Our global obscenely rich billionaire elites' "emperor-god" narcissism epidemic mirrors the worst of ancient imperial Roman excesses of unequal wealth distribution proving history repeats self. In ancient times under Roman emperors extravagant feasts and orgies were common while their poor suffered terribly this is similarly repeated today by our obscenely rich class unequal control … Continue reading Narcissism

Fast Food Assumption

  Growing line of anxious, hungry,straight-faced, jazz fans near temporary fast food outlet seems to indicate an assumption their next meal will take much more time than they want to spend waiting. The scene is in downtown Montreal during recent International Jazz Festival near Bell stage on eastern section of Cartier-des-Spectacles, where a temporary hotdog … Continue reading Fast Food Assumption

Slight Problem

  Designed and manufactured for mostly insecure, immature, slight, young, women into "counterculture style", these unusual shoes are future crippling foot and back (medical) problems creators awaiting the unwary. Many humans are never satisfied with themselves and their world especially in these secular, vain, uncaring, wicked times where it seems anything goes especially in "fashion". … Continue reading Slight Problem

Flaunt Expert Teamwork

  Formula 1 trials teams, like this one, flaunt expert teamwork in preparation for exciting, world famous, F1 car race happening this weekend. Montreal hosts 2018 Grand Prix Formula 1 this Sunday meanwhile, race trials begin on Friday on famous Gilles Villeneuve circuit, where all famous name, top, competitor teams prepare and test their cars … Continue reading Flaunt Expert Teamwork

Premature Face Makeover

  Cute little girl is a bit too premature for full-blown face makeover however, she isn't having one done yet instead the nice lady is face painting her during Quebec's annual June 24th Fête Nationale. Never-the-less, this seemingly innocent exercise to decorate the little girl's face is actually programming her for when she turns into … Continue reading Premature Face Makeover

Guilty Bill Explained

Guilty meal bill explained by helpful restaurant staffer after surprised customer requests answers regarding unexpected costs on it. Well known Montreal downtown oriental food establishment normally difficult to get reservations in because of its popularity is where this scene happened several years ago. After restaurant staffer carefully went over the details with the customer regarding … Continue reading Guilty Bill Explained

Doppelganger Heads

  Two exact , doppelgänger, cast metal heads rest on black metal fence, this is as close as I could find human doubles only these are inanimate objects without bodies. According to various dictionaries both book or the Internet, someone who looks exactly the same as a living person is a doppelgänger derived from German … Continue reading Doppelganger Heads