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Prickle Weeds

Weeds including prickle weeds, go wild during particularly wet Summer like this year in Canada's east coast.

Weeds, including prickle weeds like depicted, go wild during particularly wet Summer like this year in Canada’s east coast while west coast’s forests burn because lack of rain.

Dandelions,  prickle weeds like depicted Canada Thistle, Creeping Charlie,etc.,  go wild during wet Summer like Quebec and Canada’s east coast is experiencing this year while West Coast forests burn due lack of rain.

Alleged “climate change” is blamed for what is happening and there is an element of truth in it all however, our limited recorded history throws some doubt on it all because even before the term was coined our planet has had good and bad weather along with extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Our reliance on technology and in particular computer generated weather and temperature charts based on data gathered by humans and software programs also created by humans to accurately predict our planet’s future is a recipe for disaster.

We are error prone therefore the basis for our decisions extracted from computers is also not reliable enough to make possibly very costly conclusions moreover, there is no shortage of well placed and connected international criminals waiting to profit from it all.

This doesn’t mean that no more real scientific work needs be done to ensure credible data  however, all ideology tainted science must be denied free reign as it seems to have presently.

Our governments need to decide honestly and properly how our taxes are spent regarding any influence humans can muster against the forces of nature for the benefit of humankind.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PRICKLE”.

Pest Controller

Mother Nature's best pest controller very capable, quick, efficient engineer and bio-chemical killer.

Mother Nature’s best pest controller is very capable, quick, efficient, and also an excellent structural engineer with degree in bio-chemistry.

Mother Nature’s best pest controller is very capable, quick, and efficient also an excellent structural engineer with a degree in bio-chemistry who enjoys his work.

This post could be about some insect pest like the common house fly however, I think spiders are more interesting because they ruthlessly deal with insect pests so we don’t have to.

The spider is an arachnid whose worldwide family amounts to over 45,000 variants allegedly found everywhere except the South Pole, Antarctica perhaps, because it’s too cold down there.

It has eight legs, four pairs of eyes, and a head assembly with fangs and built in hypo that injects venom into insect victims like pesky mosquitoes, houseflies, ants, moths, beetles, wasps, etc., paralyzing them to wrap them up into cocoons with spider silk.

Nature’s insect pest controller has appendages on its abdomen that releases the sticky silky stuff in a variety of amounts as required once the victim insect has been snagged in web, grabbed and deftly injected with paralyzing quick acting poison.

My picture depicts a little spider, I don’t know the species, found in my backyard embedded in a very fine almost invisible web set up to snag any flying insects, mostly tiny moths, mosquitoes, and flies that may circulate around.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PEST”.

Tea Time On Hill

One of Famous Five, Henrietta Muir Edwards, raises cup during tea time on Parliament Hill welcoming everyone to drop by.

Tea time on Parliament Hill is time-honored tradition almost two centuries old and you are welcome by ladies, when
in Ottawa, to drop by.

Tea time on Parliament Hill is a time-honored tradition almost two centuries old and you are welcome by the ladies when in Ottawa, so please drop by.

Depicted is bronze statue of one of the ladies (Henrietta Muir Edwards), who through intelligent hard work, perseverance, persistence, and peaceful, subtle feminist methods of coercion finally ensured women equal rights in 20th century white, urban, male dominated Canada.

Henrietta Muir Edwards, one of the leaders, was also an advocate for working women, author and a founder of the Victorian Order of Nurses.

It was only in 1929 that Canadian women were finally recognized as “Persons” the result of Supreme Court decision awarding the Famous Five – Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise Crummy McKinney, who challenged the previous law their win.

Raise your cup and honor these  brave women activists commonly known as Suffragists, let’s drink to their memory!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TEA”.

Flimsy Front Wheel

Small "Épervier" aircraft flimsy front wheel seems very fragile too delicate withstanding any real pressure or weight.

Flimsy front wheel of miniature, custom-built, computer designed, propeller driven aircraft seems very fragile, delicate looking, something guaranteed falling apart when real pressure or weight applied.

