I’d Rather Be..Snoozing

Mr. T resting comfortably, no doubt would say I'd rather be..snoozing during day partying at night. Cats are hunters and enjoy evening hours reconnoitering their surroundings for prey, mostly rodents. The black and white was our guest this past winter for about two months and after a few days familiarizing self with his new premises … Continue reading I’d Rather Be..Snoozing

Entertainment Story

  little girl watches Saint Jean Baptiste entertainment story unfold throughout rainy day resting on her father's lap under umbrella. The scene is 2016 during Quebec's Fete National which originally was its patron saint's day until the separatist Parti Québécois made it a secular event in late 1970's. This little girl along with her father … Continue reading Entertainment Story

Out Of This World

  Two moldy grapefruits after a touch of photo editing resemble a couple out of this world huge red planets bathed by intense light of a supernova in deep space. Grapefruits are something very familiar and a common citrus fruit found on North American breakfast tables. Today scientists equipped with the latest technological equipment are … Continue reading Out Of This World

Sweet Bliss

Taking a bite of that delectable, wonderfully moist, homemade, muffin transported me into absolute sweet bliss I have to confess those teeth marks are mine heck, the image is irrefutable visual proof of my dastardly deed. I must admit it was that lemon icing that did me in, made me do it, take that fateful, … Continue reading Sweet Bliss

Tour Guide 4Montreal

Tour Guide 4Montreal mashup highlights places that haven't changed much remaining landmark icons international tourists appreciate visiting because they are unique. I have included also a picture of our famous overpasses that linked highway 20, the Ville Marie expressway, and the Decarie expressway these overpasses are now pretty much demolished. Also, Montreal would not be … Continue reading Tour Guide 4Montreal

Beloved Boink

We found our beloved Boink visiting the local SPCA shortly after having mourned his predecessor Boris, another sweetie, who departed peacefully after about 20 years of service. Losing Boink turned out to be emotionally hard something we never expected again because over years he become like a family member always there to support you in … Continue reading Beloved Boink