Now The Deal

After weeks of the great 2020 presidential puppet show while Chinese origin Virus ID19 exterminated thousands of mostly confused, uncertain, innocent, average, ordinary, Americans caught unprepared for this sneak, undeclared, bio-war, now they are about to get slammed by “The Deal” from president elect Joe Biden.

In case you’re wondering what it is all about, just think back about four years ago to the great accomplishments of the Obama-Biden regime under their “CHANGE” trademark election slogan, almost instantly your stomach will start revolting giving you a real problem.

The main reason Donald Trump was elected was because Americans had had enough of the bad dream that was the Obama-Biden regime and its mismanagement.

They had had enough of the gross amount of blatant graft, corruption, and steady erosion of their rights guaranteed under the American Constitution culminating mostly from a ton of Obama presidential “executive order” decrees designed to override the US Constitution.

The Democrat CHANGE that came to the country completely weakened it morally as well as economically, and militarily to the extent that today despite some Trump administration’s valiant attempts to right some of the things a bit China seems likely to readily assume becoming the world’s superpower.

Then again, this is all a just a puppet show put on by the globalist elite and whatever shows up in next little while will just be an extension of the last 100 years of “bad guys versus good guys” wars, revolutions, coup d’etats etc.

Any excitement generated by these spectacles will be enjoyed by far fewer because CoVid19 has not finished its run yet.

Seems the globalist elites are scrapping the bottom of the barrel running out of new ideas instead resorting to yesteryear’s and a prime example of this is shown by China’s chairman Xi Jangping‘s plan to re-do America’s John Kennedy‘s dream of putting a man on the moon.

We already have plenty of moon rocks that were shared with everyone for scientific purposes yet China will now collect some new ones. A Chinese will walk the moon, and perhaps they will build permanent manned lunar!

Meanwhile, mums the word about being responsible for the global pandemic and any mention of real compensation, or real help to destroy to this deadly pathogen to save mankind heck, it’s like CoVid19 never originated in that Wuhan Category 4 bio-lab, China!

Oh, yeah in case you missed it “America is back” (in business) now that Joe, Kamala, and a familiar cohort former carpetbaggers are back to fatten themselves at the public trough!