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Jet Ascend Amidst UFOs

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs can happen one day after contact is made with very advanced space aliens.

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs over Lac Saint Louis off Pte Claire in Montreal’s West Island can happen one
day after contact is made with aliens from vast universe.

Swiss Air jet ascend amidst UFOs over Lac Saint Louis off Pte Claire in Montreal’s West Island shows space aliens may routinely visit Earth to assess our technological progress.

Although this photo is photo edited to create a sci-fi scenario something like this can happen one day after our scientists succeed making contact with aliens in our vast unexplored universe.

If there really are aliens out there that can travel the extremely long distances to reach our planet then we can safely assume they are very advanced however, they may not be nice to primitives like us.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”ASCEND”.

Jolly Old Elf

The jolly old elf is very patient and has that special touch finding out who was naughty or nice this year.

Jolly old elf, Santa Claus, is very busy these days at local shopping centers interviewing deserved little kids whether they
were naughty or nice this year.

Jolly old elf, Santa Claus is very busy these days interviewing deserved little ones at local shopping centers when he has some time like last Sunday afternoon.

Santa with his trusty reindeer and elves crew have to be fast and efficient preparing all those gazillions of presents to deliver because after all, nice kids all across the globe depend on them.

Santa is very patient when he talks to little kids like this boy about what they would like him to bring them for Christmas.

The old elf has that special touch finding out whether little boys or girls are naughty or nice because they always tell him the truth when he talks to them.

So you have to ask yourself have you been naughty or nice this year because heck, you can’t fool ‘ole Saint Nick!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”JOLLY”.

Cannon Fodder Brave

Two Montreal office workers seem about to cross line imaginary of fire of centuries old black power artillery piece in park.

Montreal office workers are cannon fodder brave walking in front of centuries old black powder artillery piece near John A. MacDonald’s monument at Place du Canada park.

Some Montreal office workers are cannon fodder brave walking into imaginary line of fire from centuries old black powder artillery piece near John A MacDonald’s statue.

Both men seem about to cross in front of huge black painted old brass cannon fortunately it is inert, only a decoration piece, part of a duo resting in front of Canada’s first prime minister’s granite and metal monument.

Just imagine when these cannon were in use manned by military gun crew making such passage suicide to passersby, especially if the fuse was already lit ready to set off the charge.

Looking at size of that bore it would no doubt punch a massive hole through anyone unlucky to be in the way probably tearing them in, what a mess that would be!

The scene is Place du Canada (formerly Dominion Square) with Mary Queen of the World Cathedral looming in background on picture’s left, the Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel in back, St. George’s Anglican Church, and Windsor Station both hidden on right.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BRAVE”.

Alien Pod Delivery

Highly toxic new born Amanita family member appears an alien pod awaiting delivery by ambushing who disturbs it.

Brand new Amanita family member appears an alien pod awaiting delivery by ambushing who discovers and disturbs it somewhere deep in Eastern Townships forest.

Brand new Amanita family member appears an alien pod awaiting delivery in photo edited green, brown, and
a touch of navy blue and yellow color surroundings finished off with some artificial fog.

This highly toxic new born mushroom is just emerging from its eggshell like white shroud deep in Eastern Townships forest meanwhile, a ray of sunshine baths a part of it.

Although this particular mushroom looks similar to Amanita Caesaria, the only member of this deadly family that is sought after and edible, I am not an expert and must assume it is poisonous.

The bright red egg , its cap, emerging from shroud reminds us of Hollywood sci-fi movie “Alien” where similar type pods were space monster hatchlings waiting in ambush to spring out, attach, and invade bodies of human explorers investigating a distress signal from long dead alien giant victims space cargo ship.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DELIVERY”.

Clone Order 151XD

Six clones execute Republic Grand Army Order 151XD after time wormhole transport to 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations.

Six identical looking automatons infiltrate 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations following Republic Grand Army Clone Order 151XD, a scouting mission for future Earth conquest.

Six identical looking automatons infiltrate 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations executing Republic Grand Army clone order 151XD, their special mission to blend in unnoticed in the festivities while preparing Earth’s invasion.

After positioning themselves on platform of their starship’s time warp machine, a wormhole window, transported the clone crew to their precise destination into the universe’s past.

