In The Bag

In The Bag

As our world convulses trying to stop the pace of the pandemic that has defined our daily lives since early 2020 certain "secret societies" are patting each other on their backs and rubbing their hands gleefully awaiting the moment that they can tie up the bag containing their hapless victims. "The masses never revolt of … Continue reading In The Bag

Pig Controls Elon

=================================================================== Shades of George Orwell's "Animal Farm", where pigs take control and displace their human owners with their own totalitarianism, our picture shows how a pig "technician" controls Elon Musk while demonstrating the latest implantable chip for the brain. Actually, a female pig name Gertrude was debuted by Neuralink Corporation, one of Elon Musk's high … Continue reading Pig Controls Elon

Committee Approved Future

======================================================================================================= A committee approved future is certain because our present has already been approved by the same entity, affecting close to seven billion people inhabiting Earth. In case you haven't noticed, and you may have not, because of where you live and your circumstance, things are definitely out of your control because the cards are … Continue reading Committee Approved Future