Ladies and Gentlemen the..

We now interrupt your TV program to bring you the latest from the White House, a news conference is about to happen let’s zoom in to see who appears at the podium as the announcer does the introduction – Ladies and Gentlemen the ..

(Meanwhile, a military band strikes up normal introductory music accorded occasions like this and “Hail to the Chief ” fills the air meanwhile, everybody tuned in anxiously awaits to see and hear the speaker at the podium as they deliver a “State of the Union” address to the American nation.)

Now let us return to the White House and see and hear the speaker at podium speaking…

“and I want to thank all the big people who helped make this happen; all the blame-shifting corrupt politicians, the secretive funders of civil unrest, the incompetent bureaucrats that impeded delivery of badly needed safety supplies and equipment to those at the front lines in hospitals, the corrupt controlled media for maintaining mass confusion that the “leaders” created just because they cared only about how I might personally affect them..”

Considering that in less than a month, in November, 2020 Americans will vote for the new occupant of the White House in Washington, this year will be critical because CoVid19 has completely changed everything and everyone has been affected in some way, the heavy atmosphere that prevails seems to resemble a Hollywood horror script .

It is hard to believe that the alleged leader of the democratic , “free world” would become victim of this extremely contagious, deadly corona-virus that just a mere 8 months ago was raging in Wuhan, China probably after escaping from its Category 4 Bio-lab still a few months earlier.

Today, over a million people across the globe, over 200,000 being Americans, are now dead victims of this vicious pathogen and millions more are infected and the total continues to mount with no end in sight.

We all are hopeful modern medical science can change things with new drugs and vaccines then again, perhaps we are better off without those aborted fetus derived vaccines that will introduce foreign DNA particles and heavy metals into us messing our metabolisms and triggering even more future health problems.

Welcome to the New World Order, your new nightmare!