Flimsy front wheel of this miniature, custom-built, computer designed, propeller driven aircraft seems a very fragile, delicate looking, something guaranteed to fall apart when subjected to a bit of pressure or weight and yet it defies such thinking because it works.

The “Épervier” or Sparrowhawk is the product of 12 Université de Sherbrooke engineering students who within a period of 3 years designed, built, and successfully flew in the skies of Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

In 2006 these students accomplished their dream, own creation as their submission in attaining their bachelor of mechanical engineering degrees.

Their small aircraft’s first flight on February 23, 2009, exactly three years when they started project, corresponded to the 100th anniversary of the famous Silver Dart’s first Canadian flight, a deadline they purposely set and managed to pull off despite practically very little knowledge in designing and building aircraft.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”WHEEL”.

Shattered Polish

Driver-side car mirror lies shattered in field, small bits missing from high polish surface perhaps result of a car wreck.

Passenger-side car mirror lies shattered in field, small bits missing from its high polish surface desperately trying to reflect the deep blue cloudless sky above it.

A passenger-side car mirror lies shattered, small bits missing from its high polish surface desperately trying to reflect the deep blue cloudless sky above it while resting abandoned in field oblivious to traffic on busy Sources boulevard nearby.

The high impact black plastic mirror from a late model compact car perhaps, the result of a recent wreck forever parting it from its car hurled away flying to come to rest in a scrub grass, weeds, and small stone field.

Then again, it could have been an act of some vandalism where a nasty perp simply broke and ripped the mirror off from the car passenger-side door then carried it away purposely to toss it in that field, who know?

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”POLISH”.

Original Champions

The original Champions, spark plugs, gave about seventy thousand miles use before worn out.

The original Champions, spark plugs, gave about seventy thousand miles use before  removed and replaced with new “Platinum” electrode ones.

Depicted are the original Champions, spark plugs that gave about seventy thousand miles use before being removed and replaced by new “Platinum” electrode ones.

As you can see two of the plugs have a long smooth black colored rubber hose compared to the other ones that have a short rubber sleeve this is because of some ingenious Detroit engineering designed to mesh well with their overall planned obsolescence  scheme.

It ensures that car owners don’t do their own maintenance instead must visit only authorized dealership garages to do it.

If you were to try replacing the spark plugs by yourself you would find that it was very difficult or inconvenient to do so because access to the plugs requires disassembling  engine manifolds and related gaskets something which was not the case with our old “gas guzzler” cars.

Replacing spark plugs on the old cars was easy and required only new plugs, a spark plug socket, a socket wrench and a small container of engine oil to lightly lube the spark plug threads before installing them.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ORIGINAL”.

Delta Fly Nightmare

Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare solved by clever, easy, and inexpensive method.

Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare solved by clever and easy method when costly commercial solutions fail.

Deltafly Nightmare 2
Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare happening out in countryside solved by clever and easy method while multitude of costly commercial solutions fail.

Pictured is the nightmare for these persistent pests that seem to increase when the weather outside appears to favor rain as was the case this weekend.

These nasty bugs are a health hazard because they are known to carry certain harmful bacteria which they transmit biting to humans.

Since these flying bugs’ modus operante is to almost continuously buzz in circles around their intended prey, any warm-blooded animal or human will do after which they attempt to jump on board to get blood. The most favored likely area is the head and they love the ears, an easy target with nice supply of blood.

Once they find their spot to feed unnoticed and unopposed by the victim they gorge themselves on the blood however, landing on the flypaper ends their brief career in bloodsucking when they end up caught up in sticky slime struggling to death extracting themselves.

By-the-way, the last score count was 57 – 0 in favor for the flypaper and no delta fly survivors!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”NIGHTMARE”.


The shadow planet Mercury cast most people never noticed.

The shadow cast is a very long one which brings up the question “what shadow?”

