Then again, Coderre should know a bit about corruption because after all, he was once a Chretien Liberal cabinet minister, and even mentioned in the famous Gomery Commission. He was most probably involved however, evidence to prove his culpability beyond the shadow of doubt never materialized.

Honest Justin’s Bijoux

Honest Justin's Bijoux covered by our Liberal standard 30-day guarantee promise.

Honest Justin’s has a real Bijoux for you covered by our Liberal standard 30-day guarantee promise.

Honest Justin’s has a real Bijoux for you covered by our standard 30-day guarantee promise, and if you come early he will sweeten the deal.

Folks this is a one-time special offer from your Liberal Party of Canada and it’s time limited to one day, October 19, 2015, so come on down!

Yes, folks we have it all right here at Honest Justin’s and.. did I already tell you, it just so happens that Justin has a real Bijoux, a real jewel, and you can have it all for just $$147 Billions.

And this baby is equipped, yes, folks she has all the latest bells and whistles heck, you can drive away with it the same day with NO MONEY DOWN..did you hear that NO-MONEY-DOWN no hassles, because we trust you.

In fact folks, you can come down dressed like a bandit wearing a face-mask and we will still except your offer..No, No, No..we don’t turn down anybody because we trust you, the Liberal Party trusts you!

Come on down and save big, why waste time shopping at the local competition like Angry Tom’s No Damn Power or that other guy Stephen Harper’s Consolidated Car Removers And Parts.

Remember folks, this is a limited time offer, so what are you waiting for come on down and let’s make a deal!

Wing and a Prayer

On a wing and a prayer, why you should vote Liberal on October 19, 2015, is to help Justin complete Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s mission to totally financially enslave Canadians to international bankers.

Back in 1965 Pierre Trudeau got elected pushing “participatory democracy” also known as “Just Society” based on his definition of what that may mean.

He was after all the product of early years at elite Quebec Jesuit schools later blended with Marxism at Harvard, the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, and London School of Economics, where he had indoctrination by some of the best communist instructors-professors outside of the USSR.

Trudeau also attended a world communist conference in Moscow to get first-hand experience in economics. What he heard there furthered when he enrolled in the London School of Economics to study under renowned socialist economist Harold Laski. That convinced Trudeau that ‘Keynesian economics’ and social science were essential to create the “good life” in a democratic society.

Prior to 1974, Canadian national debt stood at a shocking CDN $18 BILLIONS today we remain perched on the edge over a financial abyss. Officially our national debt is around CDN$417 BILLIONS even with a ‘balanced budget’ the Stephen Harper government worked hard to meet.

The year 1974 is important because that is when the Trudeau Liberal government introduced ‘deficit financing’ allowing international banks finance his Just Society “infrastructure” and social programs, Canada is still struggling to pay off that debt.

His training and later expulsion from Canadian Officers’ Training Corps following a degree in law at Université de Montréal in 1943 certainly saved his rear end from conscription and service at the front when everyone else was fighting the again, he was one of the entitled, the Quebec privileged rich class.

Being privileged also helped in landing a comfy job under Liberal PM Louis St. Laurent as an economic policy advisor followed by appointment as justice minister under Mike Pearson.

His position allowed introduction of his infamous Omnibus bill scrapping certain Canadian laws based on Christian values brought over from Europe by the Canada’s founding nations, replacing them with the slippery slope (secularism) we have today.

Our left-leaning controlled media continues to praise and rave about his “the government has no business in the bedroom” quote giving it the reverence worthy of the Holy Bible.

Today’s immorality, materialism, and lack of credibility our politicians exude, our distrust of them and their daily assault on our religious institutions stems from that time.

Trudeau showed his true colors, his lack of credibility, during his first term by introducing the 1969 White Paper on Indians, promoted by new Department of Indian and Northern Affairs minister Jean Chretien.

It proposed the general assimilation of First Nations into the Canadian body politic by eliminating the Indian Act and Indian status, parceling off reserve land to private owners-developers, and eliminating the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.

This was an example of typical classical liberal participatory democracy or ‘Just Society’ in action something that has remained and is pushed today by Pierre’s successor Justin Trudeau, who promises everything and anything to anybody who still wants to listen. Then again, talk is cheap and Liberals are renowned for their empty promises that mysteriously evaporate like the mist once they assume power.

My tiny video is just a fleeting glimpse of scandalous things that happened the last time the entitled Liberal crowd held power in Ottawa, helping viewers understand what is in store for Canada after October 19, 2015.

