Provoke Memories

Quaint old Montreal establishments like this one on Rue Notre-Dame Quest near famous Notre Dame Cathedral provoke memories of French Europe. Although I have never dined in this petit Bistrot I can assume that the food is wonderful and made according to famed Le Cordon Blue culinary standards. According to their website "Le Chat Noir … Continue reading Provoke Memories

Messy Delight

These Cornwall style pasties can be messy food when cut open however, a delight to eat when time is short and you hunger for a quick hearty bite. The Cornwall pasties probably were one of the original "fast foods" because they were food Cornish miners took with them while in copper and tin mine shafts. … Continue reading Messy Delight

Conversant In Cheese

Artisans conversant with fine cheese products featured in this year's Fete des Fromages D'ici showing their wares during Montreal en Lumierre celebrations. The huge atrium of Complexe Desjardins was the setting for this exciting exposition last Friday, February 23, 2018 where twenty of Quebec's eighty-six cheese producers presented samples of their wonder product allowing public … Continue reading Conversant In Cheese

Simplify Gelato

The well planned kiosk setup at the Fairview Shopping Center helps simplify Gelato ice cream sales especially during those hot summer days. As my picture clearly shows, each flavor type of this delicious Italian frozen treat has its own deep tub inside this custom-built freezer which keeps the proper temperature. Additionally, unlike traditional ice cream … Continue reading Simplify Gelato

Sweet Bliss

Taking a bite of that delectable, wonderfully moist, homemade, muffin transported me into absolute sweet bliss I have to confess those teeth marks are mine heck, the image is irrefutable visual proof of my dastardly deed. I must admit it was that lemon icing that did me in, made me do it, take that fateful, … Continue reading Sweet Bliss

Not An Inkling

====================================================================== Decades of refreshing himself with America's favorite soft drink Ralph had not an inkling what those active ingredients in that drink were doing to him heck, he was happy having it. Long time employee Ralph was extremely happy working there having excellent salary his union negotiated for members plus enjoying unlimited amount of his … Continue reading Not An Inkling

Big Bird Carve

======================================================================================================= Traditionally Christmas in North America is celebrated with big bird carve or more specifically, roast turkey sliced up and served along with various complimentary vegetables and red cranberry sauce. Christmas is a Christian feast day celebration there are however, around the world numerous traditional dishes besides poultry meanwhile, in English Canada and the USA … Continue reading Big Bird Carve