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Disastrous 2017 Montreal Flood

Disastrous 2017 Montreal West Island Spring flood remains news because many still await compensation closure.

Disastrous 2017 Montreal West Island Spring flood remains news affecting many who await compensation
help from Quebec government on their claims.

Disastrous 2017 Montreal West Island flood last Spring continues to be news because many residents that it affected still await Quebec government compensation settlement on their claims.

Depicted is the corner of Saint Jean boulevard where it meets and intersects Pierrefonds boulevard (far left, past Pizza Hut) submerged under polluted water of Rivière-des-Prairies.

This once-in-century calamity couldn’t have happened at more appropriate time in Montreal’s history just when famed, incumbent Mayor Denis Coderre embarked on his multi-million dollar wanton spending spree to mark city’s 375 years.

It also coincides with Canada’s 150th birthday when PM Justin Trudeau embarked on his own wanton spending of taxpayers’ hard-earned money however, regardless of this or any other natural or man-made disasters the giant federal Liberal money-burning party continues as planned damn the consequences.

Come to think of it this flood is nothing compared to what is about to happen to Canada  before Trudeau Liberals are kicked out because the financial damage being done now by “Selfie” Justin and his rich international parasite friends is staggering.

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Old Champlain Bridge

Old Champlain bridge soon just foot note in history replaced by new, much better, modern, suspension version in 2018.

Old Champlain bridge soon just foot note in history after new, modern, 10 lane, suspension type version completed by 2018 linking Montreal to its south shore neighbors

The old Champlain bridge soon to be just a memory, a foot note in history, because already another newer,
more modern, 10 lane, suspension version hopefully much better type is being constructed next to it.

Started in 1958 and completed in April 1967 just in time for Montreal’s famous Expo 67 world’s fair it will disappear by 2023 replaced by a new structure.

The new Champlain bridge, if it retains the historic name, is a suspension type structure and is rumored to be ready by late 2018 meanwhile, the present structure will be removed in stages, dismantling begins in 2019 at the earliest, and demolition completed by 2023.

The new $4.25-billion span links Montreal to South Shore, the project began in 2015 and expected completed by December of 2018 by present work crew of 500 expected to reach 1000 people, many Mohawk “iron workers” from nearby Kahnawake First Nations reserve on the south shore.

This picture depicts the famous hump stretch on the Champlain south shore side, which we traveled over on our way to the Eastern Townships in the Fall of 2016.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”BRIDGE”.

Flimsy Front Wheel

Small "Épervier" aircraft flimsy front wheel seems very fragile too delicate withstanding any real pressure or weight.

Flimsy front wheel of miniature, custom-built, computer designed, propeller driven aircraft seems very fragile, delicate looking, something guaranteed falling apart when real pressure or weight applied.

Flimsy front wheel of this miniature, custom-built, computer designed, propeller driven aircraft seems a very fragile, delicate looking, something guaranteed to fall apart when subjected to a bit of pressure or weight and yet it defies such thinking because it works.

The “Épervier” or Sparrowhawk is the product of 12 Université de Sherbrooke engineering students who within a period of 3 years designed, built, and successfully flew in the skies of Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

In 2006 these students accomplished their dream, own creation as their submission in attaining their bachelor of mechanical engineering degrees.

Their small aircraft’s first flight on February 23, 2009, exactly three years when they started project, corresponded to the 100th anniversary of the famous Silver Dart’s first Canadian flight, a deadline they purposely set and managed to pull off despite practically very little knowledge in designing and building aircraft.

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Children Commit Fun

Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in borough on Montreal's West Island.

Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in borough on Montreal’s West Island amusing nearby happy parents watching whole spectacle.

Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in a borough on Montreal’s West Island singing, clapping their hands, and jumping up and down while their very happy parents nearby watch the whole spectacle.

As my picture shows these small children are clearly enjoying their experience being up on stage with an adult animator-moderator (far top left) encouraging them, and leading the children’s chorus singing all sorts of appropriate songs and engaging them in lively activities designed to make it happy and memorable time.

Some of these little guys seem to be dressed up to mark the occasion wearing hats with French Quebec’s provincial heritage emblem, the fleur-des-lys or simply Québec written across the front in large letters.

Each year on June 24th Quebec celebrates the feast day of its patron saint, John the Baptist, or as they call it in French Quebec, Saint Jean Baptiste however, since the fateful election of the separatist Parti Québécois in the 1970’s the holiday became secular “La Fête nationale du Québec”.

This holiday on June 24th, has reverted to being a state sponsored orgy of excessive boozing, drugs, merry-making, inappropriate behavior, and sex by many reminiscent of similar bygone pagan excesses during the dark past like when Herod imprisoned and martyred John.

Instead of being a respected religious day of peace, visits with family and friends, poignant reflection, prayer, and worshiping God in Church meanwhile, also remembering John’s tragic beheading it is just another secular wild party designed to help the government keep power by doling out tax money on the “fête” activities.