Like many Canadians I prefer voting for Nobody because Nobody will keep election promises, listen to my concerns, help the poor, underprivileged, and the unemployed. Furthermore, Nobody cares!

Should Nobody be elected things will be far better for everyone because Nobody tells the truth!

Economic Crash Test Dummy

Economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada's economy into the wall.

Economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada’s economy into the wall with 4 deficits totalling CDN$$147 BILLIONS.

economic crash test dummy2


Our economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada’s economy into the wall because of his distorted, mistaken belief four years of ‘small’ deficits totaling CDN$147 BILLIONS will save the country for future generations. All it takes for this to happen is a Liberal win on October 19, 2015 and we are toast.

Perhaps, it’s that weed that he’s been smoking that has messed with his thinking or may be it is thoughts about the benefits he will get from his international bank financiers-handlers after leaving office. Heck, he would only be following Liberal tradition  just like his old man, Jean Chretien, or even Paul Martin.

Justin Trudeau is prepared to sacrifice Canadian taxpayers and saddle them with massive debt meanwhile, the international banks will profit even more from the extra compounding of interest on that extra borrowed money.

Until now, Canada has done well compared to others since the 2008 massive global financial meltdown caused by greedy international banks particularly those populating New York city’s Wall Street.

The Stephen Harper Conservative government, just like many governments on this globe, ran some deficit financing to help through the difficult years since 2008 however, this was more because of necessity and in consultation with the Canadian Parliament. All the opposition parties including the Liberals and the NDP pressured the government insisting that this was the way to get Canada out of the bad world financial situation.

On October 19, 2015 Canadians will vote for who will run Canada for the next four years and both Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP are willing to mess with a balanced budget that the Harper Conservatives worked very hard for and succeeded giving Canadians this year.

The Liberals under Trudeau want to take on more debt to improve Canada’s ‘infrastructure’ because this, according to them, will jump-start the economy creating thousands of new jobs and help small businesses.

Incidently, little, or more precisely, nothing, is ever mentioned about Canada’s real national debt of CDN$1.06 TRILLION to which Justin’s small deficits will be added.

The Liberals under Trudeau claim that they are doing it all for future generations perhaps, they mean all those ‘new’ Canadians that they intend to import if elected.  The Liberals have  promised to correct Canada’ s immigration laws bring it back to “normal”, corrupt like they had before.

They promise more rampant, wanton, unvetted, unchecked entry into Canada by anyone with a sob story to tell. Then again, that was the way previous Liberal regimes ran things to line their own pockets, so nothing has changed since.

It’s interesting because Pierre Eliot Trudeau began it all opening  Canada to everyone and this has included some international war lords, drug smugglers, people smugglers, and miscellaneous riffraff.

Come to think of it, Pierre Trudeau can also be considered the ‘father of deficit financing’ because before 1974 Canada’s real total national debt stood at a shocking CDN$$18 BILLIONS compare that to today’s mind-blowing CDN$$$1.06 TRILLION!!! Officially, as reported by the ‘news media’ the debt is a mere CDN$$147 BILLIONS.

It must be a family thing or perhaps,  it’s just a Liberal tradition, to waste Canadian taxpayers’ money without any hesitation because after all, Liberals are entitled to our money so bend over and..

Monday 13 Cat

Feared Monday 13 cat is back.

Feared Monday 13 cat is back after six years.

Feared, popular, Monday 13 cat is back together after six years. Today is April 13, 2015, the 103rd day of the year with only 262 days remaining according to our Gregorian calendar. The last time Monday 13 happened was back in 2009, an Easter Monday in our Gregorian calendar today it is in the Julian calendar, interesting or is it hmm? (Twilight Zone music here)

My two previous blogs discussed the origins of some people’s fear of Friday 13, and also the fear black cats like this one depicted in our picture manifest. Perhaps, the phenomenon can be related to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”, or later, to a sensation created back in 1934 when Hollywood’s Universal Pictures released “The Black Cat” horror film starred by two famous classical actors of the genre, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

Humans have all sorts of fears related to the unknown, unexplained, beyond their own control, and fear of cats can bring on undue anxiety, sweating, rapid heart beat enough to almost paralyze some. This abnormal fear of the felines called “ailurophobia,” derived from the Greek for cat “ailouros”and fear “phobos”, can be treated with a bit of psychological therapy given by a certified psychologist or psychiatrist.

Are you one of the ‘afraid’?

Fear not folks because our cat (in the picture) is not the ‘evil’ black cat instead, a sweet, gentle, ginger colored tabby photoshopped however, if you are still frightened, then perhaps some psychological therapy may help.