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Vader Curves

Many curves machined in Vader head bust by an N/C miller.

Many curves compose the Darth Vader’s head bust created by an N/C milling machine.

Vader Curves 2
Vader’s head bust composed of many curves created by an N/C (numerical controlled) milling machine interpreting instructions from sophisticated CAD design software.

What you see is the roughed up Darth Vader head bust that an N/C  milling machine created based on instructions interpreted from sophisticated design software into machine code. The other picture, image 2, is the smooth finished product.

I took these pictures at the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show that I had the pleasure to attend and have written about in a number of previous posts.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”CURVE”.

Three Ring Circus USA

The political three-ring circus in USA is exciting entertainment still it's all smoke and mirrors.

The political three-ring circus in USA is exciting entertainment for Americans yet it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The three ring circus happening today in USA provides much excitement and entertainment for the common folk especially the ones who still believe they live in the “land of the free” a myth the ruling class guardedly perpetuates.

Last night republican candidate Donald Trump effectively captured his party’s nomination to run for US president by defeating his main rival Ted Cruz meanwhile, on the Democrat side the battle continues unabated although candidate Hillary Clinton most certainly will be the winner because of her “Super Pack Delegates”.

Rival candidate Bernie Sanders can only hope that some of those Super Pack Delegates decide to back him otherwise, it’s all over.

Despite all the promises, wild claims, smears, and “honest talk” from these political rivals claiming they are the ones to better the lives of Americans if they get the White House, in the end it’s all smoke and mirrors. The awful truth is that America is not free and these federal elections won’t do much to change anything for the average citizen.

Instead it is much like the old Stalinist Soviet Union, just like “uncle Joe” Stalin once said regarding “democratic elections”: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything!”

Meanwhile, folks just enjoy the circus happening on TV and mass media where all sorts of ‘expert’ political pundits and ‘taking heads’ feed your head with all types of amazing claims and ‘proven’ information about who said what nasty things about whom, who will win, by how much, and when. Enjoy the show folks provided you like fantasy and fairy tales however, don’t expect much when it’s all over and done with.

Endemic Kremlin Silence Syndrome

The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome, designed enforced secrecy, rules Russia.

The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome, designed enforced secrecy, is how Russia has been ruled forever.

The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome combined with flawed ideology, incompetent ruthless management, and a total lack of real transparency is Russia’s government. This is by design because enforced secrecy is how this vast country has been ruled since the 1917 communist revolution then again, come to think of it, forever.

The Chernobyl disaster was the undeniable result of this mentality because it ensured bad design, bad management and lousy communication practices in their nuclear industry.

Many a visitor to Ukraine has heard the same story about when the Chernobyl plant exploded. According to one middle-aged Kiev woman, for four days after it happened, the Kremlin pressured its Communist leadership minions to order that the traditional outdoor May Day celebrations happen.

Meanwhile, it was calling up thousands of young men and some women in the soviet military as “liquidators” to help control the nuclear disaster that was unfolding at Chernobyl. These were given scant information what awaited them and much less any proper safety equipment to protect them against the intense radiation escaping out of the ruins of reactor No. 4. They all paid the consequences afterwards, a small number died within a few days while many continue to die of cancer and other radiation induced illnesses years later.

The official story the Kremlin maintained was that nothing happened and everything was normal, they cared less how many perished as long as the system and the party remained in power. This same thinking persists today despite the CCCP(USSR) being officially declared dead in 1991. What has changed is that today the whole thing is ruled by small group of “beesinessmen” oligarchs connected and loyal to a new, (allegedly) non-communist “fearless leader”.

Chernobyl happened because of soviet arrogance,incompetence, and aggression similar to what we are seeing today. Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea comes from the same Soviet style of thinking and culture according to one source very well acquainted with Stalinist USSR.

Thirty years ago, on April 26, 1986, Chernobyl’s Vladimir Illich Lenin Nuclear Power Station reactor No.4 exploded sending a radioactive plume of smoke-filled with deadly radio isotopes into the atmosphere. This dark,  radioactive cloud triggered special sensors in nearby Sweden warning the world of the worst atomic disaster.

Most recent Ukrainian government statistics show that over 2,397,863 people are registered with the country’s health ministry to receive ongoing Chernobyl-related health care. Of these, 453,391 are children – none born at the time of the accident.

The fallout from Chernobyl was not limited to Ukraine and next door Belarus took the brunt of it statistics however, are hard to find probably due to the Belarus Lukashenko dictatorship strict repression of information.

As for Russia, it received the minimal amount of the deadly fallout resulting in few real casualties and therefore, not much statistics real or not.

2016 Montreal Dawn Raid

 A 2016 Montreal "dawn raid" is transmogrifying it with massive Chinese capital.

A 2016 Montreal “dawn raid” now on is transmogrifying it with huge amounts of Chinese capital.

A 2016 “dawn raid” on Montreal now on, is quickly transmogrifying it with a massive Chinese capital input.

