$300 Fine Warning

  Hefty $300(three hundred dollar) fine warning erected adjacent modern West Island condo building telling litterers as final notice they will pay if caught. The scene is Sources boulevard in West Island, where this sign attached to perforated metal channel stands tall as a warning from local borough council. Careless and many times deliberate dumping … Continue reading $300 Fine Warning

Tour Guide 4Montreal

Tour Guide 4Montreal mashup highlights places that haven't changed much remaining landmark icons international tourists appreciate visiting because they are unique. I have included also a picture of our famous overpasses that linked highway 20, the Ville Marie expressway, and the Decarie expressway these overpasses are now pretty much demolished. Also, Montreal would not be … Continue reading Tour Guide 4Montreal

Not An Inkling

====================================================================== Decades of refreshing himself with America's favorite soft drink Ralph had not an inkling what those active ingredients in that drink were doing to him heck, he was happy having it. Long time employee Ralph was extremely happy working there having excellent salary his union negotiated for members plus enjoying unlimited amount of his … Continue reading Not An Inkling

Seasonal Transformation

================================================================================================= Seasonal transformation is evident by mostly grey somber look and tons of fallen brown shriveled leaves littering the ground shown in this forest scene it happens every year. Fortunately in this forest green moss still covers exposed rocks and the bases of some trees giving an interesting contrast to this hardwood forest scene. The … Continue reading Seasonal Transformation

Childhood Dancing Experience

================================================================================================= During annual West Island Blues Festival mother participates in childhood dancing experience with her two preteens enjoying the music being played. While others watch and listen to performers on stage this young mother has a wonderful time holding hands with her little boy and girl dancing to the music. They were not the only … Continue reading Childhood Dancing Experience

Temporary Guest

Our temporary guest is one tough dude you don't mess with particularly when his normal routine is interrupted, my picture sums up his mood. ================================================================================================= Our temporary guest has made our last two weeks interesting because he is one tough dude you don't mess with especially when he wants something. My picture sums up his … Continue reading Temporary Guest

Recreate Nostalgia

======================================================================================================== Old red and black Ford three-ton truck exhibit is there to recreate nostalgia when placed near ancient aircraft at Ottawa's Canada Aviation and Space Museum. This remarkably well-preserved truck is an attractive enough exhibit in its own right because although not very common very early in the last century scant few exist today in … Continue reading Recreate Nostalgia