Old Brands Disappear

Old brands and their technology disappear everyday while brand spanking new digital ones constantly invented on research done in California's Silicon Valley's IT now increasingly AI continue to fill void. Underwood typewriter depicted sitting on asphalt under bright sunny sky used to be an important invention facilitating writing for business, industry, and general public that … Continue reading Old Brands Disappear

Place In The World

One place in the world that encompasses old and new Montreal is Mansfield street that runs north(-south) towards looming Mount Royal, visible at end of street, passing old Sun-Life Building and combination of more modern and old structures along the way. I love this area because it is Montreal's business, financial, and commercial center full … Continue reading Place In The World

Survivor Testimony Astonish

Chornobyl destroyed reactor disaster cleanup survivor on TV testimony astonish interviewer as well as station camera operator, and hired language interpreter. This on-camera interview of one of the remaining Chornobyl cleanup crew aka "liquidators" survivors by Bell's CTV channel 12 happened last April 26, 2016 inside Montreal's Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral after a … Continue reading Survivor Testimony Astonish

Myriad Of Lines

    Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral's huge rotunda inner wall decoration composed of a myriad of all sorts of lines in this massive Catholic church replicating Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. The rotunda contains a large circle of Roman style ornate windows which act as an important light source to the surroundings … Continue reading Myriad Of Lines

Barely Luminescent

Stark reality of WWI post battle barely luminescent scene of what was forest now just smoking charcoal sticks of trees sheltering stagnant water artillery shell pock-holes, dead, and assorted war debris. My image taken in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, depicts an exhibit of an eerie, surreal, typical, WWI battle area after an artillery … Continue reading Barely Luminescent

White-Grey Froth

White-grey froth comes out of Pierrefonds city blue colored flexible plastic large size hose connected to a gas-driven pump(not shown) draining contaminated back-river flood water from victim's property. Last year(2017) the Montreal borough of Pierrefonds suffered extensive Spring flooding requiring many to evacuate their stricken homes. The once-in-century flood affected many municipalities in the provinces of  Quebec and … Continue reading White-Grey Froth