Sole Kasha Asparagus

Maintaining health requires proper nutrition provided by vegetables, grains, fish or meat like this very  simple dish made of Sole, Kasha, and Asparagus.   Maintaining good health requires proper nutrition provided by a combination of vegetables, grains, fish or meat and this very simple dish of Sole, sweet red pepper, onion, Kasha, and Asparagus qualifies. Picture depicts … Continue reading Sole Kasha Asparagus

Montreal’s 28th First Nations Festival

This year's 28th First Nations Festival performances the started on August 7th on the big stage in Montreal's downtown Cartier-des-spectacles continuing a tradition that began 15 years ago. The 28th Montreal First Peoples Festival aka (Présence autochtone) runs through Aug. 15, celebrating Aboriginal film, music, visual arts, crafts and food. Again as in previous years, … Continue reading Montreal’s 28th First Nations Festival

Morsel To Explore

  Resting peacefully on top of two small plates this delightful morsel quietly waited us to explore how wonderful it tasted while the two of us were still busy getting our accompanying rich brewed coffees. Hearing that the Miss Manitts Café was about to become history after this coming weekend we decided to make a … Continue reading Morsel To Explore

Fast Food Assumption

  Growing line of anxious, hungry,straight-faced, jazz fans near temporary fast food outlet seems to indicate an assumption their next meal will take much more time than they want to spend waiting. The scene is in downtown Montreal during recent International Jazz Festival near Bell stage on eastern section of Cartier-des-Spectacles, where a temporary hotdog … Continue reading Fast Food Assumption

Guilty Bill Explained

Guilty meal bill explained by helpful restaurant staffer after surprised customer requests answers regarding unexpected costs on it. Well known Montreal downtown oriental food establishment normally difficult to get reservations in because of its popularity is where this scene happened several years ago. After restaurant staffer carefully went over the details with the customer regarding … Continue reading Guilty Bill Explained

Weeds Infect lawn

  Multitudes of different weeds primarily dandelions infect lawn near Sources boulevard in Montreal's West Island as May temperatures rise and traditional rains contribute to humidity prevalent during this time. Native to Europe this perennial arrived with early settlers who used them both for food and herbal medicine purposes and just like that proverbial Genie … Continue reading Weeds Infect lawn

Bestow Delight

Bowl of homemade Salmon Chowder can bestow memories of delight later about having some of this wonderful fish soup, and also certain important health benefits. Fortunately today, my master chef aka my amazing wife, surprised me with this bowl of the excellent soup, which along with some freshly baked, homemade, crusty, whole wheat, bread made … Continue reading Bestow Delight