F1 racer tire change contest woman announcer seems to blush while on her mike talking to assembled crowd of passersby Grand Prix fans during pre-amble to giving OK for event to start. The scene is Crescent street, Thursday morning, June 2016, during the annual Montreal International Grand Prix weekend and the two first contestants … Continue reading Blush


  Usually, when using terminology like "haul" we immediately think of heavy duty equipment primarily freight or cement trucks carrying tons of all sorts of goods including cars or even liquid concrete for construction sites. While downtown checking out what was happening during recent Grand Prix weekend I can across an outfit hawking expensive, exotic, … Continue reading Haul


  During recent weekend leading up to 2018 Montreal Grand Prix tourists and locals meander along Peel street below Saint Catherine street checking out racing companies kiosks hawking their hats, souvenir shirts, and other stuff. Two racing car competitor kiosks shown in my picture are Aston Martin and Ferrari, whose team by-the-way, won this year's … Continue reading Meander

Churn Horsepower

  Mid-rear engined Ferrari 488 GTB twin turbocharged, 3.9-litre V8, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, sports car can churn robust 661 horsepower more than enough for track yet driveable to office. Ferrari introduced 488 GTB model in 2017 as replacement for its normally aspirated 458 being aware of growing trend towards better fuel economy and lessened emissions … Continue reading Churn Horsepower

Hockey Legend

======================================================================================================== Canadian hockey legend Ivan Cournoyer speaks to SME members at private luncheon during 2015 Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show at Place Bonaventure. Popularly known as the "Road Runner" during his NHL career days playing for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team Ivan is a successful businessman still involved with his former team and the league. … Continue reading Hockey Legend

Risky Transit

================================================================================================= Kayaker's very risky transit on wind-swept water of Lake Saint Louis thankfully ended landing on north shore in Pte.Claire, Quebec that bright sunny Sunday in September. As the photo clearly shows only one occupant of the small watercraft is wearing a life preserver while paddling on open, choppy, "white cap' populated, already cold, deep, … Continue reading Risky Transit

Nervously Waiting Start

========================================================================================================= Local Montreal CTV personality nervously waiting to start, his woman partner smiling back at audience, while woman announcer pitches to crowd near stage of famous tire change contest during recent 2016 Grand Prix weekend. Many are smiling including the announcer, who gives final instruction and notice to the two competitors at either end of … Continue reading Nervously Waiting Start