Insist On Cruelty

Despite much recent controversy certain callous, uncaring, Montreal Calesh owners still insist on inflicting animal cruelty, abusing them to make a few dollars. As my picture shows this poor old horse has to pull the wagon with two humans aboard in a minus 20*C temperature. Apparently, there still are clients who think it is OK … Continue reading Insist On Cruelty

Tour Guide 4Montreal

Tour Guide 4Montreal mashup highlights places that haven't changed much remaining landmark icons international tourists appreciate visiting because they are unique. I have included also a picture of our famous overpasses that linked highway 20, the Ville Marie expressway, and the Decarie expressway these overpasses are now pretty much demolished. Also, Montreal would not be … Continue reading Tour Guide 4Montreal

Panther Puzzled

German Panther tank displayed at Ottawa's Canadian War Museum has unusual, unique coating on its armor which puzzled me considering that some appears missing in places. Although the museum technical staff put in much work getting this very popular, famous, WW2 tank into required shape it seems getting real "Zimmerit" coating may be hard to … Continue reading Panther Puzzled

Stifle Real Truth

============================================================= Fortunately governments today can't easily stifle real truth or repress genuine facts because of freedom of the press and stories like this one (depicted) can't be suffocated as "fake news". Our galloping technological progress in a myriad of fields including human biology has produced marvels such as DNA analysis and screening, gene splicing, nano-robots, … Continue reading Stifle Real Truth

Armor Strategy

======================================================================================================== Canadian armor strategy ceased to exist following end of WW1 only revived when government realized in 1939 WW2 was imminent hastily buying surplus United States M1917 6-ton tanks as "scrap' . The "scrap" tanks were available fortunately because US remained neutral until Pearl Harbor after which Nazi Germany to support allied Japanese Empire declared … Continue reading Armor Strategy

Agile Huey

========================================================================================================= In Apocalypse Now Frances Coppola's popular Vietnam war film agile Huey  shown attacking Viet Cong with rockets and machine-guns blazing while Wagner's Ride of Valkyries loudly played fills air. Robert Duval's Colonel Kilgore rides with his Airborne Division into battle explaining to photo journalist that playing Wagner's music full volume "scares the hell out … Continue reading Agile Huey

Big Bird Carve

======================================================================================================= Traditionally Christmas in North America is celebrated with big bird carve or more specifically, roast turkey sliced up and served along with various complimentary vegetables and red cranberry sauce. Christmas is a Christian feast day celebration there are however, around the world numerous traditional dishes besides poultry meanwhile, in English Canada and the USA … Continue reading Big Bird Carve