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Adrift Turtle

Adrift , motionless, seemingly lifeless, turtle floating in murky, greenish colored Centennial Park lake.

Adrift , motionless, seemingly lifeless, turtle floating around in murky, greenish colored water of man-made lake in Centennial Park.

Adrift , motionless, seemingly lifeless, turtle floating around in the murky, greenish colored water of man-made lake in Centennial Park perhaps, it is just getting its bearings before slipping under the water again.

Actually, it is just scouting around trying to get its share of what certain people have thrown onto the surface of the water despite posted warning signs forbidding this.

I took this picture a couple of years ago in late fall, while witnessing a feeding frenzy by local ducks and geese competing with several types of fish such as large size carp, catfish,  and goldfish and this little fellow, who probably “heard about it through the grapevine and it blew his mind!”

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ADRIFT”.

Final Drain Off

Final drain off of polluted, stinken, water from nearby Riviere-des-prairies has begun helped by nature and water pumps.

Final drain off of polluted water from nearby Rivière-des-Prairies has begun helped by sun, wind, and gas-powered municipal pumps running all day.

The final drain off of polluted, stinking, water from the nearby Riviere-des-prairies helped in last few days with some decent sun and wind along with municipal gas-powered pumps strategically installed by city maintenance crews running all day.

Since my last post on Tuesday dealing with the “flood of the century” that hit both Quebec and Ontario provinces, the water has reluctantly started to recede although the flood remains for property closer to the river and other low-lying areas.

Despite progress on the outside very little has changed inside many inundated basements in affected parts of Pierrefonds.

Elsewhere, in affected areas in the province of Quebec, things remain grim despite a bit less water hanging around moreover, many have lost their homes which remain under water.

When will it all end is anybody’s guess however, optimism, faith in the Almighty, and lots prayer will certainly help and is needed along with a huge amount of money for all the resources and work done by municipal employees, police, military, and brought in specialists needed to resolve this.

Also, more volunteers and everything they need to help them doing their work assisting the “professionals” before this whole mess ends.

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Pond Squiggly Reflecting

Breeze skims pond water creates ripples and overhanging lilies cause squiggly reflecting long shadows on sunlit blue surface.

Slight breeze skims pond surface creates ripples while overhanging lilies cause squiggly reflecting shadows on sunlit navy blue water.

A slight breeze skimming over pond surface creates ripples while lilies overhanging it cause squiggly reflecting long dark shadows on navy blue water bathed by bright late afternoon sun.

This scene happened several years ago near a small man-made pond out in the mountains of the Quebec Eastern Townships near the small town of Georgeville where I was visiting.

As it always happens once a lake or pond is created Mother Nature gives a helping hand decorating the fringes of the body of water with a myriad of different grasses and other plants providing locals such as small frogs, snakes, and salamanders a place to hide out waiting for their prey.

It also becomes home for various insects that lay their eggs on or near the water to hatch and fly around perhaps becoming pests to humans meanwhile, also providing a source of food for the frogs, that sometimes end up as dinner for snakes or animals such as raccoons etc.

I took this interesting picture the moment I saw those wonderful shadow patterns melding with the tiny ripples propagating across the pond’s water.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”REFLECTING”.

Temporary Immersible

Temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in dirty, polluted waters of Pierrefonds boulevard "lake" as area flooded.

Temporary immersible car a  submerged obstacle in dirty, polluted waters of Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” formed from flood waters of Montreal’s back river, Rivière-des-Prairies.

Until recently this temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in the dirty, polluted waters of the Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” part of the Rivière-des-Prairies, the overflowing back river branch of the mighty Saint Lawrence river that straddles the Island of Montreal.

Apparently, this car was abandoned when quick rising river water flooded this area, probably because it stalled before the owner could make it onto the curb, which also ended up under the water.

I took this picture this afternoon after walking for about half hour from Sources boulevard, a main road running north-south located considerably east of this scene past that distant police car on the far left and which is higher ground.

