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Maze Ball

 Multi-colored maze ball of plastic tubes attached to yellow metal pole on grey metal stand near Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Multi-colored maze ball made of inch diameter plastic tubes attached to six-inch yellow vertical metal pole on grey metal stand in front Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The multi-colored maze ball composed of about an inch diameter tied off(narrowed and flat-ended) plastic tubes all collected and connected to  about  a six-inch diameter yellow colored vertical metal pole mounted on light grey metal stand in front of the main doors to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

This modern art work assembly rests on a square smooth grey-stone block sits in the middle and  wedged on two sides by the smooth grey-stone front steps and  surrounded by black-colored metal rectangular tube fence.

Furthermore, there appears to be a small metal plaque on the right hand side of the square smooth grey-stone block perhaps, some sort of dedication of the art work or maybe a simple description of it.

I took this picture last year, 2016, during the Montreal Grand Prix weekend after I left nearby Crescent Street, where all the pre-race activity takes place each year.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MAZE”.

Pink Ladies Gold Frame

Pink ladies in gold frame twin sisters portrait is composed of pink variants and other colors.

Pink ladies in gold frame are not entirely that red shade instead color variants  are everywhere qualifying it for post.

Pink ladies in a gold frame are not, as my picture depicts, entirely that shade of red instead color variants of it are everywhere qualifying it for this post.

I took this interesting digital image a few years ago when visiting an indoor flea market, where the portrait of these two ladies, who look like twin sisters, hung on a wall in the rented floor space of one of the market dealers.

It was sort of hidden away obscured by other “art” work and piled up stuff gathering dust away from visiting public view not easily seen until I spotted it.

Going to the Saint Michel Flea Market is always exciting because you never know what new things will turn up during the tour of  numerous dealer kiosks inside the building selling all sorts of interesting junk.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PINK”.

Lied Only Once Award

"He Lied Only Once" award medal newly introduced and given to its first ever worthy recipient, Minister of Defense Harjit Singh Sajjan.

“He Lied Only Once” award medal introduced by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and awarded to first ever worthy recipient, Minister of Defense Harjitt Singh Sajjan.

The “He Lied Only Once” medal to be introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau awarded to its first ever worthy recipient, Canada’s Minister of Defense Harjit Singh Sajjan.

Canada’s Parliament anxiously awaits announcement by the Prime Minister on the new award to be awarded today then again, maybe tomorrow when the outside weather is sunny.

It is an exclusive award given only to a select very few, honorable, politicians deemed meritorious enough in distinguishing themselves publicly skillfully bending the truth..hmm then again, maybe not skillfully, and doing it only once, just that one time!

Commended with coolly maintaining a calm voice and composure when first asked about the breaking news story by reporters and maintaining it until overwhelming evidence and mass media fueled public anger forces him to admit the real truth about his bragging that he was the architect of famous “Operation Medusa” in Afghanistan.

The new Trudeau Liberal government since assuming political power, has taken great efforts to distinguish itself from other previous, past, Canadian governments during the country’s long 175 year history, trying or at least claiming to try to fulfill their hurriedly made up pre-election promises to be different in running the economy, social programs, international relations and trade, and maintaining Canada’s defense commitments at home and abroad.

Since their first days after being elected, the Justin Trudeau Liberals have also showed Canadians their complete disregard spending our hard-earned tax money quickly even before they tabled their first government budget or had Parliament’s approval to emptying the Canada’s treasury of CDN$2.25 Billions to feed the international Climate Change fund signing the money over during the famous Paris Agreement to allegedly save our planet.

This was accomplished despite Trudeau’s and his finance minister Bill Morneau’s pre-election promise to run a “small” deficit of only CDN$10 Billions during their first mandate as government but only after tabling their first ever budget moreover, the Liberal’s also promised complete “transparency” once they assumed power.

The new re-minted Liberals also showed us they were just the same old corrupt Liberals keeping a straight face flying to Paris on large gas guzzling Airbus aircraft piloted by the Canadian Military afterwards, being transported from Charles deGaule Airport to their luxury 5 star hotels on large expensive limos.

While attending the Climate Change Conference they enjoyed without any hesitation or second thought for financially strapped and struggling taxpayers, first class, expensive, extravagant meals, fine wines, special cute deserts and entertainment at exclusive Chez Maurice on Canadian taxpayers’ dime.

