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AI Visual Impression

AI affects us through its strong visual impression on our mind making things seem so vividly real.

AI affects us first through its strong visual impression on our mind making things seem so real we feel it truly genuine.

AI today affects us first through its strong visual impression on our mind making things seem so real we feel it genuine because it tricks our mind into believing it.

A computer program or set of programs creates visual representations of familiar everyday things we associate with so vividly that we can almost grab it, smell it, or taste it.

My picture depicts a scene from last year’s Montreal annual Grand Prix weekend, the “driver” wears an Oculus head coupled with the seat he is sitting in, steering wheel, pedals, and an LCD 4K screen out in front makes him feel he is driving a real racecar down a track.

He is living in an alternate world, which seems so real with his senses stimulated heck, he sees the track, hears the sound of the engine and noises normally associated with racing formula cars moreover, his mind remains occupied because unexpected obstacles appear suddenly on the track requiring him to stay alert and his quick reflex action to avoid them.

The driver senses everything that normally would be there except for the air resistance, the breeze, as his racer zooms along that famous track.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”IMPRESSION”.

Adrift Turtle

Adrift , motionless, seemingly lifeless, turtle floating in murky, greenish colored Centennial Park lake.

Adrift , motionless, seemingly lifeless, turtle floating around in murky, greenish colored water of man-made lake in Centennial Park.

Adrift , motionless, seemingly lifeless, turtle floating around in the murky, greenish colored water of man-made lake in Centennial Park perhaps, it is just getting its bearings before slipping under the water again.

Actually, it is just scouting around trying to get its share of what certain people have thrown onto the surface of the water despite posted warning signs forbidding this.

I took this picture a couple of years ago in late fall, while witnessing a feeding frenzy by local ducks and geese competing with several types of fish such as large size carp, catfish,  and goldfish and this little fellow, who probably “heard about it through the grapevine and it blew his mind!”

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ADRIFT”.

Rideau Canal Descend

Part of Ottawa's historic Rideau Canal descend shown built after War of 1812 extends down to Ottawa River.

Historic Rideau Canal descend part of which shown is British built series of locks during period 1826-1832 after War of 1812 extends down to Ottawa River.

The historic Rideau Canal descend, part of which shown, is a series of locks built as a preventive military measure during period 1826-1832 after the War of 1812 between Canada and USA extends all the way down to the Ottawa River at the top left of my picture.

Fearing future American invasions Britain built a series of canals as well as a number of forts in eastern Canada including the Rideau all along the Ottawa River designed to deter and impede any US incursions.

Fortunately, there never was another war between Canada and the USA and it was never used as a military supply route however, it was a success quickly becoming a busy commercial artery from Montreal to the Great Lakes until 1849 when a series of new locks were built bypassing the Saint Lawrence River rapids providing merchants a quicker, cheaper, alternative route.

Lieutenant-Colonel John By of the Royal Engineers oversaw construction of the Rideau Canal while private contractors built it employing thousands of French and Irish Canadian workers.

Some of the private contractors included famous names like John Redpath, Thomas McKay, Robert Drummond, Thomas Phillips, and Andrew White, who probably contributed to its unexpected cost overruns before its completion meanwhile, increasing their fortunes.

The cost overruns forced the retiring Colonel By from the British military and his receiving scant recognition for the awesome work accomplished.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DESCEND”.

Notorious FLQ Kidnappers

Notorious FLQ kidnappers depicted on old wanted poster caused 1970 October Crisis after kidnapping James Cross and Pierre laporte.

Notorious FLQ kidnappers depicted on old wanted poster are dead, yet responsible for 1970 October Crisis and Quebec Labor Minister Pierre Laporte’s murder.

The notorious FLQ kidnappers depicted on this old original wanted poster from October 1970 are mostly history(dead) as are many of their adversaries and one of the kidnap victims.

James Richard Cross 96 years of age however, remains alive and has spoke about his traumatic ordeal on October 5, 1970 when four armed men with machine guns and a revolver suddenly showed up at his home on his birthday and kidnapped him in front of his wife.

These desperate kidnappers, members of the “Liberation” cell, had also planned to grab an American diplomat at the same time however, they soon found one hostage was enough on their hands in trying to evade the police.

Meanwhile, another motley group called “Chenier” cell abducted Quebec’s Labour Minister, Mr. Pierre Laporte, while negations for Mr. Cross’s release dragged on frustrated at this its members murdered Laporte by strangulation when he attempted an escape and dumping his remains in a car trunk.

The “mugs’ depicted are just four of the FLQ terrorists, three of them are convicted murderers from the Chenier cell while Marc Charbonneau is the lone Liberation man involved with the original abducting of Mr. Cross, the British Trade Commissioner.

All these men were terrorists who fomented the infamous 1970 “October Crisis” resulting in the suspension of liberties all Canadians expect to have living in a “free” country.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau dusted off the old War Measures Act last used during the war years and dating back to WWI allowing extraordinary powers and measures for both the military and police to use in dealing with what was happening in Quebec.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”NOTORIOUS”.

Technical Collaboration

Technical collaboration in sharing know how by technology companies at 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show shown.

Technical collaboration in sharing know how is very evident in picture from SME 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show in Place Bonaventure.

Knowledge management or KM is synonymous with and part of technical collaboration very evident in this picture from SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) 2016 Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show in Place Bonaventure.

Visitors to this show benefited from the “know how” of new advances in their industry because representatives of many different international companies were available to exhibit their technologies providing potential customers “real-time” views of their hardware and technologies in action.

Additionally, their “captive” audience had opportunity to try out things and ask a lot of questions about equipment and related accessories regarding how it may give their companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

It was a win-win situation because by sharing technology information exhibitors had more sales while their clients benefited from acquiring the technologies as well as having trained employees because this event also provided access to lectures and specialized training by professional engineers and experts as follow-up with the new bought equipment.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”COLLABORATION”.