The Republic Council wary of certain inaccuracies existing in their massive data base regarding the planet’s vulnerabilities and defenses sent their clone scout crew to carefully investigate and verify known information afterwards return home for consultation, more instructions and preparation.

Eons earlier, sophisticated fake news systems hazed reality enough that even the Republic’s super sophisticated trinano-quantum servers couldn’t distinguish fact from fiction creating the need for clone order 151XD mission.

Unknown to our advanced clone crew, Canada, the province of Quebec, and Montreal, are already infested by secret alien entities involved in controlling Canadian society through a treacherous banking system abetted by powerful fake news and propaganda media network supporting their agents to corrupt government.

The aliens usurped fiscal and political power through cunning deceit enslaving millions of citizens to a wicked international banking cartel system remotely accessed and run by several mother ships scattered over the globe, the nearest and most influential one located deep in New York City.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”ORDER”.

Lied Only Once Award

"He Lied Only Once" award medal newly introduced and given to its first ever worthy recipient, Minister of Defense Harjit Singh Sajjan.

“He Lied Only Once” award medal introduced by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and awarded to first ever worthy recipient, Minister of Defense Harjitt Singh Sajjan.

The “He Lied Only Once” medal to be introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau awarded to its first ever worthy recipient, Canada’s Minister of Defense Harjit Singh Sajjan.

Canada’s Parliament anxiously awaits announcement by the Prime Minister on the new award to be awarded today then again, maybe tomorrow when the outside weather is sunny.

It is an exclusive award given only to a select very few, honorable, politicians deemed meritorious enough in distinguishing themselves publicly skillfully bending the truth..hmm then again, maybe not skillfully, and doing it only once, just that one time!

Commended with coolly maintaining a calm voice and composure when first asked about the breaking news story by reporters and maintaining it until overwhelming evidence and mass media fueled public anger forces him to admit the real truth about his bragging that he was the architect of famous “Operation Medusa” in Afghanistan.

The new Trudeau Liberal government since assuming political power, has taken great efforts to distinguish itself from other previous, past, Canadian governments during the country’s long 175 year history, trying or at least claiming to try to fulfill their hurriedly made up pre-election promises to be different in running the economy, social programs, international relations and trade, and maintaining Canada’s defense commitments at home and abroad.

Since their first days after being elected, the Justin Trudeau Liberals have also showed Canadians their complete disregard spending our hard-earned tax money quickly even before they tabled their first government budget or had Parliament’s approval to emptying the Canada’s treasury of CDN$2.25 Billions to feed the international Climate Change fund signing the money over during the famous Paris Agreement to allegedly save our planet.

This was accomplished despite Trudeau’s and his finance minister Bill Morneau’s pre-election promise to run a “small” deficit of only CDN$10 Billions during their first mandate as government but only after tabling their first ever budget moreover, the Liberal’s also promised complete “transparency” once they assumed power.

The new re-minted Liberals also showed us they were just the same old corrupt Liberals keeping a straight face flying to Paris on large gas guzzling Airbus aircraft piloted by the Canadian Military afterwards, being transported from Charles deGaule Airport to their luxury 5 star hotels on large expensive limos.

While attending the Climate Change Conference they enjoyed without any hesitation or second thought for financially strapped and struggling taxpayers, first class, expensive, extravagant meals, fine wines, special cute deserts and entertainment at exclusive Chez Maurice on Canadian taxpayers’ dime.

According to press reports, the Trudeau Liberal government has however, been very sensitive to policy leaks about their PMO(Prime Minister’s Office) and the Party’s plans in sharing Canada’s national wealth and resources with their backroom international financiers, close friends, and other cronies.

Take for example, Canada’s national defense and the very recent story about the ongoing RCMP investigation of alleged leak originating with Vice-Admiral Norman regarding a badly needed long-delayed replacement of a navy supply ship reluctantly awarded to Davey Shipyards in Levy, Quebec because of the extensive news exposure this story got regarding the mega-rich Irving family’s behind the scenes influence with the Liberals through Treasury Board President Minister Scott Brison and others trying to scuttle the already agreed upon and signed Davey deal.

The previous Harper Conservative government after much consultation, debate, and delay coupled with budgetary foresight already decided that Davey was the best deal for Canada meanwhile, rejecting a similar unsatisfactory bid from the other competitor, the Irvings.

