Pig Controls Elon

Pig Controls Elon
A pig “technician” controls Elon Musk reminding us of “Animal Farm”, where pigs take control and displace their human owners with their own totalitarianism.

Shades of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm“, where pigs take control and displace their human owners with their own totalitarianism, our picture shows how a pig “technician” controls Elon Musk while demonstrating the latest implantable chip for the brain.

Actually, a female pig name Gertrude was debuted by Neuralink Corporation, one of Elon Musk’s high tech companies, to demonstrate their advances in implantables being designed for humans allegedly to save us from perhaps, AI “Terminators”, an existential threat to humans in the near future.

Today, there are at least three companies including Musk’s Neuralink Corporation, that are actively involved in developing this sort of technology, , it was created in 2016 and received $158 million in funding last July 2019 to develop computer-brain interfaces.

The ultimate goal is to develop a robotic installer brain machine to sink extremely fine tiny electrodes into your brain attached to a special wireless link chip to communicate with computers outside your skull.

The device uses 1,024 thin electrodes to communicate with brain cells after penetrating the outer layer of your brain. Presently, a Bluetooth link is used to connect with an outside computing device however, the company is searching for more advanced radio technology to dramatically increase the number of data links.

To sway the public to consider this work as useful and not just some sci-fi horror scene aka “666 Number of the Beast“, Neuralink is using a medical angle or focus, marketing their technology as helping humans to deal with brain or spinal injuries or congenial defects.

Musk claims that their technology may make it possible to improve conditions and perhaps fully restore function for people who’ve lost the ability to move or feeling sense because of spinal cord injury.

Musk also claimed this technology may later develop where humans will have the added ability to view their world with a kind of super vision aka infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray, similar to Marvel Comics Superman.

George Orwell wrote “1984” as a political statement and a simple warning to mankind that a world ruled by Big Bother is possible if humans did not become aware of assaults on personal freedom and in particular our most precious right, our own thoughts.

Interesting, during our present global pandemic, our controlled mass media gleefully informs us about this work that until now was being secretly done to further control humans.

This is happening almost in lockstep  some allege with Bill Gate’s funded, RFID laced, fetal tissue derived, CoVid19 vaccine that humans are supposed to meekly, without any resistance accept after waiting in long lines to ensure their security.

Meanwhile, as if in synchronization with the aforementioned, all over the globe, civil strife has suddenly erupted allegedly because of some racial injustice awakened by certain policemen killing or maiming a few individuals something that has happened almost daily without any notice before.

Alleged “peaceful” demonstrations suddenly are sprouting out like mushrooms after a light rain have turned violent after being infiltrated by secretly funded, trained, supplied, and controlled “Black Block” masked, dark hoodie, Marxist, anarchist hoods bent on creating mayhem and terror.

American city centers have been burned, innocent passersby have been assaulted, store windows smashed, stores looted and ransacked, police vehicules torched, attempts to destroy police stations and federal buildings have been made, and people have died.

Similar things have also happened overseas anywhere terror groups like ANTIFA and BLM or their equivalents have been allowed to exist, this while our world is in the midst of a extremely serious, rampant, engineered, pandemic already claiming nearly one million souls and infections remain in the stratosphere.

Finally, in order to further muddy the waters, our controlled media and in particular the Internet “social media”, and the controlled political elite are actively suppressing the truth by labeling anyone that questions their own doctored BS as being some sort of low-life “conspirator” involved in disseminating untruths and falsehoods.

The late US president George Bush Sr, once gave a speech on the merits of the New World Order (NWO), he envisioned would come soon, not soon enough for him, however, it seems our globalist elite are having sleepless nights dreaming it come true very soon!