According To The Script

It’s April 2021 and we are still struggling with that deadly virus, last year’s Chinese New Year’s gift happily distributed by Chinese visitors.

Democrat Joe Biden, former VP in the previous Obama regime, is now the official US president however, little has changed because Americans are still dying from that Chinese gift.

It is as that famous American aboriginal chief once said when asked about the democratic system ” left wing , right wing, same bird!”

In effect nothing really has changed in the USA except there has been a shuffle of international globalist handpicked stooges, lies and professional cover up of vital, real, information using their controlled mass media continues fooling the general public although some are getting wise to this BS.

Meanwhile, another world war is being prepared by the international globalists as both Xi‘s China and Putin‘s Russia continue to develop and arm with new, super computers, hi-power lasers, space satellite weapons, and bio-war agents, and exotic “hyper-speed” missiles tipped with nukes.

Meanwhile, we have had over three decades of international pandemic simulation “games” attended and sponsored by the WHO in which the USA participated and the very last of which was conducted just three weeks before news of CoVid 19 was announced, somehow incredibly nobody knew what to do when the pandemic hit!

Installed globalist stooges at every level seemed synchronized in a flawed response, first saying there was a serious problem that was being handled and there was no cause for alarm, citizens need not worry, no masks were needed, later this changed and the masks were needed, also frequent hand washing, and then two meter distancing etc.

World experts including Dr. Fauci participated in helping to confuse the general public by parroting what the WHO was saying at the time, afterwards, the message changed completely.

Miraculously, Pfizer-Moderna, AstraZeneca , Johnson and Johnson, the big pharmaceuticals leading the pack, have produced and stockpiled vaccines in the record time of 6 months after president Trump had announced his “Operation Warp Speed“!

Folks, make no mistake about it, the ultimate goal of the international globalist kabal has been and always will be population control ie., “the FINAL SOLUTION“.

Their carefully selected and installed stooges all over the globe including USA, China, Russia, UK, EU, and Asia continue obediently, demonically, to create the right conditions to carry out the SCRIPT from HELL.

Welcome to your nightmare, welcome to 666, and the New World Order, which will inevitably and unexpectedly end with Judgement Day!