This important scandal follows the scrapping of the F-35 aircraft order, instead buying cheaper, near obsolete, Boeing Super Hornets after former Liberal PM Chretien initiated participation in the development program and Canadian taxpayers sent millions on it as future replacement for the now obsolete F-18 warplanes Canada is still flying.

The Liberal government buying the F-18 Super Hornets saying these will do to save Canadians money reminds us when Jean Chretien also tried to save money buying those six famed, derelict, ex-British Navy diesel submarines mothballed in some Scottish port for a “bargain price”.

These “bijouxs” ended up costing taxpayers ‘mucho dinero’, being a very expensive problem from day one and claimed at least one Canadian sailor’s life even before getting to Canada.

The latest info says that just one still functions after millions and much time spent post the famous deal however, this albatross operates just barely with very limited ability while another is just a simulator, the rest have probably been rendered for the smelters.

That written about here does not include multi-millions or billions spent on the new immigration saga, fancy Trudeau family vacation trips, cabinet minister junkets, flip-flops on economy and finances, second thoughts on pipelines, and miscellaneous things or even that other famous skeleton in closet, Jean Chretien’s scrapping of the EH-101 military helicopter deal costing hundreds of millions..hmm did I miss something else, oh well that was long ago!

Today’s Liberals follow the fine traditions set by past previous Liberal governments in bending the truth and saving Canadian taxpayers money meanwhile, helping themselves, their backroom boys, bagmen, cronies, and international financiers to Canada’s treasury.

Everybody has fulfilled their wildest financial dreams while in power feeding at the public trough to their heart’s content while real control of Canada’s economy and right to print its own money ceded over to international banks by the first Trudeau Liberal regime in the 1970’s.

Once again Canadians acknowledge and praise our great, new, fearless leader Justin Trudeau for his good looks, social grace, sacrifice, humility, just thinking, and sheer fortitude in fending off mounting public criticism to award recipient Minister Sajjan this new medal symbolizing the minister’s outstanding ability to lie just once afterwards, tearfully and contritely admit the error of his judgement, his mistake, to Canadians.

Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket

Sheep sink Russian intelligence ship in fog blanket when spy boat collides with animal transport freighter.

“Sheep sink Russian intelligence ship in fog blanket” said the breaking news bulletin yesterday, Thursday, April 27, 2017, the ship sunk and crew is safe.

BREAKING NEWS: Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket.

Yesterday, Thursday, April 27, 2017, a Russian spy ship, the Liman, sunk off the Turkish coast after a collision with Togo-flagged Youzarsif H, a freighter traveling from Romania to Jordan and carrying 8,800 sheep.

Russia’s Defense Ministry in Moscow issued a statement later that day confirming the Liman sunk after being pierced through hull below the waterline and despite a valiant effort by its crew to keep it afloat.

All 78 Russian crew members  rescued by Turkish coast guard and are safe to be picked up later by other passing Russian navy ships alerted of the disaster.

Thursday morning was just another day at sea and Boris Badinov along with partner Natasha were in the communications room anxiously awaiting final instructions from “Center”(Moscow Center) finally the message they awaited arrived, it was 13:00, Fearless Leader was calling.

The encoded message was clear: “Don’t keel Moose and Squal!”…Wow, that took a load off their shoulders heck, they did a lot of special training, preparing for months for this assignment and suddenly it didn’t matter anymore, they were going to Syria instead, to help set up better security at those new airfields Russia annexed for their own use from president Assad.

After hearing the good news they both decided to celebrate remembering the Moskovskaya (vodka) and that Amerikanski Florida orange juice they had managed to smuggle with them in their “deeplomatik puch” after getting back from their last assignment in New York city, USA.

Soon other comrades, most of Liman’s crew, were invited to enjoy some “Amerikanski Skru” drink and the “zakuskiis”(mixed cold cuts) that the ship’s mess crew chief brought over from the kitchen, the party was just starting when the ship shuddered hard throwing everybody off-balance some falling down and that terrible metallic tearing sound was heard and then the lights went out…

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BLANKET”.

Cranky Old Davey Jones

Cranky old Davey Jones condemned to skipper mysterious, ghost-ship, man-of-war, Flying Dutchman until Doomsday.

