Not An Inkling

====================================================================== Decades of refreshing himself with America's favorite soft drink Ralph had not an inkling what those active ingredients in that drink were doing to him heck, he was happy having it. Long time employee Ralph was extremely happy working there having excellent salary his union negotiated for members plus enjoying unlimited amount of his … Continue reading Not An Inkling

New Year Finally

======================================================================================================= New Year finally arrives in only minutes and already many are drunken slobs having polluted their brain cells with booze like this fine fellow loaded on Carlsberg his favorite beer. It seems like yesterday that we were having this same conversation yet nothing has changed in the last 365 days because old habits are … Continue reading New Year Finally

Seasonal Girlie Elegance

========================================================================================================= Seasonal girlie elegance is very apparent as shopping center female manikin struts her colorful winter wear for passersby busy trying to find the perfect gift for Christmas. She certainly exhibits the right combination of colors for this time of year red being the predominate one followed closely by shades of green then white, black, … Continue reading Seasonal Girlie Elegance

Enamored Couple Beer

======================================================================================================== Like an enamored couple beer, Mr. Moosehead and Ms. Heineken, watched from table top distant Lac Memphremagog bathed by the day's last rays of bright, warm, sun. Earlier on someone enjoyed their delicious contents leaving them expended resting on the edge of that table all alone with each other feeling empty and forgotten. Saturday … Continue reading Enamored Couple Beer

Giant Spiders Inhabit Ottawa

========================================================================================================= Giant spiders seem to inhabit Ottawa museum grounds exciting foreign visitors to Canada's capital, this picture clearly shows one of those huge creatures halting momentarily to pose for photo-op. Some scientists attribute this strange phenomenon to a sort of climate change "green house effect" because of the massive amounts of hot air normally produced … Continue reading Giant Spiders Inhabit Ottawa

Lied Only Once Award

======================================================================================================= The "He Lied Only Once" medal to be introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau awarded to its first ever worthy recipient, Canada's Minister of Defense Harjit Singh Sajjan. Canada's Parliament anxiously awaits announcement by the Prime Minister on the new award to be awarded today then again, maybe tomorrow when the outside weather is … Continue reading Lied Only Once Award

Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket

====================================================================================================== BREAKING NEWS: Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket. Yesterday, Thursday, April 27, 2017, a Russian spy ship, the Liman, sunk off the Turkish coast after a collision with Togo-flagged Youzarsif H, a freighter traveling from Romania to Jordan and carrying 8,800 sheep. Russia’s Defense Ministry in Moscow issued a statement later that … Continue reading Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket