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Weathered Valentine

Weathered Valentine Tank Mk VIIA, no. 838, built in Montreal May 1943 loaned to Stalin's communist regime survived decades under water.

Weathered Valentine Tank Mk VIIA, no. 838, built in Montreal May 1943, a Lend-Lease tank to Stalin’s Soviet Union once lost and forgotten is now an exhibit in Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum.

Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum is home for this severely weathered Valentine VI tank that spent decades drowned in former Soviet Union after helping defeat Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Although it fell through ice during action on January 25, 1944 when crossing a river near Telepyne, Ukraine and was forgotten about until 1990 when an old-timer helped locate it this tank remained mostly intact as my picture shows.

It is a gift to Canada given by independent Ukraine in 1992 now Valentine Tank Mk VIIA, no. 838, built in Montreal May 1943, a Lend-Lease tank to the USSR is an exhibit in Canada’s War Museum.

Designed by Vickers-Armstrong in 1938, the Valentine tank was a private venture project pressed into British military service after the Dunkirk disaster.

Canada adopted this infantry tank by 1940 and production was mainly done at Montreal’s CPR Angus Shops some 1,420 produced and most were sent to the Soviet-Union, which also received another 2,394 units from Churchill’s Britain.

Stalin’s Russians seemed to appreciate this robust and simple tank design mostly because of its adequate armor and low profile although its obsolete 2-pounder (40mm) main armament and narrow tracks limited its offensive ability on the eastern front.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”WEATHERED”.

Summer Flower Growth

Summer flower growth inside remains of old oak barrel athough somewhat stunted is normal over there.

Summer flower growth inside remains of old oak barrel although somewhat stunted is what it normally looks like
in summer over there.

2016 summer flower growth inside remains of an old oak barrel appears somewhat stunted although this is what it normally looks like during summer over there.

That year if I recollect correctly was a normal summer not like last year, 2017, which began with a very wet spring heck, it seemed summer would never show up and it almost did not however, things really improved at near end of August and September was awesome.

I took this picture out in Quebec’s Eastern Townships which I visit on a somewhat regular basis mainly because I enjoy the wonderful scenery found there.

It’s amazing how time passes because as I write this post outside it’s over minus 30 degrees Celsius with howling winds blowing snow around, we are in deep freeze mode awaiting that famous Saint Bernard rescue dog with keg of Brandy!

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”GROWTH”.

Some 2017 Favorites

Some 2017 favorites that I never used for my blog appear in my short slide video also, one picture that I used helps end the show.

Urban Science Brass Band trombone player dressed in white suit and hat wearing dark shades and broad smile while extending his arms out in triumphant satisfaction during the annual Montreal Jazz Festival 2017 was that image I am glad to have captured.

Just-for-laughs green devil with red horns and wide toothy grin seemed appropriate for show’s last image after all, that Montreal festival follows after the Jazz Fest ends

This year readers seemed to have a fascination with mushrooms particularly those of the toxic Amanita family therefore, a picture is included meanwhile, another picture that follows it,  is another Just-for-laughs related one taken in the Quartier-des-Spectacles during the Jazz Festival.

The two bogus Quebec paramedics have their hands full “saving” a dummy female wearing a neck support meanwhile, some passersby tourists appear concerned  thinking about the odd emergency aid performed as “medic” holds the patient’s leg straight up.

Another subject readers seemed to appreciate viewing are expensive, fancy cars and the Lamborghini emblem on jet black background certainly makes a statement.

Food is subject that readers love heck, we all love good eats therefore, my homemade glazed  muffin with icing dripping onto plate evokes desire for some moreover, that image of milk chocolate pieces loaded with nuts or other appropriate bits certainly makes our mouths water.

Entertainment already touched  earlier on excites many particularly when a Quebec cabinet minister plays guitar during the annual Saint Jean Baptiste Day festivities followed by a lovely Quebecois  belle in fashionable torn jeans belting out a few songs while accompanied by her rock band.

Something seldom seen in Montreal or anywhere else however, certainly eye popping enough to get a lot of attention by locals and many international tourists in town for the Jazz festival were a troupe of young women and some men totally painted in blue, orange, red, green, and yellow colors and wearing only thongs and skimpy bras.