Cranky old Davey Jones legend says is actually Hendrick Van der Decken in secret deal with devil doomed Flying Dutchman in great storm off Cape of Good Hope, Africa.

The famous specter, ghost ship, Flying Dutchman, is skippered by cranky old Davey Jones legend says was actually Hendrick Van der Decken, who with reckless abandon and insensitivity for his crew doomed his ship that disappeared in a great storm off Cape of Good Hope, South Africa in the mid-1600’s.

This mysterious ship, a man-of-war, haunts the seas off the Cape and is allegedly an omen of bad luck, a harbinger of death and destruction for ships sighting it most likely during a major gale.

It is destined to voyage forever because Captain Decken aka Davey Jones cursed he would round the Cape even if it meant for him to sail the ship “until Doomsday” perhaps, because he already secretly made a deal with the devil.

Scuttlebutt has it that the latest sighting of the doomed war ship happened during WWII when someone saw and accurately described a sailing ship matching the Dutchman although they were totally ignorant of the superstitious legend about it.

My picture depicts legendary Cap’n Jones made of welded scrap metal, that I found inside an army surplus store on Saint Lawrence boulevard near Saint Catherine street.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CRANKY”.

Center Of Attention

Ex-president Obama always center of attention enjoys free time alone drinking in local, dim, smoke-filled strip bar.

Always center of attention “retired” ex-US president Obama lying low, enjoys free time in strip-bar away from daily stress of golfing while not in Oval Office.

Always a center of attention, now “retired” from office, ex-US president Barak Hussein Obama, until just this past week has laid low probably enjoying his free time away from the daily stress of golfing while not in the Oval Office.

Joining the “free” controlled media and Democrats chorus condemning the new US president for everything and anything they could, including beating Hilary Clinton in the presidential election.

Donald Trump clobbered their media darling ex-president Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton’s wife, so Barak always trying to remain current as a media celebrity decided to criticize Donald Trump about something last week.

The Obamas are from Chicago and Barak probably knows a good place or two for some quiet time away from Michele and the family, to have a drink when not in Washington.

We depict Barak in a local, dim, smoke-filled strip-bar enjoying that drink alone however, some familiar faces visiting the windy city are also having a drink at the next table while watching the show.

Both these well-known gentlemen are at the same establishment enjoying those young women dressed in the skimpiest of clothing performing.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CENTER”.

Vader Secret Hideout


Evil Sith lord Darth Vader's secret camouflaged hideout found in Montreal.

Evil Sith lord Darth Vader’s secret camouflaged hideout found in most unlikely place,  a Montreal army surplus store.

News Flash: Darth Vader’s secret hideout found in the most unlikely place right under his sleuths and Star Wars fans noses, a place nobody most likely would ever dream of.

While touring Montreal’s downtown winter festival site which unfortunately has turned into a spring-time one because of the sudden warm weather, I headed east until reaching Saint Laurent boulevard also famously known as the “Main”.

This area is undergoing tremendous transformation with many of the centuries old buildings being torn down replaced by modern concrete, metal and glass ones however, some old structures remain and one of them is Vader’s secret lair.

The give away was not easily noticeable for the untrained eye however, I am very alert for hidden clues that my sharp vision spots as happened on Friday, February, 24, 2017.

I was passing by an army surplus store two of which are side by side on this boulevard just a little north of Saint Catherine street when I saw a strange metal manikin in the window convinced me to enter the surplus store to check it out.

After walking inside I inspected the manikin better and while doing so spotted R2D2 or its double right next to the window manikin, both were metal art works composed of used car parts including sheet metal.

Because it was inside a busy business establishment I immediately inquired whether I could take a few pictures asking someone working there and got my OK.

This gentleman also told me that besides those two metal art works more existed at the far end of the store and that it was OK if I took pictures of those too.

I immediately wandered over and suddenly I spotted Darth Vader hiding in a far corner drapped with an American flag for camouflage fortunately, I knew about this evil Sith Lord.

Although amongst the greatest fictional character villains ever he instinctively knew how to blend in when hiding until I spotted him having watched Star Wars years ago, so the jig was up now everybody knows his secret whereabouts.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HIDEOUT”.