Parallel Lines Of Sunlight

Parallel lines of bright sunlight that penetrate dark fence boards contrast with layer of winter 2016 snow in backyard appearing a light color blue that result from being in home's shadow. Intense late morning bright sunlight reflecting off layer of white snow in neighboring backyard peers through spaces between wooden fence boards creating this interesting … Continue reading Parallel Lines Of Sunlight

Authentic Hand Crafted Jewelry

  Authentic hand crafted fine silver wire jewelry on display in at Montreal's West Island borough of Pointe Claire art gallery shows the hard work and creative talent of the artisan or artisans responsible. These delicate designs of fine silver coupled with semi-precious stone or ceramics entailed very creative abilities by the skilled entrepreneur resulting … Continue reading Authentic Hand Crafted Jewelry

Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Prolific knick-knack collection housed in one kiosk of Saint Michel flea-market contains probably hundreds of assorted baubles, a myriad of different objects most fragile some not. It certainly makes for a very interesting image of a treasure trove of creativity manufactured all over the globe some local although not much. Amongst all are also paintings … Continue reading Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Crank Handle Powered Grinder

Portable crank handle powered meat grinder does efficient job turning chunks of raw beef or other meats into spaghetti-style hamburger product. This grinder is also good grinding walnuts, pecans, other nuts, and even poppy seeds for poppy-seed cakes or rolls. It is a high-grade steel Swedish manufactured fully chromed hand powered grinding machine with bolted … Continue reading Crank Handle Powered Grinder

Jimmy James Sings Song

Jimmy James, internationally acclaimed Montreal Blues man, sings song while his swift fingers play guitar during West Island Blues Festival. Jimmy whose birth name is Demetrios Bakolias, prefers being called Jimmy James when working, his guitar plays an ever evolving, soulful blend of music styles pushed to the limit. Greece born Jimmy brought up in … Continue reading Jimmy James Sings Song

Deplete Critical Thought

Hare Krishnas officially known as IsKCON systematically deplete their followers ability to critically think after ensnaring them in a cunning "spider's nest" as one ex-follower described it. It is diabolically organized to catch and drain recruits before they realize their predicament, afterwards many end up morally and physically spent, miserable, without family, friends, and nobody … Continue reading Deplete Critical Thought

Playing Glimmer Of Hope

Montreal busker playing his guitar with glimmer of hope passerby donates some money after hearing the wonderful riff. The scene is on Saint Catherine street west in Spring of 2015 where talented, young busker hopes to get some "coin" from passersby like this one. I had just left an industrial machinery exhibition in Place Bonaventure, … Continue reading Playing Glimmer Of Hope