Globalist elites hidden in the shadows pulling all the strings

Real Truth Exposed

Sad as the mounting numbers of CoVid19 dead Americans are, sadder still, is the confusion perpetrated against a struggling populace however, this pandemic has revealed the hypocrisy of the globalist elites hidden in the shadows pulling all the strings, the real truth has been exposed for all to see. Their disguised manipulating hands in control … Continue reading Real Truth Exposed

Ladies and Gentlemen the..

Ladies and Gentlemen the..

We now interrupt your TV program to bring you the latest from the White House, a news conference is about to happen let's zoom in to see who appears at the podium as the announcer does the introduction - "Ladies and Gentlemen the .." (Meanwhile, a military band strikes up normal introductory music accorded occasions … Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen the..

Secret Hidden Pandemic

========================================================================================= Since last March, 2019, CoVid19 has shown how fragile and mortal we all are however, since 1945 another secret, hidden, pandemic¬† information about which continues to be heavily suppressed by big corporations and international banks control of their puppet governments and mass-media. Legalized "safe" ABORTION has taken more lives than any known corona-virus even … Continue reading Secret Hidden Pandemic

Strike Three

=================================================================== Ever since it was invented America's most favorite fans sport is still probably baseball, and everybody knows that it's strike three when the umpire yells "yer out!" after a batter swings and fails hitting the ball after three attempts. During the earlier part of the twentieth century during WW2, Imperial Japan, launched a sneak … Continue reading Strike Three

Pizza Delivery Joe

=================================================================== With polls showing that the coming US presidential elections are going to be difficult for both the Democrats and Republicans every means possible is being used to entice the voters heck, even pizza delivery that Joe Biden testing out. This not the first time Democrats have resorted to bribing the voters with fast food, … Continue reading Pizza Delivery Joe

Pig Controls Elon

=================================================================== Shades of George Orwell's "Animal Farm", where pigs take control and displace their human owners with their own totalitarianism, our picture shows how a pig "technician" controls Elon Musk while demonstrating the latest implantable chip for the brain. Actually, a female pig name Gertrude was debuted by Neuralink Corporation, one of Elon Musk's high … Continue reading Pig Controls Elon

What About Joe?

=================================================================== Looking at times confused, lapses in memory, trying to find the correct word, and struggling to follow the conversation, agitation, are some things already exhibited by their presidential candidate leading up to the recent "virtual" Democrat National Convention, which conjures up our question: "what about Joe?" Studies have shown this type of brain aneurysm … Continue reading What About Joe?

Sputnik V No Side Affects

=================================================================== On August 11, 2020 Russian president Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has the world's first CoVid19 vaccine named Sputnik V and that it would be available for mass inoculation of his citizens by January 2021, it was safe enough (with probably no known side affects). Despite doubts expressed by the WHO and the usual … Continue reading Sputnik V No Side Affects

Masked Man With Silver Bullet

=================================================================== Not even US president Donald Trump as the Masked Man with Silver Bullet can stop CoVid19, the highly contagious, deadly, corona-virus, pandemic presently sweeping our globe. Recently, president Trump, when asked about wearing a protective face mask, commented that he looked like the Lone Ranger, the original "masked man" wearing one. Leading world public … Continue reading Masked Man With Silver Bullet