Two other areas depicted in my short video are art and buskers both provide stimulation to our senses regarding creativity some individuals have.

Our two buskers entertained locals and more importantly international visitors in town for the Jazz Fest, their act was exceptional worthy of some of the best circus acts.

Our art involves a newly established art gallery where a friend was one of a group of amateur artists being acknowledged by gallery owner in front of friends and visitors  while  their work  was being displayed  on the gallery’s walls.

This year was Montreal 375th and Canada’s 150th anniversaries and a lot was happening downtown and across the country, all will end on New Year’s Eve.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”2017 FAVORITES”

Jet Ascend Amidst UFOs

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs can happen one day after contact is made with very advanced space aliens.

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs over Lac Saint Louis off Pte Claire in Montreal’s West Island can happen one
day after contact is made with aliens from vast universe.

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs over Lac Saint Louis off Pte Claire in Montreal’s West Island shows space aliens may routinely visit Earth to assess our technological progress.

Although this photo is photo edited to create a sci-fi scenario something like this can happen one day after our scientists succeed making contact with aliens in our vast unexplored universe.

If there really are aliens out there that can travel the extremely long distances to reach our planet then we can safely assume they are very advanced however, they may not be nice to primitives like us.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”ASCEND”.

Cheeky Red Squirrel

Very excited, cheeky red squirrel was breathing heavily, chattering, and incessantly scolding me for being there.

Visibly very excited, cheeky red squirrel paused again assessing whether to hang around or escape after seeing me
appear suddenly out of nowhere.

Visibly very excited, cheeky red squirrel paused again assessing whether hanging around was safe after seeing me appear suddenly out of nowhere.

The scene is in the Eastern Townships on a bright sunny day near the cottage early last November when we met eye to eye after my small trek through some forest.

I had just traveled several kilometers walking through all sorts of terrain, such as rocky hills, valleys, bogs, and evergreen forest when after taking a little rest on a large mossy rock I heard then spotted something moving very quickly.

Almost immediately, I knew it was a red squirrel, probably searching for food like oak tree nuts, darting up one fir-tree, jumping off a long hanging branch onto another tree then scurrying down that tree and across the length of a dead branch on the ground where it noticed me.

I could hear it breathing heavily and chattering very excitedly scolding me meanwhile, trying to decide whether to hang around to observe me some more or make its escape heck, it was comical to watch this little fella in action.

Finally, after what must have seemed eternity for the little rodent its little pea brain kicked in deciding on escape, which was incredibly quick.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”CHEEKY”.

Serene Moment

Montreal Ukrainian priest in serene moment of silence during solemn service commemorating 30th Anniversary of Chornobyl Disaster in 2016..

Serene moment commemorating 30th anniversary of Chornobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986, when
flawed Soviet Russian built power plant blew up contaminating landscape.

Serene moment commemorating victims of Chornobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986 when Soviet Russian built electrical power plant blew up spewing radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere.

The Chernobyl nuclear power station located some 130 km north of Ukraine’s capital city Kiev and only 20 km from neighboring Belarus had four Soviet-designed RBMK 1000 graphite block reactors sitting near the Pripyat river to provide a cooling source for them.

The design now universally recognized as inherently flawed used enriched U-235 uranium fuel rods to heat cooling water creating steam to power massive turbines generating electrical power for the surrounding cities, towns, and villages including Kiev.

The RBMK-1000 was  designed to produce  plutonium,  probably for the Soviet Union nuclear armament program,  and also electric power for industry and lighting.

Criminal negligence by two plant workers and their management triggered a massive hydrogen gas explosion in reactor No.4 that detached a 1,000-ton steel plate covering the reactor’s core starting a chain reaction resulting in a second more powerful blast completely demolishing the reactor and its building.

Furthermore, hot, intensive, burning graphite fires then threatened adjoining reactor No.3 which was still in operation during this time.

We now know the Chernobyl No. 4 reactor contained about 190 metric tons of uranium dioxide fuel and fission products,  and about 30 percent of this radioactive stuff escaped carried away by airflow into atmosphere.