Hospitality Delivered

Liquid hospitality delivered by strong young man in green Montreal Jazz Festival tee-shirt at Quartier-des-spectacles.

Liquid hospitality delivered by strong young man in green Montreal  Jazz Festival tee-shirt with wire basket on head filled with ice-cold  beer at Quartier-des-spectacles.

Liquid hospitality delivered by a strong young man in green colored Montreal Jazz Festival tee-shirt holding metal wire baskets filled with ice-cold cans of beer on their heads roamed around the Quartier-des-spectacles.

This nice guy took time to pose for me while he was on his way delivering his cheer in the vicinity of the Bell Stage, located at the east-end of the festival site probably, because business was brisk at that particular time due to weather that was cool and overcast.

Most likely if that day been a typical Montreal July day, hot, sticky, and sunny, he would be much too busy to provide me this opportunity then again, I don’t know maybe he was just being very friendly and hospitable to fans enjoying the annual Montreal Jazz Festival.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HOSPITALITY”.

Final Drain Off

Final drain off of polluted, stinken, water from nearby Riviere-des-prairies has begun helped by nature and water pumps.

Final drain off of polluted water from nearby Rivière-des-Prairies has begun helped by sun, wind, and gas-powered municipal pumps running all day.

The final drain off of polluted, stinking, water from the nearby Riviere-des-prairies helped in last few days with some decent sun and wind along with municipal gas-powered pumps strategically installed by city maintenance crews running all day.

Since my last post on Tuesday dealing with the “flood of the century” that hit both Quebec and Ontario provinces, the water has reluctantly started to recede although the flood remains for property closer to the river and other low-lying areas.

Despite progress on the outside very little has changed inside many inundated basements in affected parts of Pierrefonds.

Elsewhere, in affected areas in the province of Quebec, things remain grim despite a bit less water hanging around moreover, many have lost their homes which remain under water.

When will it all end is anybody’s guess however, optimism, faith in the Almighty, and lots prayer will certainly help and is needed along with a huge amount of money for all the resources and work done by municipal employees, police, military, and brought in specialists needed to resolve this.

Also, more volunteers and everything they need to help them doing their work assisting the “professionals” before this whole mess ends.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FINAL”

Maze Ball

 Multi-colored maze ball of plastic tubes attached to yellow metal pole on grey metal stand near Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Multi-colored maze ball made of inch diameter plastic tubes attached to six-inch yellow vertical metal pole on grey metal stand in front Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The multi-colored maze ball composed of about an inch diameter tied off(narrowed and flat-ended) plastic tubes all collected and connected to  about  a six-inch diameter yellow colored vertical metal pole mounted on light grey metal stand in front of the main doors to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

This modern art work assembly rests on a square smooth grey-stone block sits in the middle and  wedged on two sides by the smooth grey-stone front steps and  surrounded by black-colored metal rectangular tube fence.

Furthermore, there appears to be a small metal plaque on the right hand side of the square smooth grey-stone block perhaps, some sort of dedication of the art work or maybe a simple description of it.

I took this picture last year, 2016, during the Montreal Grand Prix weekend after I left nearby Crescent Street, where all the pre-race activity takes place each year.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MAZE”.

Pink Ladies Gold Frame

Pink ladies in gold frame twin sisters portrait is composed of pink variants and other colors.

Pink ladies in gold frame are not entirely that red shade instead color variants  are everywhere qualifying it for post.

Pink ladies in a gold frame are not, as my picture depicts, entirely that shade of red instead color variants of it are everywhere qualifying it for this post.

I took this interesting digital image a few years ago when visiting an indoor flea market, where the portrait of these two ladies, who look like twin sisters, hung on a wall in the rented floor space of one of the market dealers.

It was sort of hidden away obscured by other “art” work and piled up stuff gathering dust away from visiting public view not easily seen until I spotted it.

Going to the Saint Michel Flea Market is always exciting because you never know what new things will turn up during the tour of  numerous dealer kiosks inside the building selling all sorts of interesting junk.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PINK”.

Temporary Immersible

Temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in dirty, polluted waters of Pierrefonds boulevard "lake" as area flooded.

Temporary immersible car a  submerged obstacle in dirty, polluted waters of Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” formed from flood waters of Montreal’s back river, Rivière-des-Prairies.

Until recently this temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in the dirty, polluted waters of the Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” part of the Rivière-des-Prairies, the overflowing back river branch of the mighty Saint Lawrence river that straddles the Island of Montreal.

Apparently, this car was abandoned when quick rising river water flooded this area, probably because it stalled before the owner could make it onto the curb, which also ended up under the water.

I took this picture this afternoon after walking for about half hour from Sources boulevard, a main road running north-south located considerably east of this scene past that distant police car on the far left and which is higher ground.

The good news is, in this part of Pierrefonds boulevard, water has receded a lot compared to last Sunday when water covered the road up to where that other distant police car is parked, at the traffic lights, blocking any unauthorized vehicles heading towards this still flooded area.

Additionally, I also noticed municipal work crews running gas-powered, heavy-duty, industrial pumps draining water from people’s backyards onto the boulevard, where it emptied into the sewer system that seems to still function despite the lake at this end.

As I walked back towards Sources boulevard I overheard people, some depicted in this picture, excitedly talking about when they would throw a party in gratitude for all the help they gave each other as neighbors during this disaster encouraging one another for what awaits them next after this is all over.

As of this post Montreal still remains under a state of emergency that is expected to last perhaps, for weeks meanwhile, a similar status exists in other parts of the province of Quebec, where things according to news reports, are really dire in some places.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”Temporary”.