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AI Visual Impression

AI affects us through its strong visual impression on our mind making things seem so vividly real.

AI affects us first through its strong visual impression on our mind making things seem so real we feel it truly genuine.

AI today affects us first through its strong visual impression on our mind making things seem so real we feel it genuine because it tricks our mind into believing it.

A computer program or set of programs creates visual representations of familiar everyday things we associate with so vividly that we can almost grab it, smell it, or taste it.

My picture depicts a scene from last year’s Montreal annual Grand Prix weekend, the “driver” wears an Oculus head coupled with the seat he is sitting in, steering wheel, pedals, and an LCD 4K screen out in front makes him feel he is driving a real racecar down a track.

He is living in an alternate world, which seems so real with his senses stimulated heck, he sees the track, hears the sound of the engine and noises normally associated with racing formula cars moreover, his mind remains occupied because unexpected obstacles appear suddenly on the track requiring him to stay alert and his quick reflex action to avoid them.

The driver senses everything that normally would be there except for the air resistance, the breeze, as his racer zooms along that famous track.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”IMPRESSION”.

Technical Collaboration

Technical collaboration in sharing know how by technology companies at 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show shown.

Technical collaboration in sharing know how is very evident in picture from SME 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show in Place Bonaventure.

Knowledge management or KM is synonymous with and part of technical collaboration very evident in this picture from SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) 2016 Montreal Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show in Place Bonaventure.

Visitors to this show benefited from the “know how” of new advances in their industry because representatives of many different international companies were available to exhibit their technologies providing potential customers “real-time” views of their hardware and technologies in action.

Additionally, their “captive” audience had opportunity to try out things and ask a lot of questions about equipment and related accessories regarding how it may give their companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

It was a win-win situation because by sharing technology information exhibitors had more sales while their clients benefited from acquiring the technologies as well as having trained employees because this event also provided access to lectures and specialized training by professional engineers and experts as follow-up with the new bought equipment.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”COLLABORATION”.

Pond Squiggly Reflecting

Breeze skims pond water creates ripples and overhanging lilies cause squiggly reflecting long shadows on sunlit blue surface.

Slight breeze skims pond surface creates ripples while overhanging lilies cause squiggly reflecting shadows on sunlit navy blue water.

A slight breeze skimming over pond surface creates ripples while lilies overhanging it cause squiggly reflecting long dark shadows on navy blue water bathed by bright late afternoon sun.

This scene happened several years ago near a small man-made pond out in the mountains of the Quebec Eastern Townships near the small town of Georgeville where I was visiting.

As it always happens once a lake or pond is created Mother Nature gives a helping hand decorating the fringes of the body of water with a myriad of different grasses and other plants providing locals such as small frogs, snakes, and salamanders a place to hide out waiting for their prey.

It also becomes home for various insects that lay their eggs on or near the water to hatch and fly around perhaps becoming pests to humans meanwhile, also providing a source of food for the frogs, that sometimes end up as dinner for snakes or animals such as raccoons etc.

I took this interesting picture the moment I saw those wonderful shadow patterns melding with the tiny ripples propagating across the pond’s water.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”REFLECTING”.

Mass Mind Control

Mass mind control disguised as relaxation or meditation exercise is mass hypnosis induced by trained speaker.

Mass mind control disguised as relaxation or meditation exercise is mass hypnosis induced by trained speaker using “voice roll” allowing suggestion.

Mass mind control depicted in picture disguised as a relaxation or meditation exercise is mass hypnosis induced by speaker allowing the induction of guilt and acute apprehension causing increased tension in room based on what the speaker says to the attentive audience.

The large room is purposely cooled to a prescribed temperature and bathed with appropriate, modern, repetitive music, mimicking human heart beat 45 to 72 beats per minute, allegedly to help audience relax and concentrate while the speaker employs a “voice roll”, talking in a monotonous, patterned, style that seems to emphasize every word uttered, with word rate delivered at 45 to 60 beats a minute inducing a hypnotic effect.

Additionally, the room has fluorescent type lighting providing just the right “feel” being not too bright or dim, conditions just perfect for a mesmerizing effect helping relax the audience psyche in preparation to suggestion by the speaker.

Success takes time in any business including this one because a process is followed, things done step-by-step similar to every seduction where the initial approach is followed by perhaps, “love bombing” creating a bond through thought & feeling sharing, followed by increasing commitment, and finally full commitment, the brainwashing completed.

Most everyone has heard about the classical political thriller “the Manchurian Candidate”, a Hollywood movie with Frank Sinatra, an ex-Korea POW discovers a fellow brainwashed POW recruited somehow to assassinate the leading Presidential candidate which would later allow overthrow of US government and foment dictatorship.

This movie released a second time recently is based on experiences of Americans captured during Korean War and subjected to mind altering techniques by their North Korean communist captors in cahoots with Chinese and Soviet “advisors”.

Apparently, the very clever and cunningly deceptive methods used subjected prisoners to memory loss so they never knew what hit them during their time in captivity only finding out later after their release and much rehabilitation psychotherapy how affected they were perhaps, for the rest of their normal lives.

