Skewed Upwards

Modern Montreal high-rise hotel building seems skewed upwards when viewed from bottom in order to incorporate as much as possible of it's height in my picture. The scene is on Rene Levesque boulevard south side just slightly east of Bleury street diagonally across from Complex Desjardins, next to rue Jeanne-Mance. It is situated in an … Continue reading Skewed Upwards

Without Complication

  Representative explains new Okuma CNC machine OSP suite touch panel to potential customer how it ensures easy and efficient operation without complication during recent MMTS at Place Bonaventure. My picture depicts technical demonstration and sales pitch in action as Okuma representative, at Montreal trade show, explains it all to interested industry individual inquiring about this … Continue reading Without Complication

Old Brands Disappear

Old brands and their technology disappear everyday while brand spanking new digital ones constantly invented on research done in California's Silicon Valley's IT now increasingly AI continue to fill void. Underwood typewriter depicted sitting on asphalt under bright sunny sky used to be an important invention facilitating writing for business, industry, and general public that … Continue reading Old Brands Disappear

Unknown Pedigree

  Two little puppies of uncertain ,unknown pedigree seem ready to be your friend if only they were real instead these two guys are exhibits at flea market in Saint Eustache, a town north of Montreal. Manufactured stuffed animals some that look real like these two "Terrier" doggies are mass-produced most in the far east … Continue reading Unknown Pedigree

Awkward Made Easy

  Awkward is made easy using this specially designed and manufactured table where setting up welding work requires a minimum of effort for quality production. In comparison trying to weld this particular work would be time-consuming perhaps, require multiple jigs and fixtures that may not provide enough accuracy for final assembly creating problems such as … Continue reading Awkward Made Easy

Thin Wall Plastic

Thin wall plastic 3D printer products line sky-blue color polyester cloth-covered table of Proto3000 booth during 2018 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) at Place Bonaventure last week. The annual MMTS is Quebec's leading manufacturing event where manufacturing companies and supplies both local as well as international show their latest technology wares as exhibits. Each year … Continue reading Thin Wall Plastic