Masked Man With Silver Bullet

Donald Trump as the Masked Man
Not even US president Donald Trump as the Masked Man with Silver Bullet can stop CoVid19.

Not even US president Donald Trump as the Masked Man with Silver Bullet can stop CoVid19, the highly contagious, deadly, corona-virus, pandemic presently sweeping our globe.

Recently, president Trump, when asked about wearing a protective face mask, commented that he looked like the Lone Ranger, the original “masked man” wearing one.

Leading world public health doctors and WHO officials warned last week that COVID-19 vaccines in development provide some hope but are not meant as a “silver bullet solution”, an immediate end to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, a group of world infectious disease experts agree that perhaps one of the best effective ways to slow the virus globally is simply to religiously practice applying temporary social distancing measures, use masks when in close unavoidable contact with others, cancel large gathering events, close certain businesses and even schools temporarily, allow workers if possible to work at home, and provide necessary resources including financial to help out.

Also, as much as possible, pass required quarantine laws, and strictly enforce them to counter all inevitable resistance with fines, police and military never fearing to use martial law.

Mirroring what Communist China did is extreme however, heavily fining and jailing offenders is sometimes necessary to get the message across moreover, authorities should be absolutely clear to populace about the situation, what is required, and how it must be done.

One of the biggest errors our collection of “democratic” governments made at the start was not being prepared for a pandemic despite a past history of numerous disease outbreaks across the globe some that even reached the Americas, SARS being the most recent.

The governments’ next mistake, the fatal one, was not quickly closing borders to international air travel the moment they were informed of the deadly, contagious, pathogen was happening in Wuhan, China.

The very least they could have done after failing closing the borders was to start quarantining all arrivals thus containing the potential infected and the “super spreaders” instead it was “business as usual” at airports because of all the money involved generated by international travel.

Talking about money, it is interesting that in 2015 billionaire Bill Gates gave a TED Talk speech warning that humans’ greatest risk today was not nuclear but an infectious, fast spreading, virus pandemic that would threaten lives of billions of people.

Gates also commented – “You can have a virus where people feel well enough while they’re infectious that they get on a plane, or they go to a market.

Some can claim mentioning Mr. Gates and his uncannily accurate speech about the type of infectious pathogen, how it works, method of spreading , and even its place of origin, as just another conspiracy theory cooked up to defame the billionaire however, you have to ask yourself is it really coincidental?

Apparently, about two dozen COVID-19 vaccines are in clinical trials across the globe, and according to our world experts in a best-case scenario, one or two might be approved for widespread use by the end 2020.

Approval however, is only step one in the process because it will take some time to produce the vaccine product , distribute, and administer billions of doses around the world.

Meanwhile, folks enjoy your greatly deserved and anticipated vacations this year, in the back yard or failing that…???