2018 Summer’s Last

2018 Summer's last vestiges were morphing into Fall meanwhile, during our beautiful Labor Day weekend this little hummingbird methodically performed his last sortie .   2018 Summer's last vestiges were morphing into Fall and what remained of this year's exceptionally warm, balmy weather was quickly disappearing. During last month's beautiful Labor Day weekend the little … Continue reading 2018 Summer’s Last

Retrospective Seven Plus

    In retrospective of seven plus years WP Daily Post word prompt has existed here is a smidgen of my over 800 posts through all these quickly evaporated years. It has been fun participating in these daily word prompt challenges against the whole globe of more talented bloggers and a joy getting wonderful comments … Continue reading Retrospective Seven Plus

White-Grey Froth

White-grey froth comes out of Pierrefonds city blue colored flexible plastic large size hose connected to a gas-driven pump(not shown) draining contaminated back-river flood water from victim's property. Last year(2017) the Montreal borough of Pierrefonds suffered extensive Spring flooding requiring many to evacuate their stricken homes. The once-in-century flood affected many municipalities in the provinces of  Quebec and … Continue reading White-Grey Froth

My Favorite Place

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jysv8POU60s   My favorite place in Montreal during summer is the annual International Jazz  Festival held in the famed Quartier-des-Spectacles near Place-des-Arts. I enjoy the great free outdoor music and seeing all the thousands of fans mostly visiting international tourists many from the USA heck, I've even spotted Hollywood celebrities mingling in the crowds. The Jazz … Continue reading My Favorite Place

Horizon In Comfort

========================================================================================================= Viewing horizon in comfort through modern, large, multi-pane, thermal windows sitting in cushy leather seating imbibing in a popular brewski or some refreshing nice wine while enjoying some munchies when taking in some entertainment on a large screen TV makes for an interesting time. My digital picture depicts an excellent view from my in-laws … Continue reading Horizon In Comfort

Brilliant Stainless

======================================================================================================== Brilliant machined stainless parts depicted are possible with modern computer controlled work centers employing multitudes of special tools that are automatically, methodically selected according to program. These examples are most likely just an exhibit pieces made to impress passersby visitors attending the 2016 SME Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Show at Place Bonaventure then again, both … Continue reading Brilliant Stainless

Lethal Egg

================================================================================================= Dark green colored lethal No. 36M is an egg you rather never have for breakfast especially if someone tossed it to you with its pin pulled. This British designed "Mill's Bomb"fragmentation grenade was used in both WWI and WWII by British and Canadian military to silence German pillboxes and trenches as well as to … Continue reading Lethal Egg