Bad Dream

    Have you lately had restless nights leaving you wondering why you're so tired when you wake perhaps, may be just something you ate earlier or.. perhaps, it's that reoccurring bad dream! Seems it's always that same, familiar surroundings, that old house, those numerous elongated windows, that single round tower with its small black, … Continue reading Bad Dream

Stifle Real Truth

============================================================= Fortunately governments today can't easily stifle real truth or repress genuine facts because of freedom of the press and stories like this one (depicted) can't be suffocated as "fake news". Our galloping technological progress in a myriad of fields including human biology has produced marvels such as DNA analysis and screening, gene splicing, nano-robots, … Continue reading Stifle Real Truth

Jolly Old Elf

======================================================================================================== Jolly old elf, Santa Claus is very busy these days interviewing deserved little ones at local shopping centers when he has some time like last Sunday afternoon. Santa with his trusty reindeer and elves crew have to be fast and efficient preparing all those gazillions of presents to deliver because after all, nice kids … Continue reading Jolly Old Elf

Cannon Fodder Brave

========================================================================================================= Some Montreal office workers are cannon fodder brave walking into imaginary line of fire from centuries old black powder artillery piece near John A MacDonald's statue. Both men seem about to cross in front of huge black painted old brass cannon fortunately it is inert, only a decoration piece, part of a duo resting … Continue reading Cannon Fodder Brave

Alien Pod Delivery

========================================================================================================= Brand new Amanita family member appears an alien pod awaiting delivery in photo edited green, brown, and a touch of navy blue and yellow color surroundings finished off with some artificial fog. This highly toxic new born mushroom is just emerging from its eggshell like white shroud deep in Eastern Townships forest meanwhile, a ray … Continue reading Alien Pod Delivery

Clone Order 151XD

======================================================================================================= Six identical looking automatons infiltrate 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations executing Republic Grand Army clone order 151XD, their special mission to blend in unnoticed in the festivities while preparing Earth's invasion. After positioning themselves on platform of their starship's time warp machine, a wormhole window, transported the clone crew to their precise destination into the … Continue reading Clone Order 151XD