Pizza Delivery Joe

US presidential elections are going to be difficult for both the Democrats and Republicans every means possible is being used to entice their voters heck, even pizza delivery that Joe Biden is testing out.

With polls showing that the coming US presidential elections are going to be difficult for both the Democrats and Republicans every means possible is being used to entice the voters heck, even pizza delivery that Joe Biden testing out.

This not the first time Democrats have resorted to bribing the voters with fast food, and pizza seems to do the trick for those that are already committed to voting for this party.

The opposition Republicans it seems, prefer big fat juicy hamburgers complimented with fat fries, and Coke beverages that president Donald Trump has used at least once although this was before this pandemic.

The Democrats assisted by their controlled mass media have tried almost every dirty trick in their black book to unseat the president even before he actually took over the White House after beating Hillary Clinton, who the media, the pollsters, and everyone else bet was sure to win.

Since the famous Russia inquiry, the arrests and convictions of key Trump confederates on various Federal charges, an almost never-ending line of dismissals and resignations of Trump administration staff members, and finally, the formal impeachment by the Democratic Congress, they are employing new tactics.

Tried and true extreme left methods which include secretly funded, organized, and trained, agitators-instigators to start race riots, lead gangs of criminal arsonists, looters, and thugs to attack law enforcement.

Even as this is written, professional Marxists and anarchists funded by certain secret societies have used the tragic deaths of a few black men at the hands of city police as the excuse-trigger for race riots.

The police as well as innocent, average, ordinary, Americans have been systematically assaulted and the core of several major cities have been reduced to streets of broken window glass and smoldering ruins.

Specialized activist cadres of well-trained, black hooded,  ANTIFA and BLM brand instigators, enablers, and directors  encourage, instruct, and supply rocks, bricks, glass bottles, etc., to multitudes of criminals.

Their arsonists, looters, and thugs create mayhem and destruction meanwhile, shielding their dirty work by including themselves in the midst of alleged peaceful demonstrations calling for an end of racist police brutality.

Apparently, the goal in all this excitement is to make president Trump take the fall for failing to stop the unrest after also being accused of failing to prevent the deadly  CoVid19 pandemic that has killed and sickened so many Americans.

Then again, what has happened and is happening probably is just part of an elaborate smokescreen the globalists are employing to entertain themselves while tying up the loose ends for their up and coming New World Order that late George Bush Sr. talked about in his speech years ago.

Tune in for the next episode… the Vaccine that will save us all!