Money Controlled Chaos

Money Controlled Chaos
Money controlled chaos is happening in the streets of USA while thousands of Americans are getting infected and dying everyday from CoVid19.


The month of July is coming to a close and the 2020 Pandemic numbers continue to set new records worldwide meanwhile, money controlled chaos is happening in the streets of USA while thousands of Americans are getting infected and dying everyday.

Arson, looting department stores, burning police cars, assaults on police officers and civilians, destruction of private and government property, shootings, and death etc., all under the guise of outrage over the tragic death of one man who happened to be African-American.

They arrive before the “peaceful protests” dressed in several colors, a few wear the color red, some wear yellow, these are the riot direction for teams of masked, dark black hoodie dressed Marxist-Anarchist wreckers-arsonists-insurrectionists.

The modus operante is always that masked dark hoodie dressed gangs purposely blend in with the “peaceful” demonstrators until given the go ahead by the direction.

The  real “peaceful” crowd normally carries various hand made and others printed signs like “Black lives Matter” and someone has a megaphone to help lead the mob down the street.

Long before the action starts, the “direction” along with selected help , usually stockpiles the gear needed to cause chaos and injury, things like broken bricks, rocks, steel rods, two-by-fours, baseball bats, incendiary materials like gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, and any easily combustible fluids, also glass bottles and rags.

They also sometimes, stockpile stacks of thin clear plastic bottles of near frozen water, these are kept in portable plastic chests packed with ice, the frozen bottles are useful to throw at police and they also serve to quench thirst of the rioters.

Numerous videos have shown how the “direction” is always near center of the action giving instructions to their teams, who are willfully destroying property, looting, and starting fires after the premises have been cleaned out of anything valuable or useful.

All this wonderful excitement is happening while the extremely contagious, deadly, CoVid19 is invisibly lurking ready to infect anyone not protected with a mask and not practicing safe distance.

Then again, how could they while busy yelling, rushing in and out of the targeted stores carrying stolen goods, and brushing against each other during their looting, burning, afterwards celebrating having got “free” stuff.

Hidden from view is that these insurrectionists gangs are funded by a purposely invisible, secret society “black hand”, certain well known foundations, that are specially designed globalist tax shelters.

American taxpayers’ own hard earned money is  used  to create an atmosphere of uncertainty designed to weaken American people’s resolve to have a real democracy.

What is happening or has happened is not just some spur-of-the-moment reaction to an alleged injustice instead, “justice” is the theme used as the excuse to create mayhem and destruction.

History shows that during times like we are enjoying now, certain parasitic elements of society try to capitalize on the less fortunate suffering extreme anxiety about their finances, their future.

As we are now seeing globalists, the 1%ers, are doing everything possible to steal the taxpayers’ money in any way possible, and rake in trillions for themselves because they are in the position to do so.