Reasons for this slide towards the Abyss vary however, a lion share of blame falls on an influential, small minority of Quebec atheistic, monied, political elite conspiring with other powerful enemies of the Church to exploit certain sick abuses by a small, perverted minority of Quebec’s Roman Catholic clergy,  to help rip away many already aimless, ignorant, uneducated, and weak-willed non-practicing Catholics from the Church.

This is incredible considering that it was the Church that kept it all together for the Québécois since the French defeat at the Plains of Abraham near Quebec City, when France abandoned them to their fate with Protestant England, who could have easily assimilated their culture and deleted their existence.

Since then Quebec has been in a free-fall, its monied, political elites leading the way in Canada towards amoral, immoral, and decadent behavior where human life has become to mean very little anymore replaced instead by an emphasis on material gain and wealth.

As a final reward the “enlightened” converts are guaranteed a cheap cremation of their mortal body remains on the pyre perhaps, to accompany their immortal soul already in the Abyss.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”COMMIT”.

Wolff Black Triumph

"Toto" Wolff signature adorns Mercedes-AMG Black Series sedan in triump over company's 2015 products over international rivals.

Signature of “Toto” Wolff head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, maker of AMG Black Series products 2015 triumph over company’s international rivals both on Grand Prix F1 circuits and city streets.

“Toto Wolff Montreal 2015 #1” adorns sedans black composite fibre spoiler probably signed following triumph achieved two years ago by Mercedes-AMG over international rivals during the Canadian Grand Prix.

The signer is Torger Christian “Toto” Wolff head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, commonly known as AMG, the high-performance division wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG headquartered in Affalterbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

That year international sports media and others criticized Mercedes for failing to win in Monaco something that also happened again in 2017 however, undeterred the excellent Mercedes-Benz  team totally wiped out the competition in Montreal on sizzling the hot Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve track on Sunday, June 11.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas blasted to incredible one-two, the Silver Arrows’ a first such amazing combination finish for this year proving once again that “lightening can strike twice in the same place”.

These excellent professionals never gave up despite a poor showing earlier in Monaco and intense media criticism like last time, winning the Canadian GP again only with a vengeance.

The charcoal grey sedan in my picture appears to be a AMG Black Series “V8 Biturbo” car tested by Motor Trend magazine attaining 0-60 mpg in 3.2 seconds, and doing a quarter mile attaining 129.8 mph in 11.1 seconds.

The Black Series cars available only as 2 door version are street legal although awesomely high-powered with superior handling and traction combined with refinements in aerodynamic design and weight reduction capable of previously mentioned performance.

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Sturmgeshutz Trace

Sturmgeshutz trace in miltary history reminds us during D-Day 73 years ago on June 6, 1944 Allied troops fought Nazi armor like it.

Sturmgeshutz trace in military history reminds us of D-Day,  on June 6, 1944,  73 years ago, when Allies launched their bloody invasion of France running up against Nazi armor like it.

The Sturmgeshutz trace in military history reminds us that 73 years ago on June 6, 1944, during the bloody D-Day invasion of France it was common for Allies to run up against German armor like this one.

According to my research Germans had about 2,500 tanks available in Normandy and 550 of them were Stug III-IV aka Sturmgeshutz accounting for most Allied armor losses.

These tanks because of their low silhouette and very effective 75mm HV(high velocity) gun used very efficiently by the Nazis in ambush where the first shot became most important.

The Sturmgeshutz tanks were the cheapest to make following Allied destruction of much of Germany’s production facilities by Allied bombing and became the Nazis’ most produced armor during WWII where production reached over 10,000 units before German surrender.

During the Normandy action Allied tank crews soon realized how easily their M4 Shermans lit up when penetrated by German 75mm and 88mm HV anti-tank guns leading many frightened crews bailing the moment their Shermans were hit even if the tanks didn’t “brew up” immediately.

The American tanks soon became known as “Ronsons” because they easily lit up when hit just like the famous lighters moreover, the Germans laughingly referred to M4 Shermans as “Tommy Cookers”.

The tank depicted is an exhibit at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa and probably was used for “target practice” by the Canadian military after the war.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TRACE”.

Contrive To Survive

Britain feverishly rushed to contrive to survive during WWII producing Churchill tanks as defense against German invasion.

Britain feverishly rushed to contrive to survive during WWII after their Dunkirk defeat producing heavy Churchill tanks to help defend against
Hitler’s Blitzkrieg invasion.

Britain feverishly rushed to contrive to survive early during WWII after their disastrous Dunkirk defeat producing heavy Churchill tanks to help defend their homeland against imminent invasion by Hitler’s Blitzkrieg German forces.

The Churchill tank weighs in at 39 tons with front armor up to 102mm thick making it able to take a lot of hits however, it still is light enough to move although not very fast because it was designed as an infantry support tank moving at their pace unlike lighter more agile German tanks it was fielded up against.