Despite the severity of this emergency Moscow continued business as usual pretending nothing was going on meanwhile,  the 115,000 residents of Pripyat, the nuclear workers model city, were finally being evacuated about 36 hours later.

Additionally, despite the whole world already knowing about the radioactive plume flowing around the globe Moscow continued their repressive, suppressive ways keeping their own citizens in dark about the disaster going on.

Soviet president Gorbachev and Communist party preferred to keep them ignorant therefore, scheduled May Day celebrations in Kiev, Ukraine were allowed to go on despite radiation deaths to plant workers already having occurred and local mass evacuations going on.

According to some “reliable” sources 28 reactor staff and “liquidators”or emergency workers were dead from radiation and thermal burns within 4 months moreover, there were about 7,000 cases of thyroid cancer in children less than 18 years old from affected areas when it happened.

Radiation is deadly, odorless, tasteless, an invisible killer that silently robs a person’s health eventually terminating life.

My picture depicts priest during a serene moment of silence solemn service at Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral commemorating the Chornobyl Disaster 30th Anniversary in 2016 by Montreal’s Ukrainian community.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”SERENE”.

Seasonal Transformation

Seasonal transformation is grey look, tons of fallen, brown, leaves, and bit of green moss for interesting contrast.

Seasonal transformation is evident by mostly grey, somber, look and tons of fallen brown, shriveled, leaves
littering the forest ground.

Seasonal transformation is evident by mostly grey somber look and tons of fallen brown shriveled leaves littering the ground shown in this forest scene it happens every year.

Fortunately in this forest green moss still covers exposed rocks and the bases of some trees giving an interesting contrast to this hardwood forest scene.

The scene is early November 2017 in an Eastern Townships forest south of the town of Magog, Quebec very close to the U.S. border.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge.

Childhood Dancing Experience

Young mother in childhood dancing experience with her two children during West Island Blues Festival.

Young mother participates in childhood dancing experience with her two children enjoying music being played during annual West Island Blues Festival.

During annual West Island Blues Festival mother participates in childhood dancing experience with her two preteens enjoying the music being played.

While others watch and listen to performers on stage this young mother has a wonderful time holding hands with her little boy and girl dancing to the music.

They were not the only ones dancing around while the performance was going however, they seem to be in their own little world enjoying themselves oblivious of the others.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”EXPERIENCE”.

Temporary Guest

Our temporary guest is one tough dude you don’t mess with particularly when his normal routine is interrupted, my picture sums up his mood.

Our temporary guest has made our last two weeks interesting because he is one tough dude you don’t mess with especially when he wants something.

My picture sums up his mood, which doesn’t seem too friendly particularly when his normal routine was recently interrupted when his owner left for a business trip to Europe.

His mug shot clearly shows, he can quite aggressive when he desires something and it is not delivered when he wants it.

To prove this point, he uses his vast library of vocal sounds in the middle of the night for maximum effect on our sleep having awaken me up from dead sleep several times already.

Meanwhile, during the day he transforms into the most sweetest pussy cat you can imagine mimicking that famous novel about “Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde”.

Perhaps, it is his insecurity that drives him to do his foul deeds or maybe it is his revenge on humans for putting him through his ordeal away from his usual locale and routine, I don’t know.

Despite everything both we and our furry black and white guest are starting to adjust to each other and this is becoming evident as “Mister Hyde” seems to have toned down a bit allowing more restful nights.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”TEMPORARY”.

Drive By Peek

Drive by peek of Canada's centuries old Parliament slightly obscured by its ornate black iron front gate.

Drive by peek of Canada’s centuries old Parliament slightly obscured by its ornate closed black-colored wrought iron
front gate complex.

While passenger in my friend’s minivan I got this drive by peek of Canada’s Parliament through its closed black colored iron front gate.

The scene was two years ago during a beautiful sunny afternoon in late Summer traveling along Wellington Street heading towards our ultimate destination Canada’s famous war museum while busy international tourists were milling around exploring Parliament.

I took this shot through the side window while we were in motion therefore, coupled with some people also moving some blur is evident.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”PEEK”.