Rideau Cottage Follies

After countless scandals since being elected as PM, Justin Trudeau continues with his corrupt ways creating even more controversy wasting hard earned Canadian taxpayer’s money to satisfy his behind-the-scenes puppetmasters.

His latest is secretly wasting even more money while elected MPs are awaiting when Parliament is to reopen again. He and his cronies know doing this delay gives them time to so what they desire without Parliament interference heck, no voting is required to borrow more $billions from international banks to spend on pet Liberal projects.

This man cares little in spending your tax money, $millions recently wasted in Justin’s gamble to get a majority in Parliament are just nothing to this trust-fund baby, who never suffered any poverty in his easy life as a rich man’s brat.

What is really incredible is that enough voters just keep re-electing this spoiled brat allowing him to do as he desires although constraining him to a minority incompetent government. There is something wrong with this picture and yet it is reality, a reality the rest of us have to live with because of that irresponsible bunch that votes Liberal.

My visual depicts some of the things that have happened under junior’s time in Ottawa as an alleged PM and earlier.