Secret Hidden Pandemic

Secret Hidden Pandemic
Since 1945 another secret, hidden, pandemic  information about which continues to be heavily suppressed, legalized “safe” ABORTION, has taken more lives than any known corona-virus even CoVid19 .

Since last March, 2019, CoVid19 has shown how fragile and mortal we all are however, since 1945 another secret, hidden, pandemic  information about which continues to be heavily suppressed by big corporations and international banks control of their puppet governments and mass-media.

Legalized “safe” ABORTION has taken more lives than any known corona-virus even CoVid19 yet it is condoned and cunningly promoted as an important part  in “family planning“.

Moreover, it is artificially and intimately coupled with contraception into one unit allegedly to defend a woman’s right to her own body.

As of this writing CoVid19 is approaching 1 million deaths globally and the infection rate is a raging 31 million and growing daily however, compared to legal “safe” abortion it pales in comparison.

Since 1945 this diabolical, “safe”, procedure has “legally” taken at least 4.2 billion unborn human lives moreover, about 2.25 million women also perished as a result of complications from the medical procedure.

Additionally, its twin, the undeclared, so called “illegal”, unregistered, abortion is really a big unknown that may even equal our “safe” abortions although this is difficult to establish.

According to Dr. Bela Ganatra of the World Health Organization  Department of Reproductive Health and Research, the estimate is 25 million unsafe abortions occur each year, which represents 45% of the estimated worldwide total of about 1.9 billion slaughtered unborn since 1945.

The Rockerfeller Foundation created WHO is “working on preventing unsafe abortion.” some allege actually means despite all its talk of prevention, the World Health Organization is dedicated to nothing less than complete and unequivocal mainstreaming of the abortion racket globally in its ultimate goal of trimming world population.

This organization also cynically claims an “ethical and human rights based approach” to reproductive health, that all women “including adolescents” should have easy access to abortion obscuring the fact that this medical procedure actually tears to pieces our tiny, most helpless, innocent, human members, who are denied their right to life.

Today, it’s the Global Fund , another shrewdly devious globalist corporate entity, one of a number created by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation lawyers some allege for avoiding taxes that has taken over from the old Rockerfeller Foundation system.

Compared to the RF system in the BMFG Global Fund voting governing board members compose a split of 50/50representatives of donor governments and industry.

This cunningly crafted entity has shoved aside the WHO and UNAIDS denying it representation on its board of governors, and it raises money, reviews proposals, disburses grants and contracts instead of implementing any programs directly as it was done before under the Rockerfeller system.

Big Pharma, Merck/MSD, is the private sector while BMFG represents the private foundations on the board, ensuring big business interests controls global health for mega profits through various shady contracts and incentives meanwhile, claiming their work saves children’s lives.

Please convince yourself – picture those poor, underprivileged, undernourished, hunger swollen, third world, children depicted in their slick corporate adverts.

The BMGF’s main scheme some allege is pushing global vaccines whose development are done exclusively by its Big Pharma partners ensuring that what money is put in returns along with a huge profit into their hot little hands because of their substantial stock share holdings in the pharmaceutical industry.

Their devilish propaganda about divesting their massive fortune by generous philanthropy is most likely just PR for the general public to swallow and ultimately helps them dodge the taxman as do other smooth tactics like for example, incorporating part of their operations in Geneva, Switzerland making them international.

Incidently, BMFG some allege has also funded work done at the Wuhan Category 4 Bio-laboratory into bat derived corona-viruses some allege to help us stem a potential future global pandemic , what a coincidence eh?

Acutely aware about never to waste an opportunity, aborted babies are processed into teeny, tiny, little, pieces for a sort of biological “soup” used  to allegedly create medical cures aka fetal tissue derived vaccines , including for CoVid19 meanwhile, boosting big profits for partners Big Pharma and BMFG.

The use of corpse derived tissue is not the issue here because they could just as easily use remains of naturally dead babies or even from dead adults to help create vaccines instead, they use legally murdered remains by-product of their “reproductive health”, abortion industry buddies like Planned Parenthood, an organization which the late Bill Gates senior some allege once ran.

It is interesting also, that the famous Holocaust Lobby remains quiet and is letting this issue slip by without invoking mass hysteria in the controlled mass media considering that this sort of barbaric, immoral, unethical, experimentation on dead human babies was also once conducted by Hitler’s Nazis.

Finally, although much has been said about women’s reproductive rights and their right to healthcare  (abortion) , nothing is mentioned by anyone either Democrat or Republican, that African Americans have suffered the largest population decline since Roe v. Wade January 1973 decision legalized  it.

Checking the statistics shows that the Democrats including Kamala Harris are certainly no friend of theirs because the most abortions have happened during Democrat times in White House.