Authentic Hand Crafted Jewelry

  Authentic hand crafted fine silver wire jewelry on display in at Montreal's West Island borough of Pointe Claire art gallery shows the hard work and creative talent of the artisan or artisans responsible. These delicate designs of fine silver coupled with semi-precious stone or ceramics entailed very creative abilities by the skilled entrepreneur resulting … Continue reading Authentic Hand Crafted Jewelry

Typical Chauvinist Snob

The typical Englishman chauvinist snob holds his pet pug in crook of his left arm meanwhile, staring at Notre Dame Cathedral diagonally across the street. His uptilted head,  long upturned nose, and his stance seems designed to project a perceived, superior, culture reminiscent of the "uber alles" crowd. This bronze sculpture is by noted Québécois … Continue reading Typical Chauvinist Snob

Fabric Anatomy Chart

This interesting old fabric anatomy chart, probably from a medical doctors office, shows what we look like under our beautiful exterior facade when cut open. Although the chart is very colorful and quite informative it is after all an old relic which may not be an accurate representation today. The scene is a passageway at … Continue reading Fabric Anatomy Chart

Conjure Mediterranean Life

Looking at this painting helps conjure what Mediterranean life in Sicily, Greece, or perhaps, even Lebanon must be. My first thoughts were Sicily or Greece however, when I mentioned this to one of the Saint Michel flea-market vendors he suggested Lebanon. This photo edited image is from a painting that happened to be hanging in … Continue reading Conjure Mediterranean Life

Inscrutable Benevolence

Inscrutable benevolence is an oxidized bronze of young woman, "Charite" caring for  small child on left hand and on right, poor old woman with bread loaf. ======================================================================= Inscrutable benevolence depicted as "Charite", an oxidized bronze young woman figure clutching a small child with left hand while on her right sits an old woman tightly holding … Continue reading Inscrutable Benevolence

Forlorn Emily

========================================================================================================= Forlorn famous Canadian Emily Carr appears dazed,just standing staring into the distance her two animal friends keep careful watch while standing behind her. This statue by Joe Fafard located in or near the Golden Square Mile district on Sherbrooke Street west seems to capture Emily covered on forehead, hat, and her right hand with … Continue reading Forlorn Emily

Almost Cat Food

========================================================================================================= Sparrow is almost cat food as it evades tabby with blue butterfly necktie armed with swift paw and claw full of sharp, deadly, needle-like nails. The huge street art mural adoring a Western Union store's outer wall depicts the action that also includes giant flowers and petal pieces, a young boy whistling something , … Continue reading Almost Cat Food