The good news is, in this part of Pierrefonds boulevard, water has receded a lot compared to last Sunday when water covered the road up to where that other distant police car is parked, at the traffic lights, blocking any unauthorized vehicles heading towards this still flooded area.

Additionally, I also noticed municipal work crews running gas-powered, heavy-duty, industrial pumps draining water from people’s backyards onto the boulevard, where it emptied into the sewer system that seems to still function despite the lake at this end.

As I walked back towards Sources boulevard I overheard people, some depicted in this picture, excitedly talking about when they would throw a party in gratitude for all the help they gave each other as neighbors during this disaster encouraging one another for what awaits them next after this is all over.

As of this post Montreal still remains under a state of emergency that is expected to last perhaps, for weeks meanwhile, a similar status exists in other parts of the province of Quebec, where things according to news reports, are really dire in some places.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”Temporary”.

Unpreparedness Exposed

Government unpreparedness exposed by "flood of the century" in Quebec and Ontario from incessant spring rains affecting river water levels.

Government unpreparedness exposed by “flood of the century” now happening in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario fomenting growing public anger.


Government unpreparedness exposed in light of the “flood of the century” now happening in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario in numerous municipalities bordering along the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers and their branches.

Floods happen yearly in certain low-lying areas and flood zones already known by the federal and provincial governments however, the disaster now unfolding clearly shows that our politicians hate planning.

They are reluctant to stick their neck out lest they would be criticized for it by the voracious, scandal-seeking mass media and their citizens moreover, it may also cost some of the tax loot they’ve collected and horde for their own schemes.

Further, there are less photo-ops available compared to when a flood actually happens, and being visible in a media scrum on TV answering prearranged, select questions makes good news building up an image of honesty, confidence, and competence especially if this happens just before a coming election.

They rather initially wait quietly in the background until no other option is available before reacting heck, actually planning for the future regarding possible unforeseen, unfortunate, events that mother nature regularly and randomly pulls out of her magic hat is dangerous waiting seems much better, moreover, politicians are already adept at deflecting blame because they know that time is on their side when they delay answering “hot” issues.

As time passes public anger mellows out as people try to carry on with their lives and start to forget about their material losses, homes, and businesses meanwhile, governments change and politicians busily rearrange the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic some disappearing from public view settling into their comfortable, gold-plated, pensions.

Politicians are however, very quick to usurp $$billions in taxpayers money through various “climate change” schemes like “carbon taxes”, “sustainability”, or “green technologies” scams.

They attend and gather at events like the famous Paris Accord or the earlier Helsinki Conference, arriving on large gas guzzling jet aircraft and being ferried to their luxurious 5 star hotels, fed, and entertained at exclusive restaurants and nightclubs all on taxpayers’ dime.

Afterwards, $$billions in taxpayer’s money is very generously “donated”, distributed to international cronies and allies under disguise of allegedly helping poor developing countries meanwhile, thousands at home remain homeless uncared for.

The flooding happening now certainly was unforeseen and unimagined however, a national emergency contingency plan or set of plans should have been in place and triggered the moment it happened saving a lots of property and easing the massive disruption of affected hard-working taxpayer’s lives.

What we’ve seen is a type of knee-jerk, delayed, reluctant, reaction taking up lots of valuable time before the collective political brain trust kicked in, despite what already happened in Calgary in 2013 and Fort McMurry last year, expensive disasters it seems no lessons learned from.

In the next few weeks the flood situation in Quebec and Ontario will end however, the damage done to people’s lives will endure for years just as it has with all previously mentioned disasters meanwhile, an accounting will take place or should, hopefully taking into account this inexcusable, delayed, reactive face-saving exercise by our governments.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EXPOSED”.

Bus Service None

Bus service is none as stop booth near borough municipal library stands an empty "island" surrounded by polluted flood water.

