Hockey Legend

======================================================================================================== Canadian hockey legend Ivan Cournoyer speaks to SME members at private luncheon during 2015 Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show at Place Bonaventure. Popularly known as the "Road Runner" during his NHL career days playing for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team Ivan is a successful businessman still involved with his former team and the league. … Continue reading Hockey Legend

Risky Transit

================================================================================================= Kayaker's very risky transit on wind-swept water of Lake Saint Louis thankfully ended landing on north shore in Pte.Claire, Quebec that bright sunny Sunday in September. As the photo clearly shows only one occupant of the small watercraft is wearing a life preserver while paddling on open, choppy, "white cap' populated, already cold, deep, … Continue reading Risky Transit

Nervously Waiting Start

========================================================================================================= Local Montreal CTV personality nervously waiting to start, his woman partner smiling back at audience, while woman announcer pitches to crowd near stage of famous tire change contest during recent 2016 Grand Prix weekend. Many are smiling including the announcer, who gives final instruction and notice to the two competitors at either end of … Continue reading Nervously Waiting Start

Wolff Black Triumph

======================================================================================================= "Toto Wolff Montreal 2015 #1" adorns sedans black composite fibre spoiler probably signed following triumph achieved two years ago by Mercedes-AMG over international rivals during the Canadian Grand Prix. The signer is Torger Christian "Toto" Wolff head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, commonly known as AMG, the high-performance division wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG headquartered … Continue reading Wolff Black Triumph

Lucky Taper

======================================================================================================= British-American Racing Honda formula 1 car Lucky exhibited on Peel Street in Montreal during last Friday lead up to the famous Grand Prix race shows evident taper right up front in at least two places. The sleek car named Lucky perhaps, because it was fortunate in winning a race or maybe just to ensure … Continue reading Lucky Taper

Tight Uniform

==================================================================================================== Selling cars today requires wearing a tight uniform with the company's logos printed on bright red stretch fabric and matching cherry red stiletto type shoes. Other likely very important requirements ask that young women representatives are shapely and good-looking with blond hair, have a nice smile, and a pleasant personality when dealing with visitors … Continue reading Tight Uniform

Ready To Catapult

==================================================================================================== Ready to catapult, Fiat 124 Abarth Spider's capable engine and excellent transmission allows it to accelerate to 62 mph in 6.8 seconds reaching a top speed of 143 mph without working up a sweat. Although it doesn't dust its competitors it can however, maintain a desirable clip keeping up very well with the rest … Continue reading Ready To Catapult