When initially coming off the assembly line this tank had multitudes of teething problems breaking down a lot moreover, it also was armed with an inadequate 6-pdr QF Mark III main gun.

My research found that the Churchill was a replacement for the old obsolete Matilda II, infantry Tank Mk.II, also a very heavy tank able withstand any anti-tank gun in service, almost invulnerable to everything however, its small size prevented any feasible mods to upgrade its gun, a fatal flaw.

I found this interesting, ferocious looking, sample tank nestled amongst many famous tanks of both former foes and friends when visiting the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

I say sample because its appearance is a bit different from other depicted Churchills I have seen however, since it is in Canada and our military once did use some, including those in the ill-fated Dieppe Raid, and modified some perhaps, this is one of them.

Since I don’t recall reading the description plaque about this war machine I assume it may be a late model Mark VII variant.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SURVIVE”.

Primed To Detonate

Pile of lethal primed to detonate WWII  high explosive bombs rest below Canadian Lancaster heavy bomber.

Pile of lethal primed to detonate WWII steel cased high explosive bombs rest below vintage Canadian Lancaster heavy bomber used over Europe.

Pile of lethal primed to detonate WWII steel cased high explosive bombs rest below a vintage Canadian Lancaster heavy bomber display inside the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

During that war these types of bombs as well as many other specially built types used in the air war bombing campaign over Europe to destroy Hitler’s Nazi war machine.

During one of my visits to this excellent museum I saw this interesting pile of aerial bombs underneath that British designed large bomber and took these pictures.

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is a fantastic place to visit, view, and photograph the many wonderful historical exhibits inside the huge structure when in Ottawa.

It is time well spent with family, friends, or even on your own learning about international aviation history and Canada’s excellent contribution to it.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DETONATE”.

Rideau Canal Descend

Part of Ottawa's historic Rideau Canal descend shown built after War of 1812 extends down to Ottawa River.

Historic Rideau Canal descend part of which shown is British built series of locks during period 1826-1832 after War of 1812 extends down to Ottawa River.

The historic Rideau Canal descend, part of which shown, is a series of locks built as a preventive military measure during period 1826-1832 after the War of 1812 between Canada and USA extends all the way down to the Ottawa River at the top left of my picture.

Fearing future American invasions Britain built a series of canals as well as a number of forts in eastern Canada including the Rideau all along the Ottawa River designed to deter and impede any US incursions.

Fortunately, there never was another war between Canada and the USA and it was never used as a military supply route however, it was a success quickly becoming a busy commercial artery from Montreal to the Great Lakes until 1849 when a series of new locks were built bypassing the Saint Lawrence River rapids providing merchants a quicker, cheaper, alternative route.

Lieutenant-Colonel John By of the Royal Engineers oversaw construction of the Rideau Canal while private contractors built it employing thousands of French and Irish Canadian workers.

Some of the private contractors included famous names like John Redpath, Thomas McKay, Robert Drummond, Thomas Phillips, and Andrew White, who probably contributed to its unexpected cost overruns before its completion meanwhile, increasing their fortunes.

The cost overruns forced the retiring Colonel By from the British military and his receiving scant recognition for the awesome work accomplished.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DESCEND”.

Notorious FLQ Kidnappers

Notorious FLQ kidnappers depicted on old wanted poster caused 1970 October Crisis after kidnapping James Cross and Pierre laporte.

Notorious FLQ kidnappers depicted on old wanted poster are dead, yet responsible for 1970 October Crisis and Quebec Labor Minister Pierre Laporte’s murder.

The notorious FLQ kidnappers depicted on this old original wanted poster from October 1970 are mostly history(dead) as are many of their adversaries and one of the kidnap victims.

James Richard Cross 96 years of age however, remains alive and has spoke about his traumatic ordeal on October 5, 1970 when four armed men with machine guns and a revolver suddenly showed up at his home on his birthday and kidnapped him in front of his wife.

These desperate kidnappers, members of the “Liberation” cell, had also planned to grab an American diplomat at the same time however, they soon found one hostage was enough on their hands in trying to evade the police.

Meanwhile, another motley group called “Chenier” cell abducted Quebec’s Labour Minister, Mr. Pierre Laporte, while negations for Mr. Cross’s release dragged on frustrated at this its members murdered Laporte by strangulation when he attempted an escape and dumping his remains in a car trunk.

The “mugs’ depicted are just four of the FLQ terrorists, three of them are convicted murderers from the Chenier cell while Marc Charbonneau is the lone Liberation man involved with the original abducting of Mr. Cross, the British Trade Commissioner.

All these men were terrorists who fomented the infamous 1970 “October Crisis” resulting in the suspension of liberties all Canadians expect to have living in a “free” country.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau dusted off the old War Measures Act last used during the war years and dating back to WWI allowing extraordinary powers and measures for both the military and police to use in dealing with what was happening in Quebec.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”NOTORIOUS”.