Bus service is none as stop booth across from borough municipal library stands an empty “island” surrounded by polluted flood water flowing by along swamped Pierrefonds boulevard.

The stop booth across from the borough municipal library stands empty because bus service is none instead polluted flood water flows by along swamped Pierrefonds boulevard in this photo taken yesterday Sunday, May, 7th.

The bus stop booth remains an “island” in the dirty water of a vast lake formed when the Rivière-des-Prairies overflowed when last weeks incessant spring rains raised the level of the nearby river.

I took this zoomed in picture on rue Richmond (street) which is about two full blocks east from Saint Jean boulevard and runs parallel to it after walking to the water’s edge and looked across the Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” finding this lonely bus stop.

This image compliments and follows my earlier post also showing the flood scene presently happening in the borough of Pierrefonds on Pierrefonds boulevard, a main street traversing it running almost parallel with the Rivière-des-Prairies back river at fork of the mighty Saint Lawrence river straddling the Montreal Island.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt: “NONE”

Bitter Memory

Many affected harbor bitter a memory about government letting them down in their inertia to declaring a state of emergency.

Many affected harbor a bitter memory about initial inertia by politicians at all levels of government in declaring a state of emergency to unfolding flooding crisis.

Many affected harbor bitter a memory about how slow authorities reacted initially to the need for pre-emptive, preventative work by blue-collar work crews, lack of prepared sandbags in municipal depots for emergencies like this one, and especially being very late in calling for military help.

Victims who already lost their homes have a genuine reason to feel angry for their devastating loss despite reluctantly acknowledging their very own fault having houses in known flood zones.

Overwhelmingly they feel the government let them down in not intervening quicker, declaring an emergency as things unfolded, and calling in the army earlier to help out.

Today anyone can speculate about what could have, should have, been done now after so much flooding because sandbags were not prepared, delivered early, and placed to prevent water inundation in homes however, looking at the big picture it seems obvious initial inertia by politicians at all levels of government certainly contributed substantially to what happened.

Many regions continue to remain on flood alert as rain continues to fall on saturated ground while rivers around Quebec and Ontario already reaching dangerously high levels and flooding most low-lying areas may finally begin to subside perhaps, by the middle of this week if the rain actually stops.

More rain is forecasted however, that is yet to be seen because this last weekend, ending yesterday, gave everyone a bit of respite when a tiny amount of sun peered through the heavy cloud cover buffeted by gusty cool winds and the rain stopped.

Monday, May 8, 2017 is overcast with ice crystals falling at times, this is not a huge amount of rain in whatever form it comes down however, because it will be falling on very saturated land even relatively small amounts could cause more problems.

My picture taken yesterday, Sunday, May 7th depicts flooded Pierrefonds boulevard, the place looks like a scene taken at water’s edge of Riviere-des-Prairies, the back river nearby (about a block or two away from the boulevard) that has overflowed causing this flood.

I took this long distance digital image from a hill on rue René-Émard (street) overlooking the scene, this is a street which runs north-south parallel with boulevard Saint Jean, a main street about one block further west also underwater at its junction with Pierrefonds boulevard.

What you see at the horizon is part of Pierrefonds municipal garage and warehouse behind a light gray colored sheet metal corrugated fence bordered by trees on right and flooded Pierrefonds boulevard running past both with two half-submerged parked cars a bit in the foreground.

The borough of Pierrefonds is in Montreal’s West Island and Pierrefonds boulevard is a main street running east to west for about 9.3 km skirting the northern edge of the Island.

Even before this picture was taken Montreal’s municipal authorities and the Quebec and Canadian governments have declared a state of emergency allowing all measures and resources like military assistance, needed to be employed, they expect it to last past next weekend when things should improve.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BITTER”.

Red Cap Danger

Cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet a danger if eaten and could make it your last meal.

Cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxic α-amanitin it may release. 

Almost obscured by dead leaves and tree twig pieces a cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxin it may release when cooked and eaten.

