His early life experiences while wondering the neighborhood dictated why Mooshie cat was inchoate always checking things out before making his ultimate decision whether to flee or stay. As my picture depicts him looking down our staircase towards the front door our former cat was always on guard checking who was coming through the … Continue reading Inchoate

Mountain Rivulet

  Dark colored clear water of Eastern Townships mountain stream or rivulet meanders along passing by a blue cast metal frame wood bench set there for those relaxing moments away from world hustle bustle. The scene is down the hill from the country log chalet in a little gorge, where this tiny country stream of … Continue reading Mountain Rivulet

Hard Swallow

Grizzly bear seems in hard action attempting to capture with its paw and swallow a leaping Chinook Salmon probably in a fast-moving stream somewhere in Canadian Rocky mountain wilderness. While once visiting Ottawa, Canada's capital, I spotted and digitally captured this image of large welded metal art composition of the hungry Grizzly and leaping Chinook … Continue reading Hard Swallow


  In the Far Eastern world the elephant symbolizes dignity, intelligence, peace, power, and strength moreover, they are a talisman of good luck and good fortune. Being the largest land animal on Earth they also have the largest brain which no doubt is why they are also quite intelligent with many qualities that humans have … Continue reading Talisman

Saint Louis Low Tide

  An idyllic scene from famous Stewart Hall shore in Pte. Claire overlooking Lake Saint Louis during what seems low tide as warm summer sun warms everything on a bright, clear blue sky day. This was the scene last Friday, June 22, 2018 when we visited this Canadian heritage landmark site in Montreal's West Island, … Continue reading Saint Louis Low Tide

Captivating Microwave Experience

  Exposing brain to RF radiation is a captivating cellphone microwave experience presently in vogue in our "advanced" society where it seems many are doing it heck, take a walk through any city and just observe. There are hundreds of them, like individual "zombies" strolling around with one conversing with somebody somewhere. These two men … Continue reading Captivating Microwave Experience

Premature Face Makeover

  Cute little girl is a bit too premature for full-blown face makeover however, she isn't having one done yet instead the nice lady is face painting her during Quebec's annual June 24th Fête Nationale. Never-the-less, this seemingly innocent exercise to decorate the little girl's face is actually programming her for when she turns into … Continue reading Premature Face Makeover