Chinese investors are seeking safe haven to shift their money abroad to counter instability in China’s
economy and stock market, even as their government clamps down on this capital flight, making Montreal very attractive.

Certain international financial experts expect Chinese investment in Canadian real estate particularly in Montreal to increase substantially in 2016, it is their prime target now that Vancouver and Toronto
have become too expensive.

Canada’s west coast jewel, Vancouver, had average home prices jump 40% in five years making real estate there the most expensive in the country. The Chinese bought three-quarters of properties for sale in upscale West Vancouver where a detached home now fetches $3.1 million dollars.

According to realtors most Chinese demand remains in the luxury market therefore Montreal is now a real bargain for these monied Chinese.

My photo depicts a high-rise hybrid tower that will be forty-six stories in addition to another five
in the basement probably housing the future occupant’s luxury vehicle parking area sharing with usual
tower machinery and electrical services.

As the dark blue box on right (with white writing) indicates, expected occupancy in this tower is to be next year, in 2017.

Earth Day War Drums

Earth Day war drums beat loud to drown out climate change opposition.

Earth Day activists war drums are beating loud drowning out climate change opposition.

The Earth Day war drums beating especially loud drowning out any world opposition to latest “deal”
or agreement in Paris, France earlier this year and to be ratified in New York city shortly.

New York city is their meeting haunt, very conveniently close to the UN and the Council on Foreign
Relations buildings then again this is “home” turf for the world elites for these types of assemblies
when there is huge amounts of taxpayers’ “free” money.

This year Earth Day, celebrated globally, engaging over 180 countries including Canada. I took my picture a couple of years ago, it shows the war drums beating while thousands of Montrealers streamed by on their way to the destination park to hear “Jour de la terre” activists speeches on how they can save the planet stemming “climate change” by paying more in taxes.

As an aside, Quebec just happens to be the most taxed state in North America and its citizens probably are suffering a derivative of the famous Stockholm Syndrome because they continue to be nice to their abusers the political parties.

Meanwhile, one keyed-in group is selling “legacy trees” online claiming they intend to plant 25,000 trees to commemorate Earth Day’s 25th Anniversary in 2016. The prices are a climbing scale depending on how many trees planted, beginning with one tree for CDN$10 up to 200 trees for CDN$10,000. Doing this assures at least “tree hugger” status for your ten dollars on their website.

If you simply refuse any “donation” then you will suffer guilt for failing to save your neighbors assuring Doomsday. You didn’t heed the ‘Facts of Global Warming’ such as the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature because greenhouse gases collecting in the atmosphere resulting in human suffocation from the heat.

Then again, if that heat doesn’t kill you, then you probably are certain to drown in rising seas, or maybe if the first two don’t snuff you then some sort of heat inspired disease or perhaps, it will be that glass of acid water from the chemical rain affecting drinking water supplies or maybe..(you decide your poison)

By-the-way, in November 2009, hackers swiped hundreds of emails from the U.K.’s University of East Anglia exposing private conversations among top-level British and U.S. climate scientists plotting whether certain data be released to the public. These “scientists” all agreed being selective about what exactly they should show regarding the alleged “climate change”.

Over the last few decades certain “concerned” world citizen celebrities have led this “important” crusade (of fear mongering) to save us all from our impending doom, two that seem prominent are Al Gore, a former US vice-president and Canadian Dr. David Suzuki. Both gentlemen have been fearless condemning the oil industry and the 1% rich elite and politicians for failing to get on the bandwagon to save our globe.

It appears that their hard work finally is paying off sparing us from our horrible fate caused by those evil, vile greenhouse gasses.

Yes, our two crusaders have finally succeeded getting the world to listen however, let’s just check out what heavy sacrifices our heroes have endured during their tireless work saving us.

Al Gore net worth presently is in excess of $200 million compared to last century when he had a mere $1.7 million. He owns several multi-million dollar mansions all over the US, and the one in Nashville Tennessee for example, uses more than 20 times the national average of 10,656 kWh of electrical power. More, natural gas usage of Gore’s home is very high also that in 2006 the Gores spent more than $30,000 in combined electricity and natural gas bills.

The “carbon footprints” of all the famous people who champion for sustainability and against global warming are huge and yet they claim they are working to save us from global warming. Most live in very big mansions, drive many very big gas guzzling limousines and fly in private jets.

Take for example recently, Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new PM took his select entourage of Liberals,opposition, provincial premiers, and support staff totaling about 383 delegates in all to the Paris climate talks.The cost to travel to the conference is over a quarter of a million dollars. Meanwhile, the product of all this amounts to 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 153 cars, almost 2 million miles driven and 260 tons of garbage sent to the dump.

The World Economic Forum in Paris was “carbon neutral,” despite all elites flying in to attend and donate hard-earned taxpayers’ money to third-world countries to plant trees or build hydroelectric dams. Canada’s new PM personally promised CDN$2.65 Billions to this world elite slush fund..oh, you didn’t know that it is a political slush fund OK!

