Hard Swallow

Grizzly bear seems in hard action attempting to capture with its paw and swallow a leaping Chinook Salmon probably in a fast-moving stream somewhere in Canadian Rocky mountain wilderness. While once visiting Ottawa, Canada's capital, I spotted and digitally captured this image of large welded metal art composition of the hungry Grizzly and leaping Chinook … Continue reading Hard Swallow

Micro Precision

  Micro precision feeler gauge manufactured by leading Japanese industrial measuring tool manufacturer rests immobile hanging over a section-cut for illustrative purposes, threaded adapter to show how automated measurements can be done in shop. Mitutoyo is world famous for precision measuring instruments like dial indicators, gauges, digital micrometers and vernier gauges etc. that are used … Continue reading Micro Precision

Churn Horsepower

  Mid-rear engined Ferrari 488 GTB twin turbocharged, 3.9-litre V8, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, sports car can churn robust 661 horsepower more than enough for track yet driveable to office. Ferrari introduced 488 GTB model in 2017 as replacement for its normally aspirated 458 being aware of growing trend towards better fuel economy and lessened emissions … Continue reading Churn Horsepower

Premature Face Makeover

  Cute little girl is a bit too premature for full-blown face makeover however, she isn't having one done yet instead the nice lady is face painting her during Quebec's annual June 24th Fête Nationale. Never-the-less, this seemingly innocent exercise to decorate the little girl's face is actually programming her for when she turns into … Continue reading Premature Face Makeover

Doppelganger Heads

  Two exact , doppelgänger, cast metal heads rest on black metal fence, this is as close as I could find human doubles only these are inanimate objects without bodies. According to various dictionaries both book or the Internet, someone who looks exactly the same as a living person is a doppelgänger derived from German … Continue reading Doppelganger Heads

Blowtorches Juxtapose

  Two old-fashioned brass blowtorches juxtapose on vendor's dark green felt covered table also populated by other used household paraphernalia. The scene is mid-May 2018 at the Saint Eustache open air flea market teaming with interested buyers anxious to find some real bargains during a warm, sunny, Sunday afternoon. These two brass kerosene powered blowtorches … Continue reading Blowtorches Juxtapose

Archaic Grinding

    Era of archaic grinding wheel is eclipsed by 21st century technology version that is more efficient, cleaner looking, less polluting, much healthier, and safer. Until recently and even now old style aluminium oxide chemically bonded grit based grinding wheel were the norm for fast removal of metal using hand-held portable machines or stationary … Continue reading Archaic Grinding