Sputnik V No Side Affects

Sputnik V safe enough
Russia has the world’s first CoVid19 vaccine named Sputnik V, it was safe enough.

On August 11, 2020 Russian president Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has the world’s first CoVid19 vaccine named Sputnik V and that it would be available for mass inoculation of his citizens by January 2021, it was safe enough (with probably no known side affects).

Despite doubts expressed by the WHO and the usual collection of international health and infectious disease experts that this vaccine had not undergone required phase-3 trials, the prescribed litmus test to help indicate any future side affects that may crop up, the Kremlin apparently is willing to chance it.

Putin seemed sure about this product created by the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow saying the vaccine works effectively, develops stable immunity, and has gone through all the necessary tests heck, even one of his two daughters took it as did a number of his own, rich, oligarch, friends, so it must be OK.

Such absolute faith however, is not shared universally in fact, one day earlier, a consortium of international, pharmaceutical and healthcare-research companies publicly expressed their deep concern about it.

They called on the Russian health ministry to postpone the registration of the vaccine until phase-3 clinical testing is done with according to the independent RBK news agency.

Moreover, not all Russians are in agreement with their beloved fearless leader Putin regarding the safety and effectivity of this new, rushed, medical solution to this most likely Chinese engineered, seemingly unstoppable, very contagious, deadly, corona-virus continuing to spread across our globe.

Many, both the average, ordinary, working class Russians as well as the educated, knowledgeable, ones agree that a vaccine is desperately needed however, at what price because this one is definitely not proven and may do more harm than any good to everyone.