Strike Three

Strike Three
CoVid19 is considered the last sneak attack on the USA making this America’s strike three because this pathogen is going to be with us probably forever.

Ever since it was invented America’s most favorite fans sport is still probably baseball, and everybody knows that it’s strike three when the umpire yells “yer out!” after a batter swings and fails hitting the ball after three attempts.

During the earlier part of the twentieth century during WW2, Imperial Japan, launched a sneak attack on Sunday, December 7, 1941, hitting the American Pacific fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

This sudden, unexpected attack by by Japanese warplanes devastated American Pacific naval strength destroying almost the entire fleet except for a few aircraft carriers and their destroyer escorts that were out at sea.

Today historical records show the attack was actually desperate retaliation on the USA because of US president Franklin Roosevelt‘s administration’s economic sanctions on Imperial Japan that had cut off its access to oil and other strategic raw material.

Furthermore, American intelligence were already aware, they had cracked the secret Japanese code, that Japan was preparing to launch an attack, yet they failed to warn fellow Americans at Pearl Harbor to prepare for it.

President Roosevelt made his famous speech to Congress declaring war on Japan, calling December 7, 1941, “a day that will live in infamy!” knowing full well why it happened and hiding his culpability from Americans.

This is considered as Strike One on USA and it was very costly for average, ordinary, Americans.

Nineteen years ago, on Tuesday, September, 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists managed to hijack four American commercial, passenger, jet aircraft operating from in the heart of USA, two of these jets hit and destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers in New York city.

The third taken aircraft apparently, was prevented by its passengers overwhelming their hijackers in mid-air, from reaching the White House however, the fourth hijacked aircraft did hit the Pentagon causing considerable damage.

All Americans and the hijackers perished in this planned, deliberate, unprovoked Al Queda terrorist attack ordered by a very wealthy Saudi Arabian elite named Osama Bin laden who founded this evil organization.

The USA retaliated by attacking Afghanistan and numerous other places where Al Queda operatives were found to operate moreover, shiek Bin Laden was terminated later by American special forces while hiding in Pakistan.

War with the Al Queda terror group, its affiliates, confederates, and derivatives continues till today with Americans and their allies still being wounded and dying while engaged in battle overseas.

US global financial and military power influence continues to meddle all over the globe creating many enemies including in the middle east fomenting terrorism as a consequence, 9-11 is considered USA’s Strike Two.

Since at least last March, 2019, the USA has been at war with an invisible, extremely contagious, deadly, enemy that most likely is a product of clandescent bio-engineering.

Based on information already available, although it is actively still being suppressed by those intimately involved in the planning, financing, and development of the pathogen, it is obvious that Chinese bio-warfare scientists modified an existent, deadly, contagious, bat-derived corona-virus creating CoVid19.

What is not clear is whether the virus escaped Wuhan city’s Category 4 bio-laboratory or was deliberately released into the world exported by unsuspecting, contaminated, ordinary Chinese travelers visiting relatives overseas to celebrate their New Year, the year of the (lucky) rat!

What is proven is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately suppressed the news of CoVid19 until after their visitors were already spreading the virus in Europe, neighboring Asian countries, the USA, etc.,

Moreover, they had an accomplice, the World Health Organization, that obediently helped them delaying announcing the pandemic that was already raging globally.

Moreover, even the naming the virus had to avoid mention its origin so not to offend China and be labelled racist.

By-the-way, the exact origin regarding from where the virus evolved from has yet to be established because the CCP has prevented any independant, transparent, investigation by international health experts, and that famous Wuhan meat market was quickly sanitized ensuring no tell-tale evidence could be derived by any experts investigation.

China’s apparent considerable clout, their obvious financial influence, on members of allegedly neutral W.H.O. contributed in ensuring our whole planet was infected with CoVid19.

Chinese financial clout influence also blends in with the wealthy American ruling elite, the globalists, these are America’s fifth columnists, working from inside against the country for their own financial gain.

Their treachery aided and abetted chairman Mao and his Communists rise to power and that connection continues today.

Some of the most wealthiest globalists living in the USA have had continuing intimate contact with their Chinese counterparts helping finance the construction and technological setup of those grade four bio-labs.

Moreover, they have also secretly provided samples of some of the most deadliest pathogens for the Chinese to work on despite US law forbidding this transfer from American labs, and also from allies labs.

Furthermore, in tandem, American universities also have, until this pandemic, facilitated the education of loads of Chinese “students” and visiting scientists.

A recent confidential Congressional report detailing careful FBI investigations has shown these are Chinese intelligence operatives that work for and report to the CCP Military.

The CCP regime has used its growing financial clout and influence to send their “visitors” to the USA and other western countries to actively identify, extract, and acquire leading western technologies for their own military industrial complex.

Although CoVid19 has disrupted their cunning plans to become the world’s super power, the CCP continues their attempts to extract military and industrial secrets by employing battalions of highly trained hackers using the Internet.

CoVid19 is considered the last sneak attack on the USA making this America’s Strike Three because this pathogen is going to be with us probably forever, something both the USA and the world may never fully recovery from.