Elaborate On

  Potential customer in brown leather jacket and partner stop and ask business exhibitor at West Island Health and Wellness Exhibition to elaborate on benefits of her special product or service. The scene was a busy one at main floor exhibition hall at the Holiday Inn in Pte. Claire in the West Island where all … Continue reading Elaborate On


  Usually, when using terminology like "haul" we immediately think of heavy duty equipment primarily freight or cement trucks carrying tons of all sorts of goods including cars or even liquid concrete for construction sites. While downtown checking out what was happening during recent Grand Prix weekend I can across an outfit hawking expensive, exotic, … Continue reading Haul


  During recent weekend leading up to 2018 Montreal Grand Prix tourists and locals meander along Peel street below Saint Catherine street checking out racing companies kiosks hawking their hats, souvenir shirts, and other stuff. Two racing car competitor kiosks shown in my picture are Aston Martin and Ferrari, whose team by-the-way, won this year's … Continue reading Meander

Captivating Microwave Experience

  Exposing brain to RF radiation is a captivating cellphone microwave experience presently in vogue in our "advanced" society where it seems many are doing it heck, take a walk through any city and just observe. There are hundreds of them, like individual "zombies" strolling around with one conversing with somebody somewhere. These two men … Continue reading Captivating Microwave Experience


    After being betrayed by Judas Iscariot, one of the apostles, a Pharisee organized armed mob seized and brought Jesus in front of high priests synagogue leaders, who viciously interrogated then condemned and delivered Him in front of Roman governor Pilate on trumped-up charges. The Pharisees leading an armed, frenzied, blood thirsty, mob blackmailed … Continue reading Betrayed

Churn Horsepower

  Mid-rear engined Ferrari 488 GTB twin turbocharged, 3.9-litre V8, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, sports car can churn robust 661 horsepower more than enough for track yet driveable to office. Ferrari introduced 488 GTB model in 2017 as replacement for its normally aspirated 458 being aware of growing trend towards better fuel economy and lessened emissions … Continue reading Churn Horsepower

Quartet Staple

  Typically, every successful classical music quartet probably employs it as one of these a staple instrument they use particularly when performing early middle ages Baroque. I found this old ornate three-piece silver musical instrument resting on purple velvet inside its own case last Autumn 2017 at the Saint Michel flea-market resting amongst a myriad … Continue reading Quartet Staple