Thwart Government Carbon Tax

Six horse powered environment friendly transportation that will thwart Detroit and foreign automobile manufacturers petroleum-guzzling products. The people riding this baby are proof that luxury and convenience are not sacrificed as the international automobile cartel would like to claim. Four wheel, comfortable ride, cushy seats, lots of family room, white-walls, color-coordinated two-tone finish with high … Continue reading Thwart Government Carbon Tax

Barely Luminescent

Stark reality of WWI post battle barely luminescent scene of what was forest now just smoking charcoal sticks of trees sheltering stagnant water artillery shell pock-holes, dead, and assorted war debris. My image taken in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, depicts an exhibit of an eerie, surreal, typical, WWI battle area after an artillery … Continue reading Barely Luminescent

Disrupt Tranquility

Should you ever want to disrupt your normal afternoon tranquility during July just visit Place Heineken when these guys (brass band) are performing. Actually, these local musicians were pretty damn good putting on a great musical performance during the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival a few years ago. Of course, if you are tired from … Continue reading Disrupt Tranquility

No Rush Work

Steady, methodical, no rush work by worker operating special pasta machine producing noodles ensures a quality product. This man seems oblivious to outside world on other side of the large plate-glass window as passersby including this photographer as he does his work. Although I can't be certain of the pressure he may be experiencing while … Continue reading No Rush Work

White-Grey Froth

White-grey froth comes out of Pierrefonds city blue colored flexible plastic large size hose connected to a gas-driven pump(not shown) draining contaminated back-river flood water from victim's property. Last year(2017) the Montreal borough of Pierrefonds suffered extensive Spring flooding requiring many to evacuate their stricken homes. The once-in-century flood affected many municipalities in the provinces of  Quebec and … Continue reading White-Grey Froth

Not Awakening

Moosh is definitely not awakening from this comfortable bed, at least not immediately, instead preferring to sleep some more. Dead to the world, Mooshy seems to be enjoying his beauty rest casting aside whatever worries a cat may have however, don't fool yourself because despite appearances he is always alert to danger. His radar ears, … Continue reading Not Awakening

Toxic Chemical

  Special industrial toxic chemical sprayed into various crevices and small openings around old country cottage's windows caused this mass extermination of dreaded common house fly pest. After hiring a pest control specialist for the job of ridding the late fall fly infestation the result is clearly visible in this photo. The old structure contains … Continue reading Toxic Chemical