Final Bouquet

Final bouquet for over seven years of WP weekly photo challenges as proverbial curtain comes down signaling summation of much fine work by all participants during this era. I enjoyed every moment being a participant-contributor ever since WP staffers began this wonderful exercise allowing everyone a chance to create and exhibit their work afterwards, being … Continue reading Final Bouquet

Twisted Letters and Things

Twisted letters and many other interesting street art (graffiti) things are depicted on building wall of small side street cornering Saint Catherine street east in Montreal. A smorgasborg of different images make up this very colorful mural including a blond "princess", "Deathmobile" hot rod sporting "blower" on its hood, burning "Death Head" banner over its … Continue reading Twisted Letters and Things

Liquid Refreshment

  Liquid refreshment is always in demand at events or venues during long hot summer that is if you are fortunate having some nice weather in these times of climate change. Assuming odds are in our favor scenes like this one will happen and what is better than clean, pure, ice-cold bottle of water, the … Continue reading Liquid Refreshment

Place In The World

One place in the world that encompasses old and new Montreal is Mansfield street that runs north(-south) towards looming Mount Royal, visible at end of street, passing old Sun-Life Building and combination of more modern and old structures along the way. I love this area because it is Montreal's business, financial, and commercial center full … Continue reading Place In The World

Unlikely Sight

  It's very unlikely to sight an American WW2 fighter, scaled down size, buzzing over racks and racks of clothing inside an army surplus store on Saint Laurent boulevard near Saint Catherine street yet this picture is proof. The authentic looking warplane is real enough although a little photo-editing in removing overhead chains and high-strength … Continue reading Unlikely Sight

Myriad Of Lines

    Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral's huge rotunda inner wall decoration composed of a myriad of all sorts of lines in this massive Catholic church replicating Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. The rotunda contains a large circle of Roman style ornate windows which act as an important light source to the surroundings … Continue reading Myriad Of Lines

Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Prolific knick-knack collection housed in one kiosk of Saint Michel flea-market contains probably hundreds of assorted baubles, a myriad of different objects most fragile some not. It certainly makes for a very interesting image of a treasure trove of creativity manufactured all over the globe some local although not much. Amongst all are also paintings … Continue reading Prolific Knick-Knack Collection