According to press reports, the Trudeau Liberal government has however, been very sensitive to policy leaks about their PMO(Prime Minister’s Office) and the Party’s plans in sharing Canada’s national wealth and resources with their backroom international financiers, close friends, and other cronies.

Take for example, Canada’s national defense and the very recent story about the ongoing RCMP investigation of alleged leak originating with Vice-Admiral Norman regarding a badly needed long-delayed replacement of a navy supply ship reluctantly awarded to Davey Shipyards in Levy, Quebec because of the extensive news exposure this story got regarding the mega-rich Irving family’s behind the scenes influence with the Liberals through Treasury Board President Minister Scott Brison and others trying to scuttle the already agreed upon and signed Davey deal.

The previous Harper Conservative government after much consultation, debate, and delay coupled with budgetary foresight already decided that Davey was the best deal for Canada meanwhile, rejecting a similar unsatisfactory bid from the other competitor, the Irvings.

This important scandal follows the scrapping of the F-35 aircraft order, instead buying cheaper, near obsolete, Boeing Super Hornets after former Liberal PM Chretien initiated participation in the development program and Canadian taxpayers sent millions on it as future replacement for the now obsolete F-18 warplanes Canada is still flying.

The Liberal government buying the F-18 Super Hornets saying these will do to save Canadians money reminds us when Jean Chretien also tried to save money buying those six famed, derelict, ex-British Navy diesel submarines mothballed in some Scottish port for a “bargain price”.

These “bijouxs” ended up costing taxpayers ‘mucho dinero’, being a very expensive problem from day one and claimed at least one Canadian sailor’s life even before getting to Canada.

The latest info says that just one still functions after millions and much time spent post the famous deal however, this albatross operates just barely with very limited ability while another is just a simulator, the rest have probably been rendered for the smelters.

That written about here does not include multi-millions or billions spent on the new immigration saga, fancy Trudeau family vacation trips, cabinet minister junkets, flip-flops on economy and finances, second thoughts on pipelines, and miscellaneous things or even that other famous skeleton in closet, Jean Chretien’s scrapping of the EH-101 military helicopter deal costing hundreds of millions..hmm did I miss something else, oh well that was long ago!

Today’s Liberals follow the fine traditions set by past previous Liberal governments in bending the truth and saving Canadian taxpayers money meanwhile, helping themselves, their backroom boys, bagmen, cronies, and international financiers to Canada’s treasury.

Everybody has fulfilled their wildest financial dreams while in power feeding at the public trough to their heart’s content while real control of Canada’s economy and right to print its own money ceded over to international banks by the first Trudeau Liberal regime in the 1970’s.

Once again Canadians acknowledge and praise our great, new, fearless leader Justin Trudeau for his good looks, social grace, sacrifice, humility, just thinking, and sheer fortitude in fending off mounting public criticism to award recipient Minister Sajjan this new medal symbolizing the minister’s outstanding ability to lie just once afterwards, tearfully and contritely admit the error of his judgement, his mistake, to Canadians.

Knackered Toy Horse

 Little knackered toy horse rests against steel wire fence amid bulldozed remains of burnt old corner store.

Little knackered toy horse bathed by afternoon sunshine rests against steel wire fence amid bulldozed remains of old burned down corner general store.

The little, old, knackered children’s toy rocking horse rests amid the bulldozed debris of the old corner “depanneur”(general store) that had burned down a few years ago remaining a vacant, fire and smoke blackened eyesore.

A bulldozer rested in the background on top of a hill(not shown) created by remains of the main part of the torn down burnt structure bathed in late afternoon sunshine on that Good Friday.

I had just left the local metro station(subway) walking about two blocks heading northward when I came across that familiar corner and noticed the metal fence behind which was destruction, piles of splintered and charred burnt wood, bricks, steel beams, twisted sheet metal, and an assortment of miscellaneous debris.

After viewing the scene for a bit I decided to record what I saw when I spotted this old children’s rocking horse and two orbs, one clear glass(shown) and the other composed of many tiny reflecting mirrors.

These were resting against a metal security fence surrounding the demolished old, burnt, two-story combination depanneur-apartment house.

Easter Sunday was just two days away and I was in Montreal to attend Good Friday services about to happen nearby in less than half an hour when I found this very interesting scene and spent a few minutes taking pictures.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”KNACKERED”.

