Juggled Weightless Objects

======================================================================= The juggled weightless objects numbered four when including her red hat and it depended on her trained, quick-moving hands to prevent gravity from kicking in and ending it all. Meanwhile, the "weightless" objects flew arched trajectories between the two hands seeming immune to gravity, they quickly became normal weighed down by nature, falling from … Continue reading Juggled Weightless Objects

Tri-Couleur Gathering

==================================================================================================== The tri-couleur gathering happened at the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest near a special international booth one of the many populating the site. I was passing by, always on the lookout for interesting and or unusual things happening or people, tourists, in for the event and I spied this gathering of young ladies sporting these … Continue reading Tri-Couleur Gathering

Extra Ordinary Lips

======================================================================================================= The extra ordinary lips on the trumpet are Rachel Therrien's, the TD Grand Jazz Award 2015 winner. This young attractive Québécois musician is part of the Rachel Therrien Quintet that beat out ten other contestants ensembles in their class to win the TD award. I was lucky to see this group in action this … Continue reading Extra Ordinary Lips

Wheeling Hard

=============================================== Wheeling Hard with her huge wheel the buskeress entertained multitudes of excited tourists in for the Montreal Jazz Fest. This talented woman certainly got their attention rolling around the Place-des-Festivals-Quartier-des-Spectacles last week as my simple video depicts. She was however, just one of a troupe of hired buskers providing a distraction between the various … Continue reading Wheeling Hard

Amused by Jazz

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Muse." =============================================================================== Amused by Jazz music I had to visit to get a taste of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest that attracts over 3000 musicians from 30 countries. Friday 26, 2015, the second day of this annual music festival was a gorgeous day and I wanted … Continue reading Amused by Jazz