Nobody Wins Election

Last night on November 3, 2020 many Americans voted for a new president and after weeks of projection and speculation the verdict is finally in – Nobody wins the 2020 US presidential election by a resounding margin.

Both president Donald Trump and former Obama vice-president Joe Biden fought a hard fight however, it was the best man, Nobody, that won it all.

Seems everyone was convinced by the controlled fake news media kabal to thinking and believing that one of these two candidates would win.

This was expected because after all, wise Americans know Nobody will keep election promises, tell the truth, listen to your health concerns, or even help the poor and unemployed because Nobody cares!

Nobody is honest enough to tell you that American politics is just puppet show put on by filthy rich international corporations to amuse themselves meanwhile, keep the natives from getting too restless and cause trouble for their corporate operations.

After scamming the population for years with fake democracy they know that some people are getting wise and that is not good for business never-the-less, long established habits are difficult to change so the puppet show continues!

Meanwhile, a huge stadium full of cheering thousands yelling “four more years..four more years!” greeted triumphant Nobody who surprised all, as “Hail to the Chief” was being played by a marine band, telling everyone that this was his last time.

Nobody announced that after his present stint running the White House is completed in 2024…”if elected I shall not run!