Their experiences would be mirrored by other American captives during the Vietnam war where similar more perfected form of brainwashing was used by the North Vietnamese, most victims were downed flyers including Senator John McCain, who ended up in the infamous Hanoi’s main Hỏa Lò Prison aka “Hanoi Hilton”, a notorious torture and brainwashing facility housing the downed American pilots.

Subjected to horrible torture both physical and psychological John McCain broke down after 5 1/2 years maltreatment and an attempted suicide he then made a “confession” used by the communists for their propaganda, something he still regrets however, also acknowledges he had reached his absolute limit being tortured daily without let up.

Not all brainwashing is for military/political or religious reasons some may be employed to sell commercial products where the recruitment process and mind control techniques are used to deceive or trick people to join the group in selling things like for example women’s cosmetics, health products, gym memberships, or exclusive clothing and accessories.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CONTROL”.

Red Cap Danger

Cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet a danger if eaten and could make it your last meal.

Cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxic α-amanitin it may release. 

Almost obscured by dead leaves and tree twig pieces a cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxin it may release when cooked and eaten.

Every year thousands of people die from wild poisonous mushrooms some that look similar to ones that are edible even some “experts” have died because they made a mistake when they gathered mushrooms somehow mixing a toxic variety in with good ones.

The mushroom depicted is, I believe, Amanita Hemibapha and looks like the Amanita Caesarea, that I read was a favorite meal of non other than Julius Caesar, both allegedly are edible non-poisonous varieties however, there many others that look similar and if eaten would make it your last meal.

The toxin released by poisonous members of the Amanita family called α-amanitin causes death or destroys or kidneys, liver, and heart usually within 48 hours.

The Amanita family is a large family containing but two known “good” mushrooms and a lot of toxic ones some being in the top ranks of poisonous mushrooms, the death angels Amanita virosa, Amanita. bisporigera, Amanita verna, and Amanita ocreata

This genus of mushrooms allegedly causes 95% of deaths worldwide with the Death Cap variety taking 50% of the credit.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”DANGER”.

Avid Machinists

Avid machinists group compares a line of "live" centers for lathe work at SME 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show.

Avid group of machinists compares line of “live” centers for their lathe work at SME sponsored 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show at Place Bonaventure.

A group of avid machinists visiting last year’s SME sponsored 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology
Show at Place Bonaventure seems to be comparing various characteristics inherent in a line of “live” centers for lathe work.

One of the guys points at that big very interesting, specialized, one at the front of exhibit line that has some very unusual features including those six inserts perhaps bearings, spaced out around the precision ground pointy center.

These men most likely involved in machining perhaps working in a machine shop or automated machine work center therefore appreciate knowing about new advances in tooling for their trade that they may learn and see samples of at this large trade show.

I like touring these shows, and have done this for a number of years, to learn of and see new advances in manufacturing and related technologies moreover, I enjoy talking to exhibitors most.

A lot of these exhibitors are company engineers and management and I like to query them about their products and their application in industry and beyond.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”AVID”.

Armed Lethal Spike

Long extended nose with long probe and two 20mm cannons makes Canadian CF-5 "Freedom Fighter" an armed lethal spike.

Long extended nose appears an armed lethal spike on retired Canadian CF-5 “Freedom Fighter” sporting a long probe and two 20mm Pontiac M39A2 cannons.

The long extended nose appears an armed lethal spike of this retired Canadian CF-5 “Freedom Fighter” jet aircraft sporting a long probe and two 20mm Pontiac M39A2 cannons, exhibited inside Ottawa’s Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

This particular airplane is a Canadair built variant of the original US Northrop F-5 for the Canadian Armed Forces that first acquired them in late 1968 to meet Canada’s commitment in defending NATO’s northern flank during the cold war acting as a rapid-deployment force.

Aircraft such as this one were modified and upgraded constantly during their employ to meet and exceed operating conditions in Canadian Forces theaters of operations approaching a level of sophistication and characteristics similar to the early, more advanced, and capable Northrop F-5 Tiger version.

Although Canada’s CF-5s are no longer flying having been replaced by CF-18s now to be also replaced by perhaps, the Lockheed Martin F-35 lighting II, other countries still fly upgraded versions of the US Northrop F-5, a good example being Switzerland, where it maintains its air superiority function.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SPIKE”.

Methodical Thorough Tenacious

Methodical, thorough, and tenacious Louis Pasteur took calculated risks experimenting leading to important discoveries saving countless lives.

Methodical, thorough, and tenacious Louis Pasteur also took calculated risks experimenting even when others criticized his work and detail-oriented methods.

Methodical, thorough, and tenacious Louis Pasteur also took calculated risks experimenting even when others criticised his work and detail-oriented methods making some of our modern world’s most important advances in microbiology and immunology.

Pasteur, a devout Catholic, lived by his faith proving biogenesis, life giving life, leading to the practice of sterilization in the fields of medicine and food preparation.

