2020 Graveyard Smash

It’s about two weeks to go and seems that most Americans are anxiously awaiting relief from their lock-downs however, November 3, 2020, may deliver them a real, undesired, post-Halloween graveyard smash.

Advanced technology has brought a lot of good into our world making our lives easier, better, and more enjoyable while at the same time creating a small cohort of filthy rich, modern “carpetbagger”, globalist scum.

This bunch so mesmerized by wealth that they are prepared to do anything and sacrifice anyone to acquire even more of it to appease their raging addiction.

They have already usurped most of what matters and is valuable in this world through their massive wealth.

International banks, digital communication systems including the Internet, massive corporations, international organizations like UN, WHO, etc.

Strategic materials and resources like oil, radiological, and precious metals, a myriad of properties, commodities including food, corrupt politicians, and governments are theirs.

Through their control of international banks and the money supply as well as the mass media, real democracy is just a myth despite the contrived, wicked appearances.

Real elections happening is just a smokescreen instead, what average, ordinary, folk get is just a variation of the same old corruption.

The supposed, opposing ideologies are just a scam perpetrated to fool people that one is better than the other however, the pain people suffer under the ideologies is very real.

The psychological war practiced by the globalist kabal creates the lie that if somehow people revolt or have a war they can change things and have real democracy by the people for the people.

What is happening today in the USA upholds what that wise, legendary, North American Indian chief or elder said when asked what he thought about certain Leftist politics and such, he replied “Left wing , Right wing, same bird!”

After about 4 years of Donald Trump rule topped by the unexpected appearance of the engineered, CoVid19 Pandemic causing unimaginable carnage, many Americans are ready for a change believing that Joe Biden will somehow save them.

This is happening because of the unrelenting, ongoing, massive, propaganda campaign by the controlled mass media ready to persuade them to forget the Obama and Biden regime’s massive corruption years.

The propaganda machine instead, tries to turn their attention on Trump’s recent failures with CoVid19 and alleged Russian interference in US elections.

Average, ordinary, Americans unfortunately don’t have much of a real choice however, giving either Biden or Trump the whole package deal including the Congress, Senate , and the White House is irresponsible and deadly.

As I have written before in my previous post, both presidential candidates are just puppets that don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves and their extremely rich puppet-masters lurking in the shadows.

What Americans should do instead, is act wisely and vote so neither party and candidate gets a majority of votes.

Thwart their absolute power grab ambitions, cripple them giving them only enough power to prevent their messing up your lives meanwhile ensure that they can be quickly booted out if they fail to deliver what they promised.

Just remember that after all, this is just all a globalist puppet show designed for their sick entertainment!