The shadow cast by this planet is a very long, thin, one  bringing up the question “what shadow?” by most people, relying on  their mass media sources like radio, TV, and the Internet to clue them  in that this event was actually happening.

Just a few days ago, Monday, 2016 May 09, the planet Mercury lined up in a straight line between our sun and our planet Earth casting its shadow on our planet however, few noticed it.

Few knew of or noticed it  except scientists involved with astrophysics  is because Mercury is small  and not some massive planet that would create some sort of eclipse of the sun.

This astral phenomenon is called a “transition” instead of an eclipse apparently each century there are about thirteen transits of Mercury.

Mercury is our smallest planet, with an equatorial radius of 2,439.7 KM or 1,516.0 miles, and is closest to our sun, which it orbits in an elliptical orbit every 88 Earth days making it the fastest of our group of planets. Its elliptical orbit places it very close to the sun the nearest distance a mere 28 and the furthest about 43 million miles (46 and 70 million kilometers).

This proximity makes the average Day side surface temperature, 332 degrees Fahrenheit (167 degrees Celsius) and with a maximum temperature of 801 F(427 degrees C) this drops on the night side to a brutally freezing minus 279 F (minus 173 C).

Mercury is despite its size unique having a 59-day long rotation and a significant magnetic field about 1.1% of our Earth’s. Its magnetic field is dipolar and its poles are almost totally aligned with the planet’s spin axis and based on both the US Mariner 10 and Messenger space probes’ special instrument packages measurements. They indicated that the strength and shape of this magnetic field is stable and is even powerful enough to deflect our sun’s solar wind creating a sort of magnetosphere around itself.

Mercury is a hot globe composed of primarily two main substances, silicates and iron suggesting according to one theory that it is the result of a collision between it and something like a comet or large asteroid.

My drawn picture of Mercury in its transit in front of and across the surface of the sun, may be considered a sort of closeup of what the real thing looks like because images I have seen depict Mercury as a tiny fuzzy black dot almost invisible.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt challenge:”SHADOW”

Montreal en Lumiere 2016

Montreal en Lumiere 2016, on until March 7, was happening Thursday morning with the temperature
hovering around -18 C and with the windchill making it a bone-chilling -28 C.

To say the least, it was really bone-chilling to be outside however, it was a gorgeous, sunny, day and after all this was a typical Montreal winter day perfect for this festival.

Having experienced last year’s festival, I was familiar with the basic layout so I quickly investigated the
scene to see what was new.

The first place I visited was the ice sculpture exhibits near the west entrance to the site, I discovered
that this year there was a bunch of them only smaller than last year’s.

I next visited the slides and was happy to see that there were already a gathering of “brave” people bringing their site-supplied plastic sleds to the top of the special platform and there were some ready at the starting gate eager to go.

I positioned to take a few pictures of the sledders when suddenly I heard a strange sort of metallic zinging noise overhead. I looked up and immediately spotted what it was.

Overhead, a young woman attached to a special harness quickly zoomed along a taunt steel wire from west to east towards a raised platform which you can see on my video.

This particular activity happened every few minutes seemingly almost in synch with the sledders
coming down the curved slippery course of the slides, it was obviously a very exciting time had by those engaging in both these activities.

I continued photograph and do video of the excitement meanwhile, coping with the bitter cold affecting both me and my digital camera. Every little while I retreated to the refuge of the massive Place Desjardins Complex indoor mall to warm up myself and my camera.

I finally decided to leave the site after about a couple of hours to travel home. My journey west along Saint Catherine street allowed more shots of things that caught my attention. This all ended when I reached Atwater boulevard where I entered our subway system.

Jazz Guitar Duo Blur

Camera malfunction resulted in blur of jazz guitar duo.

Jazz guitar duo are a blur because of a malfunction with digital camera.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”

This jazz guitar duo are a blur because of a malfunction with my digital camera.

These two guys were part of a French speaking band playing a sort of New Orleans type music that was very popular with a large crowd of people. I had a couple of images that ended up blurred that night due to a similar circumstance however, overall my pictures were great.