What About Joe?

What About Joe?
Looking at times confused, lapses in memory, trying to find the correct word, and agitation…what about Joe?

Looking at times confused, lapses in memory, trying to find the correct word, and struggling to follow the conversation, agitation, are some things already exhibited by their presidential candidate leading up to the recent “virtual” Democrat National Convention, which conjures up our question: “what about Joe?”

Studies have shown this type of brain aneurysm repair often leads to long-term cognitive difficulties such as confusion, problems with memory, thinking, struggling to follow a conversation or find the correct word, and agitation are just some of the common symptoms.

Back in February 1988 US Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden passed out in a hotel room in Rochester, New York.

Earlier, Joe gave a speech at the University of Rochester, he was allegedly, unconscious for a 5 whole hours before awaking and returning home feeling weak and sick.

His family him rushed him to Saint Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, where a spinal tap showed blood in his spinal fluid meaning that he had a brain leak.

A later ACT scan further confirmed an aneurysm at the base of his brain requiring an immediate micro-surgical craniotomy procedure,  done later after his transfer to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

During this time lapse, Joe Biden was at death’s door since his chances of survival was 50% and waking up with serious deficits more certain.

His neurosurgeon, Dr. Neal Kassel, however, publicly commented that Biden was in excellent shape after having had two brain aneurysms surgically repaired.

Since winning the White House, US President Trump has been the target by controlled media and various so-called medical experts, who have never been privy to examining him in any medical way yet  continue with impunity,  to question both his physical and mental fitness .

Interesting, the same level of scrutiny has not been applied to the Democrat Party presidential candidates including in 2020, so “what about Joe?

To be fair, I think both Joe Biden and Donald Trump should be checked out because after all, they are a couple old fellas, whose sudden bad health as president can really mess up both the USA and our whole world.

Then again, perhaps Joe Biden is intended not to finish his term because of ill health allowing VP Kamala Devi Harris to take over to finish Barack Obama’s mission.

What do you think?