American Pandemic Personal Self Preservation

American Pandemic Personal Self Preservation
With a seemingly unstoppable spiral of Covid19 infections and deaths and civil strife happening the average, ordinary, normal American seeks a Pandemic personal self preservation solution.


With a seemingly unstoppable spiral of Covid19 infections and deaths happening around them coupled with ever increasing added violence related to alleged anti-racist and antifascist “peaceful demonstrations” on city streets, the average, ordinary, normal American is seeking a pandemic personal self preservation solution.

Most thinking Americans are following government and medical guidelines regarding wearing a mask and keeping safe distances from others however, they are now burdened down with even more pressing problems happening in their lives.

The worrying perception of ever increasing crime melded with civil unrest and political instability has encouraged many Americans, reliable statistics indicate that about 40% are first-time buyers, to arm themselves with a gun.

Federal statistics indicate that gun purchase background checks are up 69% over the last year to 10 m, with handgun checks up 80% according to firearms industry, some analysts estimate that since last March more than 3 m weapons were sold.

Moreover, according to one report by a well-connected, industry-related, analyst group, over 24 million Americans, many being women, have indicated that they are likely to buy their first firearm within the next five years.

American people’s concerns about increasing huge virus spikes, the US economy tanking,  mounting unemployment, and homelessness were further compounded by new evidence of racial injustice in policing, widespread protests, and the extreme Left’s increasing calls for defunding the police.

In the past according to our controlled media propaganda it appeared that only middle age, white males were liable to purchase “legal” guns for protection whereas the Black and minority segments tended to have illegal ones used mostly by “gang-bangers'” and “gangstas” to “settle accounts” ie., mostly drug trade murders and driveby assassinations.

Presently, Black “legal” firearm ownership seems to have grown in relation to these uncertain times something the Black Lives Matter organization is happy with and encourages according to its founder Maj Toure.

The weapon of choice for many Americans is still a handgun, most are semiautomatic pistols, which offers rapid firepower, a removable and easily replaceable clip , portability, and easy concealment moreover, many US states allow carry in an increasing number public places.

An estimated 70 m new guns were added to America’s national private arsenal during the past two decades with the majority being a variety of different types of handguns.

As the legal stockpile has grown so has ownership, with estimates being about 60 million gun owners, the exact total number of guns in circulation in the country is anybody’s guess however, more are being added daily and more Americans are becoming owners.

This disturbing trend most likely will linger on as long as the very stressed American public feels psychological uncertainty and continues to see mounting civil unrest while awaiting next November’s results and that long awaited needed CoVid19 corona-virus vaccine, somethings not guaranteed yet.

Emotionally, buying a gun seems an excellent solution that provides some sense of control even if this illusion bubble will inevitably burst.

Meanwhile, the CoVid19 Nightmare Tour continues and on American streets in many cases, if you are Black and armed the police will shoot first and ask questions later because they truly believe in the adage, “Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”