Rich Fat Hogs

About 700 rich fat hogs aka billionaires personal wealth increased by more than a trillion magically morphing into $5 trillion meanwhile, twenty million Americans lost their jobs during this pandemic.

Total American billionaire wealth exceeded $5 trillion by the end of last April stock market that’s up about 40% from around $4 trillion when markets opened on January 1, 2020 about when Covid-19 was beginning its world terror tour.

The biggest gainers among the rich fat hogs are the tech sector, Elon Musk and Jeff Besos leading the filthy big tech bunch, and Besos setting the record as being the first to having $200 billion when Amazon shares value increased by about 90% in over 15 months.

These two are from among 25 biggest gainers during CoVid of whom 15 are the big tech bunch whose collective wealth made them $200 billion richer in a single day.

Meanwhile, according to a new report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) workers across the globe saw roughly about a 9 % decline in earnings cumulatively losing about $4 trillion during the present pandemic with Americans losing the most.

Massive profits create an atmosphere of impunity and dominance over the population because money greases the political structures allowing incredible tax avoidance by the elites, the fat hogs.

Tax avoidance techniques using legal accounting techniques practiced by high priced, select, financial experts in this field something small, ordinary, companies lack allowed, for example, big tech to pay over $100 bn in US taxes compared to what they declared during the last decade.

As expected, it is the leader of the rich fat hogs, Amazon, that is singled out for its unique, opaque, accounting records and low amounts of tax paid relative to its very healthy profits. Small wonder eh?

Yes, life for the filthy rich fat hogs is full luxury and pleasure heck, they have just about all they can desire however, there is a still a price to pay for all this because after all life on earth does end..too bad.

The reality is that most of this wealth has been accomplished through greed and hogging all their profits.

Abuse of their workers, whom they paid as little as they legally could treating them as dirt, is commonplace meanwhile, they fatten themselves inadvertently for their own eventual slaughter that will come at Judgement Day.