He proved that certain bacteria causes disease in humans and animals, while others cause spoilage in foods and drink providing the basis of our modern methods in “pasteurization” in both our medical and food production industry.

Young Pasteur started off an average, rather slow, student giving no sign of the true intellect residing in him never-the-less, despite appearances he did study diligently although without much enthusiasm however, all changed after he obeyed his trusting father’s suggestion he become a professor.

Countless millions are alive today owing it all to his vigorous approach to work leading to important discoveries because Pasteur never rested until he had rigorously re-tested things several times ensuring positive results.

Whenever Pasteur was fascinated by a problem he would systematically, whole-heartedly, investigate it  without reservation to find a possible solution , a trait that finally also helped shorten his life at age 72.

My picture depicts Louis Pasteur’s bust on a pedestal resting in a small courtyard near the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) on Berri and Saint Catherine streets in eastern part of downtown Montreal.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TENACIOUS”.

Heal By Eyes

Heal by eyes, windows to your health state, gives false sense of credibility and security about Iridology pseudoscience.

Heal by eyes because they are windows to your health state sounds very rational with a bit of truth giving some a false sense of security about the quackery.

Heal by eyes, because they are windows to your body’s health sounds very rational and has a ring of truth to it that every real medical doctor knows however, to get genuine facts about your health requires much more done to positively ascertain the real facts.

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” a quote allegedly by P.T. Barnum famous circus and freaks promoter showman however, he never said those words instead his competitor did after losing a lawsuit against him never-the-less, those words seem to sum things up regarding some people’s belief in Iridology as a science.

In the far past most of society remained uneducated today ours is allegedly a computer literate one populated by easy to fool people, who despite their advanced education still want to believe “snake oil” salesmen.

Perhaps, it is because of their strong conditioning by our so-called free, independent, mass media’s dissemination of the “real” truth everyday fogging their natural scepticism turning them instead into obedient useful fools relying on hearsay and social media chatter.

Reminiscent of Pavlov’s dog experiments with stimulation, they salivate when hearing and seeing some new “advance” in medicine that claims to heal whatever ails you.

Perhaps because they fear real doctors and modern medicine after hearing sensational media produced horror stories for example about how needed life-saving mass immunization is dangerous.

They also worry about waiting in line for an appointment with a real doctor and dread its cost  as well as any prescriptions or therapies etc.

Mentioned for the first time in a text called Chiromatica Medica by a Philippus Meyeus published in 1665 explicitly describing iridological principles such as homolaterality, the word “iridology” didn’t exist yet because it hadn’t been invented until 1848 when Hungarian Ignaz von Peczely probably coined it.

This alternative medicine doctor,  Von Peczely’s idea for a diagnostic tool was a chart for his new “science” whose proponents claim simply viewing the iris for certain patterns, colors, and other characteristics afterwards comparing that to it gives information on state of patient’s health.

Apparently, comparing markings and patterns viewed with those on that elaborate iris chart determines which parts of the patient’s body are affected based on their correlation to 80 to 90 different “zones”.

Unfortunately, modern scientific and clinical data still has not been able to credibly support any correlation between human illness and observational findings that match these iris charts.

Our medical profession views iridology as pseudoscience or quackery rejecting all its claims instead, attributes any so-called relief of illness symptoms it allegedly may have to a short duration, very strong, placebo effect attributed to person’s strong belief it actually helps them.

Iridology is a worthless scam in diagnosing any illnesses however, its possible consequences on the gullible include delaying real medical treatment resulting in permanent patient disability or death, wasting time, and wasting money.

As most scams or cons, it gives some a false sense of security because the gullible truly believe or want to believe it can do what the smooth talking salesperson told them.

Additionally, they may also be frightened into buying so-called recommended, unneeded, expensive, dietary supplements and/or herbs to treat imaginary health problems that can actually lead to unwanted real ones later on.

To protect ourselves from fraud we must learn to be sceptical and demand seeing credible evidence before accepting something as real.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HEAL”.

Champion Platinum

Champion Double Platinum Power spark plugs deliver longer center electrode life.

Champion Double Platinum Power spark plugs with a Platinum center and ground electrodes deliver longer center electrode life.

Champion Double Platinum Power spark plugs with a Platinum center and ground electrodes deliver longer plug life because of their greater wear resistance.

The metal Platinum is naturally more wear resistant however, when combined with another resistant metal gives this heat-active alloy properties like a more stable operating temperature under all engine loads according to the Champion® company.

They say that their plugs which use a fine-wire center electrode provides greater excitability because of a sharper spark focus that their V-trimmed ground electrode promotes inside the engine compression chamber, and these guys should know something about spark plugs because they have made them for over 100 years, since 1907.

According to their website literature, automotive spark plugs fire thousands of times per minute when electrical energy provided by your car battery to the coil creates electromagnetic induction resulting in each very hot spark arc happening in milliseconds releasing anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 volts of electricity, depending upon plug design.

Your new car engine equipped advanced computer controlled timing and fuel mixture when combined with these Champion spark plugs operates at peak performance delivering excellent mileage saving you money on expensive fuel.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CHAMPION”.