Gold and Gray

Top of gold statue of Our Lady of Lourdes reflects and shines under gray sky over Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes chapel.

Bright light beam reflects off gold statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and enveloped by gray overcast sky over Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes chapel.

A bright beam of light reflects off top of gold statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and shines while being enveloped by gray overcast sky over the Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes chapel on Saint Catherine east in downtown Montreal.

This little known church designed by famous Quebec architect Napoléon Bourassa was built in 1904, that year represented fifty years since the concept of the Immaculate Conception was finally decided on, formally announced, and established as an article of faith by the Roman Catholic Church in Rome.

Viewed from across the street I saw a simple, modest yet beautifully designed church with a large bright golden statue of Mother Mary resting on a world globe one of her feet crushing a serpent representing the devil.

The whole scene crowned the crest of the chapel’s front facade, something that first caught my immediate attention persuading me to checking it out.

Although I have yet to visit this French Canadian church to see its interior I have however, done some research over the Internet that has fascinated me about this “chapel”, which incidentally it shares this sector of Saint Catherine with another what looks like larger church (Saint Jacques) across the street from it.

Both these churches apparently being incorporated into the downtown campus of UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) and are in the process of being renovated and/or upgraded according to some plan.

According to my simple Internet research, the Our Lady of Lourdes chapel is considered one of the finest works by Mr. Bourassa, who apparently was well-known and respected architect in his time and has an extensive list of works in Quebec and even one in Fall River, Massachusetts USA.

Napoléon Bourassa was also consulted for the Quebec Legislature construction project, helped found the National Art Gallery of Canada with fellow artists because he also was an accomplished artist, taught art, sculpture, and architecture, directed a publication, and dabbled in Quebec politics as V/P of the notorious Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society just to name a few of his accomplishments.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”GRAY”.

Graphic Harmony

Graphic harmony exists in La Patrie building on Saint Catherine combining excellent, classic, archectural design, metal work, street art, and posters.

Graphic harmony exists in old limestone La Patrie building on Saint Catherine that combines excellent, classical, architectural design,  metal work, elaborately carved Doric-style columns, enclosed balcony with balustrade, street art, and posters.

There seems a graphic harmony with this old Limestone building located in Montreal’s east end, on Saint Catherine street, where street art and modern posters peering out of the second story front metal frame windows combined with its excellent, classical, architectural design, elaborate stone sculptures, lettering, fancy ornate metal work, elaborately carved Doric-style columns, and a balcony enclosed by a stone balustrade.

The structure my picture depicts is the old La Patrie building built around 1908 for a popular, radical, French language daily newspaper with the same name founded in 1879 by a notable gentleman called Honoré Beaugrand selling it to another businessman in 1897, who after taking over funded the building’s construction about a decade later and ran the paper until its bankruptcy in the late 1970’s.

Presently, this very interesting, solid, building appears vacant and unused, it seems a waste not to use it because it has had some upgrading done in the past like for example those modern looking windows which mesh in well with the rest of it.

By-the-way, those posters on the second floor are not there, simply some photo editing I did to make my picture more interesting and I also added that big raccoon wearing the skull and cross-bones t-shirt showing his tongue plastered near the front door.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt: “HARMONY”.

Cranky Old Davey Jones

Cranky old Davey Jones condemned to skipper mysterious, ghost-ship, man-of-war, Flying Dutchman until Doomsday.

Cranky old Davey Jones legend says is actually Hendrick Van der Decken in secret deal with devil doomed Flying Dutchman in great storm off Cape of Good Hope, Africa.

The famous specter, ghost ship, Flying Dutchman, is skippered by cranky old Davey Jones legend says was actually Hendrick Van der Decken, who with reckless abandon and insensitivity for his crew doomed his ship that disappeared in a great storm off Cape of Good Hope, South Africa in the mid-1600’s.

This mysterious ship, a man-of-war, haunts the seas off the Cape and is allegedly an omen of bad luck, a harbinger of death and destruction for ships sighting it most likely during a major gale.

It is destined to voyage forever because Captain Decken aka Davey Jones cursed he would round the Cape even if it meant for him to sail the ship “until Doomsday” perhaps, because he already secretly made a deal with the devil.

Scuttlebutt has it that the latest sighting of the doomed war ship happened during WWII when someone saw and accurately described a sailing ship matching the Dutchman although they were totally ignorant of the superstitious legend about it.

