For Then Shall Be Great Tribulation

Great tribulation shall be

For then shall be great tribulation..“, over 2000 years ago, our Lord, Jesus Christ, foretold about what sinful humanity will experience during the coming future “end times”.

75 years ago, yesterday , during conclusion of a very costly, bloody, horrible, WW2, Imperial Japan experienced a horrifying event that changed our world forever.

“I heard that familiar sound, the deep rumble of engines overhead, I knew it was a B-29 however, no planes could be seen overhead then suddenly a black dot appeared in the sky which burst into a ball of extremely intense blinding light followed by a strange, burning, hot gust of wind. hitting my face.

Almost immediately after that another more powerful gust of wind (the shock wave) lifted me up after I tried to take cover, hurling me against something hard and I passed out.”

This blast and moment in time, has similarly been described by other survivors as “a blinding white light which seemed to cover the whole sky,  a very intense heat..”

On August 6, 1945 , “Ano hi” simply known to survivors as “That day” more than 90% of central Hiroshima’s population ceased to exist when “Little Boy” exploded overhead after being dropped just after 8 AM by the American B-29 bomber Enola Gay.

Survivors recall seeing many people that were blinded by the flash, others because blood was poring out of their eyes and their skin was just hanging on their bodies as a result of their sustained burns, still others naked with no clothes or just with shreds of clothes staggering around dazed.

They also recall being overwhelmed by their helplessness in not being able to do anything to assist the casualties, many so severely wounded and near death yet many still asking for some water to drink.

The landscape around them resembled something from hell, a ground littered with stiff, half burnt, bodies with eyeballs gleaming from their sockets and in the nearby river thousands of dead, grotesquely large, bloated, purplish, bodies bopping up and down in the waves.

Decades later according to Japan’s health ministry already more than 300,000 “hibakusha” (survivors) have died many from the effects of radiation since Hiroshima and Nagaski.

Just three days ago, in Beirut, while our whole world is in the throes of a costly, terrible, seemingly never-ending, corona-virus plague, 2,700 tonnes of carelessly stored ammonium nitrate previously seized from a Russian owned ship exploded like a massive bomb resembling a nuke going off.

The devastation is awesome, this disaster leaves over 300, 000 homeless, over 4,000 wounded, over 130 dead and countless others still missing presumed dead.

Phone videos show this all happening starting with a fire in an adjoining port building that allegedly stored fireworks exploding setting off the blast from the tonnes of nitrates looking momentarily like that familiar, huge, nuclear mushroom cloud and which in a split second later unleashed a massive devastating shock wave.

Meanwhile, CoVid19 continues to spread amid rumors of a “second wave” across the globe as “hot spots” keep popping up all over the place including in some places already declared “safe” or under control’.

Hunger, is rearing its ugly head in Africa and parts of the East resulting from CoVid19 and an infestation of Locusts, while all this is happening our collection of filthy rich billionaires are getting even more wealthy by the minute and totally oblivious of the plight of the “little people” desperately trying to survive.

These events were foretold although the exact minute details were not provided however, we have been warned to be prepared because Judgement Day is coming to your neighborhood soon!