Every year thousands of people die from wild poisonous mushrooms some that look similar to ones that are edible even some “experts” have died because they made a mistake when they gathered mushrooms somehow mixing a toxic variety in with good ones.

The mushroom depicted is, I believe, Amanita Hemibapha and looks like the Amanita Caesarea, that I read was a favorite meal of non other than Julius Caesar, both allegedly are edible non-poisonous varieties however, there many others that look similar and if eaten would make it your last meal.

The toxin released by poisonous members of the Amanita family called α-amanitin causes death or destroys or kidneys, liver, and heart usually within 48 hours.

The Amanita family is a large family containing but two known “good” mushrooms and a lot of toxic ones some being in the top ranks of poisonous mushrooms, the death angels Amanita virosa, Amanita. bisporigera, Amanita verna, and Amanita ocreata

This genus of mushrooms allegedly causes 95% of deaths worldwide with the Death Cap variety taking 50% of the credit.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”DANGER”.

Nova Scotia Wanderlust

Nova Scotia wanderlust happens looking at old picture of lone Highland piper playing, with Peggy's Cove lighthouse behind her.

Nova Scotia wanderlust happens looking at old picture showing lone Highland piper playing bagpipe behind is Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, brings back memories of my last visit to Canada’s east coast.

Nova Scotia wanderlust happens looking at old picture showing lone piper playing her bagpipe while behind her looms Peggy’s Point Lighthouse seemingly conjured out of the gray, rocky, rugged hill, bringing back memories of my wonderful last visit to Peggy’s Cove on Canada’s east coast.

It was an overcast day with sporadic gusts of wind coming in from the North Atlantic making it a bit uncomfortable however, determined to capture on film as much of this incredible scene as I could so I wandered about taking interesting shots as I went along.

Suddenly, I heard that familiar sound and tried to find from where it was coming from; I turned around and she appeared, dressed in her Highland Scottish bagpiper garb playing for a small group of visitors gathered around her listening and enjoying the music and then she stopped for a moment.

I scrambled to get a good shot of her while played for the group however, as luck would have it they quickly moved on and she had already removed her Glengarry bonnet when I took this picture, too bad!

Peggy’s Cove is a small Nova Scotian rural community located on the eastern shore of St. Margaret’s Bay that is about 43 km from the Port of Halifax.

It is a place like no other in the world parts of it seem like your walking on another planet because of its barren land populated by huge glacier carved, erosion smoothed out boulders and crevices intermingled with some scrub, sun-burned grasses.

The boulders continue down to the shoreline, an area containing large dark-colored algae covered rocks constantly swept by rolling waves coming in from the cruel North Atlantic, that may reach many stories high depending on the tides, signs warning people of the danger of being swept away are found here.

Despite warning signs some people still venture into this restricted area sometimes paying with their lives when a rogue wave from the bitterly cold, salty ocean rolls in unexpectedly; I personally saw two people almost getting caught however, thankfully it was a smaller wave and only got them wet from its spray meanwhile, biting at their feet as they desperately clung to some rock.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”WANDERLUST”.

Different Roots

Three different flowers, two vines, moss, and grasses each with different roots co-exist in old rotting remnant of wooden barrel.

Each plant or flower has different roots yet all are doing well co-existing in old rotting remnant of wooden barrel on bare ground surrounded by grasses and weeds.

Each plant or flower has different roots however, all seem to be doing well co-existing with each other in this old rotting remnant part of a wooden barrel sitting on the soil surface surrounded by dead and live green grasses and weeds near the deteriorating old barn wall.

My picture depicts a melange of three different flowers one red, one yellow with brown center, and the other all yellow and what looks like two vines sprouting a few little red flowers here and their sharing barrel space with some brown-green moss and grasses at far end edge.

I took this picture last year when visiting some relatives at their cottage overlooking Lake Memphremagog in the eastern townships south of Montreal.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ROOTS”.