“My parents survived the Great Depression and brought me up to live within my means, save some for tomorrow, share and don’t be greedy, work hard for the necessities in life knowing that money does not make you better or more important than anyone else. So, extravagance has been bred out of my DNA.” – David Suzuki.

By-the-way, David Suzuki’s net worth presently..well he’s into multi-millions and greed and extravagance somehow has gotten into his DNA. Well why not check this out for yourself on this link:

“It’s time we stopped ignoring the environment. Let’s not let another election go by without making this a high priority.”
– David Suzuki.

“Some solutions are relatively simple and would provide economic benefits: implementing measures to conserve energy, putting a price on carbon through taxes and cap-and-trade and shifting from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy sources.” – David Suzuki.

Justin Trudeau, Suzuki’s wish for election winner, fulfilled however, his other wish is only partly completed praise be hallelujah humanity is grateful, we all missed the climate change bullet!

Spring Thaw 2016

Spring thaw 2016 in April yet old man winter hangs on dumping more snow.

Spring thaw 2016 is here now in April however, old man winter hangs on dumping more snow.

Spring thaw 2016 is getting on as it should now that it is April however, old man winter seems to hang on by dumping more snow and freezing rain.

The picture you are viewing is actually spring 2014 and the place is the Centennial Park in Montreal’s West Island however, it does illustrate Canadian springtime conditions.

Graffiti Abused Tweety

A graffiti abused Tweety on plastic line near open backdoor in back alley.

A graffiti abused Tweety hung on plastic line next to an open backdoor in the back alley.

A graffiti abused Tweety hung on a thin plastic line near some building’s open backdoor passageway lost in that back alley not far from where they were building a massive condo-commercial office high-rise.

I had gone into this alleyway after photographing the progress at the adjacent highrise building site and found a whole mess of graffiti there and my Tweety just hanging there.

After looking around and photographing some of the “street art” I took this picture of the famous yellow bird however, I never did see that ‘bad puddy tat’ Sylvester anywhere around!

Viva Vida Velo

Viva Vida Velo perched on display case.

The Viva Vida Velo perched on display case surrounded by fine art.

The Viva Vida Velo perched on top of display case surrounded by other fine art waiting for somebodyto notice it and I did.

It was about two years ago when I visited the Viva Vida Art Gallery located in the Pte. Claire village on Montreal’s West Island for the first time for a small cocktail party to fete its reopening after some renovations. This was a private party, by invitation only, by its owner, Nedia, whom my wife Pat has known for a while and is a good friend of hers.

Although this place seemed small from the outside and it definitely was small compared to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts downtown, it certainly packed a lot of wonderful paintings on its walls and very interesting exhibits of all sorts very carefully organized neatly everywhere else.

Entering from the street, in the very front, we found a small store selling hand crafted items like fine jewelry, cards and stationery, small metal sculptures, and other knickknacks etc.

I found the gallery located up a small staircase meanwhile, the main floor has all sorts of paintings including oils, acrylics, and water-color. On the floor we had exhibits like metal or synthetic material sculptures, and ceramics including some Chinese miniature dragons inside a furniture and glass case.

After some socializing with other guests and the owner of the gallery I viewed the exhibits and fine art displayed on the walls and it was then that I spotted this miniature racing bicycle taking my picture of it.

Behind Iron Curtain View

Behind iron curtain view comfortably shields us from dangerous other side.

This behind the iron curtain view comfortably shields us from danger lurking on other side.

This behind the iron curtain view shields us comfortably from the danger lurking on the other side.

I marvelled at the amount of infrastructure advances happening in downtown Montreal since I last visited this area.

Where last time we had huge holes deep below the boulevard next to them today massive black towers of glass and steel have sprung up and are in the process of completion. This particular hole-in-ground is the final one of the lot however, it is already almost even with the surface of the boulevard touching it and will most likely be several stories in a week or two.

I was in town for some business and always attentive to in what’s happening, how downtown is evolving,
I took a few pictures of what I saw and found this image interesting after reviewing my pictures at home.

St. Catherine Street Charmer

 The St. Catherine street charmer playing his instrument and nobody noticed.

The St. Catherine street charmer sat at street corner playing his instrument nobody paid any attention.


The St. Catherine street charmer sat at street corner playing and nobody paid any attention meanwhile, the serpent emerged from case.

The king cobra swayed its head rhythmically from side to side because it was enjoying the nice tune while being basked by the intense rays of the warm sun of early afternoon in downtown Montreal.

Originally, from a small town in India the serpent was now trying to assimilate into this new culture in Quebec after getting into Canada under the relaxed immigration rules that the recently elected Trudeau Liberal government passed.

Heck, immigration was the easy part thought the serpent what’s needed now is a job to sustain oneself so when friends suggested panhandling this seemed the way to do it.