My picture depicts legendary Cap’n Jones made of welded scrap metal, that I found inside an army surplus store on Saint Lawrence boulevard near Saint Catherine street.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CRANKY”.

Brain Fry

Montreal's Christ Church Cathedral's gargoyle's unmistakable brain fry look stares down on Saint Catherine street foot traffic.

Gargoyle’s unmistakable brain fry look stares down from front facade of Montreal’s Christ Church Cathedral on passersby walking along Saint Catherine street.

The gargoyle’s unmistakable brain fry look stares down from the front facade of the Christ Church Cathedral on passersby walking Saint Catherine street west.

This old Anglican Gothic Revival cathedral is located between Union Avenue and University Street next door to the famous old now defunct Eaton’s Department store building.

His “mug’ was just one of many gargoyles that adorn the front of this old Protestant church built on its present site nearly 100 years ago with modifications and restorations happening well up to the early 1980’s.

The gargoyles, grotesque carved faces adorning the church front are advertising signs, visual tokens or marks, reminding medieval illiterate people of evil spirits and monsters that they may encounter outside the church, and how lucky the congregation are when inside because it is the house of God and evil fears entering there.

Gargoyles also serve as ‘guardians’ of church property designed to ward off all evil lurking outside.

Gargoyles became popular during the 13th century as fancy drainage waterspouts incorporated into the Gothic architecture projecting from the structure’s upper facade or its roof gutter helped clear rain water from walls and foundation.

In 1988 the Province of Quebec recognized Christ Church Cathedral as historic, listing it in Patrimoine culturel du Québec, soon followed by Canadian federal government designating this very interesting structure modeled after typical 14th century English Gothic-style churches a national historic site.

In addition to being an architectural jewel, Christ Church Cathedral, also has a history with the Canadian military, the Canadian Grenadier Guards, who claim it their regimental church.

This association is very apparent especially each November 11, Remembrance Day, when members of the Guards march from McGill University’s Arts Building on campus to this church for religious services moreover, the church also houses the Guards’ retired regimental colors.

The gargoyle picture depicted is one that I took last summer 2016, while walking along Saint Catherine towards my metro(subway) station.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FRY”.

Pleased Skellum

Pleased skellum adorns top of tatoo and body piercing shop on Saint Catherine street its brown-colored death head smiling.

Pleased skellum adorns top of tattoo and body piercing shop on Saint Catherine street, a smiling brown-colored
death head sporting Christian bishop’s teardrop headdress with city of Montreal logo.

A rather pleased skellum adorned the top of a tattoo and body piercing shop across or north side of Saint Catherine street, the smiling dark brown-colored death head sporting what appeared to be a Christian bishop’s teardrop headdress with the city of Montreal’s logo centered on it.

As my picture shows the dressed up skeleton rests in a black oval background surrounded by a blood-red stylized oval ring sandwiched by black large stylized words “saint” and “ink” and the smaller words “tattoo” and “perçage”, the whole thing superimposed on a bright white backdrop.

I had just emerged from a small side-street running perpendicular to Saint Catherine having photographed some street art on walls of some of the buildings there when I the tattoo-body piercing shop’s death head caught my eye and after a moment or two I decided to photograph this interesting image.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Climbing Frog Mural, I was exploring this part of Saint Catherine heading towards the nearest metro(subway) station because Monday was a cold, damp, overcast, windy day with a distinct possibility for rain showers which I hoped to avoid meanwhile, I kept looking for interesting things to photograph along the way.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PLEASED”.

Climbing Frog Mural

Climbing frog mural depicted in picture is one example of quality street art found in Montreal's east end.

Climbing frog mural depicted in picture is just one example of quality street art found on side street walls south of busy Saint Catherine street in Montreal’s east end.

The climbing frog mural depicted in my picture is just one of the multitude of quality street art found on side streets south of busy Saint Catherine street in the block between Saint Lawrence boulevard and Berri streets.

My excursion walking from the Papineu metro station up to Sherbrooke street then west until Berri and south along it to Saint Catherine street afterwards walking west along it helped discover a treasure trove of interesting things including the street art along this route.

I have longed for some time in finding more interesting street art after finding a bit on the western end of downtown Montreal some of which I have already written about in previous blog posts, and Monday turned out to be my lucky day.

During my extended walk I had the opportunity to take many photos some of which I intend to write about soon so stay tuned.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CLIMBING”.