2018 Montreal Jazz Fest Finale

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday July 7th, was the 2018 Montreal International Jazz Festival finale after ten beautiful sunny mostly hot days featuring loads of wonderful music which everybody who came enjoyed. With temperatures soaring near 100 degrees Fahrenheit with no let up until last Wednesday relief came in an overnight rain storm and cooler air breezes making … Continue reading 2018 Montreal Jazz Fest Finale

Vader Curves

===================================================================================================== Vader's head bust composed of many curves created by an N/C (numerical controlled) milling machine interpreting instructions from sophisticated CAD design software. What you see is the roughed up Darth Vader head bust that an N/C  milling machine created based on instructions interpreted from sophisticated design software into machine code. The other picture, image … Continue reading Vader Curves

Three Ring Circus USA

======================================================================================================= The three ring circus happening today in USA provides much excitement and entertainment for the common folk especially the ones who still believe they live in the "land of the free" a myth the ruling class guardedly perpetuates. Last night republican candidate Donald Trump effectively captured his party's nomination to run for US president … Continue reading Three Ring Circus USA

Endemic Kremlin Silence Syndrome

======================================================================================================= The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome combined with flawed ideology, incompetent ruthless management, and a total lack of real transparency is Russia's government. This is by design because enforced secrecy is how this vast country has been ruled since the 1917 communist revolution then again, come to think of it, forever. The Chernobyl disaster was the undeniable result … Continue reading Endemic Kremlin Silence Syndrome

2016 Montreal Dawn Raid

======================================================================================================= A 2016 "dawn raid" on Montreal now on, is quickly transmogrifying it with a massive Chinese capital input. Chinese investors are seeking safe haven to shift their money abroad to counter instability in China’s economy and stock market, even as their government clamps down on this capital flight, making Montreal very attractive. Certain international … Continue reading 2016 Montreal Dawn Raid

Earth Day War Drums

======================================================================================================= The Earth Day war drums beating especially loud drowning out any world opposition to latest "deal" or agreement in Paris, France earlier this year and to be ratified in New York city shortly. New York city is their meeting haunt, very conveniently close to the UN and the Council on Foreign Relations buildings then … Continue reading Earth Day War Drums

Spring Thaw 2016

======================================================================================================= Spring thaw 2016 is getting on as it should now that it is April however, old man winter seems to hang on by dumping more snow and freezing rain. The picture you are viewing is actually spring 2014 and the place is the Centennial Park in Montreal's West Island however, it does illustrate Canadian … Continue reading Spring Thaw 2016