nCoV-2019 No Fear

=================================================================== Virus nCoV-2019 continues spreading across the globe yet the World Health Organization maintains a no fear attitude meanwhile, hinting this may change at any moment. So far there are over 800 confirmed active cases and around 30 deaths registered across the globe most of the action being in Wuhan, China. "We all agree that … Continue reading nCoV-2019 No Fear

5G Devil In The Details

====================================================================================================== 5G microwave technology began wide deployment in 2019 yet most people remain in dark  because of the devil in the details. It is fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks introduced because allegedly it may improve our day to day lives. 5G millimeter wave is amazingly fast actual speeds often being 1–2 Gb/s … Continue reading 5G Devil In The Details

Lucky Rat Threatens World Health Pandemic

======================================================================================================= The ancient Chinese calendar says that according to legend this year is lucky since it is the Year of the Rat, yet events now occurring in China and neighborhood threatens our world health with a pandemic. Fears the new virus could be spread were further stoked by the fact it has happened just before … Continue reading Lucky Rat Threatens World Health Pandemic

This Just in…

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Just in...another controlled media story discussed by talking heads carefully mouthing metered, fake, news about bogus actors and events totally based on a skillfully composed collection of obfuscations, blatant lies, and innuendos. Each morning huge server computer farms churn out our daily dose of allegedly "real" news assembled from across our globe destined … Continue reading This Just in…

It’s Better In The Bahamas

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's better in the Bahamas" beamed out the radio message just recently inviting all who had the time and money looking for a "place in the sun" to visit,  and for many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans it was a dream location. Now called "one of the greatest national crises in our country's history" Dorian … Continue reading It’s Better In The Bahamas

Montreal Jazz Festival – Superman

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the real exciting things that occasionally occurs is the unexpected, and last Friday during the Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 Superman appeared and suddenly flew off. It was 5 PM and right on schedule like each other day, the Urban Science Brass Band began their usual warm up jam session where certain members … Continue reading Montreal Jazz Festival – Superman

Montreal Jazz Festival – Alex Pangman

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex Pangman performs legend Fats Waller's composition Honey Suckle Rose at Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 while her Alleycats swing band provide the music. Honey Suckle Rose, original lyrics by Andy Razaf, turned 1929 song evolved into 1934 recording propelling Fats Waller into Grammy Hall of Fame. A veteran favorite of the Montreal Jazz Festival … Continue reading Montreal Jazz Festival – Alex Pangman