Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Prolific knick-knack collection housed in one kiosk of Saint Michel flea-market contains probably hundreds of assorted baubles, a myriad of different objects most fragile some not. It certainly makes for a very interesting image of a treasure trove of creativity manufactured all over the globe some local although not much. Amongst all are also paintings … Continue reading Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Deplete Critical Thought

Hare Krishnas officially known as IsKCON systematically deplete their followers ability to critically think after ensnaring them in a cunning "spider's nest" as one ex-follower described it. It is diabolically organized to catch and drain recruits before they realize their predicament, afterwards many end up morally and physically spent, miserable, without family, friends, and nobody … Continue reading Deplete Critical Thought

Playing Glimmer Of Hope

Montreal busker playing his guitar with glimmer of hope passerby donates some money after hearing the wonderful riff. The scene is on Saint Catherine street west in Spring of 2015 where talented, young busker hopes to get some "coin" from passersby like this one. I had just left an industrial machinery exhibition in Place Bonaventure, … Continue reading Playing Glimmer Of Hope

Thwart Government Carbon Tax

Six horse powered environment friendly transportation that will thwart Detroit and foreign automobile manufacturers petroleum-guzzling products. The people riding this baby are proof that luxury and convenience are not sacrificed as the international automobile cartel would like to claim. Four wheel, comfortable ride, cushy seats, lots of family room, white-walls, color-coordinated two-tone finish with high … Continue reading Thwart Government Carbon Tax

Barely Luminescent

Stark reality of WWI post battle barely luminescent scene of what was forest now just smoking charcoal sticks of trees sheltering stagnant water artillery shell pock-holes, dead, and assorted war debris. My image taken in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, depicts an exhibit of an eerie, surreal, typical, WWI battle area after an artillery … Continue reading Barely Luminescent

$300 Fine Warning

  Hefty $300(three hundred dollar) fine warning erected adjacent modern West Island condo building telling litterers as final notice they will pay if caught. The scene is Sources boulevard in West Island, where this sign attached to perforated metal channel stands tall as a warning from local borough council. Careless and many times deliberate dumping … Continue reading $300 Fine Warning

Incubate Evil

Liberals continue to incubate the death syndrome through their evil control of modern mass media and government engaged in conditioning minds to accept their "truth". Sometimes things feel like a diabolical script is being followed the way our world has morphed into what we have now and it continues. AI, autonomous killer automatons, atom bomb, … Continue reading Incubate Evil