Real Truth Exposed

Sad as the mounting numbers of CoVid19 dead Americans are, sadder still, is the confusion perpetrated against a struggling populace however, this pandemic has revealed the hypocrisy of the globalist elites hidden in the shadows pulling all the strings, the real truth has been exposed for all to see.

Their disguised manipulating hands in control of both Democrat and Republican parties for maximum effect to fulfill their demonic plans has been revealed .

It is also very obvious that neither party nor their esteemed presidential candidates care a rat’s behind about anybody but their own privileged monied lives reflecting that of their filthy rich globalist puppet masters.

In case you haven’t already figured it out, the USA as well as the rest of our globe are just fiefdoms for a handful of corporations controlled by a bunch of extremely rich, greedy, globalists, whose only goal in life is to accumulate even more wealth to add to their already mind-boggling ones they now possess.

These individuals have absolutely no moral scruples or limits on how they attain their goals, and laws really don’t apply to them because they own those whose jobs are to create and administer the laws.

The pandemic we are presently experienceing is most likely something that their funding created to expediate complete control over us however, to ensure this happens they continue their smokescreen, putting on an elaborate puppet show called democracy.

The scam they want us to believe is that we are “free” people and that our vote counts to elect “leaders” for our “democratic governments”.

The reality is that the old Soviet Union probably had a more truthful election system because its citizens already knew that it was all just a sham and that Vladimir Lenin and later Joseph Stalin selected those who would form the one party government, which could be dissolved at a whim.

Moreover, arresting and liquidating the members as “enemies of the people” was a favorite entertainment pass-time for soviet citizens already accustomed to being picked up and arrested themselves for the gulags on the orders of those same individuals composing their “democratic” governments.

Watching what has been going on in the USA since CoVid19 seems a bad dream morphing into the despair of a real Orwellian1984” nightmare.

Seems according to script , everyday more people are getting infected and dying, and yet serious distractions happen, like attempted political kidnapping, race wars, arson , looting, murders, and shootings, calls for defunding the police etc., this has created an atmosphere of fear and no hope.

Their controlled media continues its diabolical role to distort our reality so that truth becomes a lie and black turns into white etc., in this ongoing cunning, fiendish, sophisticated, globalist mass brainwashing campaign.

Meanwhile, the alleged leader of the “free world” acts totally irresponsibly hosting CoVid19 “superspreader” parties to help install a replacement for the country’s supreme court ending up a casualty of the corona-virus then is miraculously “resurrected” in just a few days by a special cocktail of experimental antivirals

The big lie, and supporting smaller lies, wantonly being told by both opposing sides’ presidential and vice-presidential candidates helps confuse the already much illiterate, mostly ill-informed, average, ordinary, public that somehow their vote counts in the decision who will grab the White House.

Actually, it’s the globalist puppet-masters that already decided for them who will be the occupant of the White House continuing a tradition few have known about.

We all must remember that “a big lie if told enough times to enough people listening to it soon becomes the truth, something that even its creator soon starts to believe themselves to be real ” – Joseph Goebels ( Nazi Propaganda Minister)